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Alien Attacks Policeman Video - Alien Disintegrates Police Officer VIDEO - Unexplained Mysteries

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV8w7O2Rl8Q

Alien Attack Police Officer Video

Aliens exist and they live among us. They were living with us since men were here! Watch this video, alien attacking policeman with smock. It was caught on highway police security camera. Caught on the contables dash cam the alien attacks police officer with smokes.

Comments on this clip “this officer’s body language shows that the driver must have looked strange. Look at the officer’s foot alignment and look at how he doesn’t quite go for his gun but thinks about it.?”

Comments on Video

if you watch this frame by frame, or sec by sec at least, you can see his left leg bone then his spine and ribcage, like he is emitting x-rays from the bones themselves.or at least the tissue surrounding the bone. then, when it gets to his head, it clearly looks like a plasma discharge, moving around his head.then the rest of the body. the officer is clearly the source of the light that washes out the cam. id like to hear someone elses thoughts on a sec by sec view of this. If its fake, it by far the best ive ever seen.?

Why "Alien"? From what we see it appears inexplicable, but why would you say an alien was involved any more than say a demon or someone in possession of unknown technology. You could just as easily say, Annoyed Mad Scientist Disintegrates Uppity Black Highway Patrolman

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