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Teenagers find 'alien eggs' in frozen lake - Unexplained Mysteries

See more at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4VUvCFakjE

Alien Eggs

Two friends in Utah have recorded footage of a mysterious ice circle filled with egg-like objects. The peculiar phenomenon, which was found by the teenagers in the middle of a frozen lake, consists of a circular feature filled with strange white crystals that seem to defy explanation.

In the video the two youths can be seen inquisitively poking and prodding at the objects while jokingly referring to them as 'alien eggs' due to their 'gross' and 'slimy' consistency.

The footage has proven quite popular since appearing online with Internet users offering explanations ranging from a frozen puddle of paint to a meteorite impact crater.

Some have even suggested that it could be some sort of viral marketing campaign.

So far however no definitive explanation for the phenomenon has been found.

The pair film the giant object before poking at it with their fingers and confirming its 'slimy' texture. Bizarrely, the icy mass was a perfectly circular shape, permeated with small holes radiating from the centre.

A voice is heard saying: "You don't just see s*** like this man. Maybe it's aliens. Maybe it's alien eggs."

Alien Eggs

There is a widespread belief that alien beings have traveled to Earth from some other planet and are doing alien sex and reproductive experiments on a chosen few. Despite the incredible nature of this belief and a lack of credible supportive evidence, a cult has grown up around it. According to a Gallup poll done at the end of the twentieth century, about one-third of Americans believe aliens have visited us, an increase of 5% over the previous decade.

The Ovomorph, known colloquially as the Egg, is an egg-like capsule containing a Facehugger, generally considered to be the first stage in the life cycle of the species Xenomorph XX121. They are produced and laid by a Queen.

Xenomorph Eggs by themselves are seemingly inert, although they apparently posses some ability to "sense" or otherwise detect when a potential host creature approaches, at which point four "petals" at the top of the Egg will open up and the Facehugger within will launch itself out at the nearby victim. Xenomorph Eggs are produced by Queens in their Egg sac, and then laid through the trunk-like ovipositor at the rear of the sac. Eggs stand around two and a half feet tall and are typically brown-black and leathery in appearance, although older specimens have been seen to exhibit a drier, grey-white exterior. The capsule itself is incredibly durable — experiments have shown it is possible to drop one from the top of a tall building at Earth's gravity, and it will bounce upon impact with the ground without causing any harm to the Facehugger within; even at three times Earth's gravity, the Egg will maintain its integrity. Likewise, the tough outer skin is difficult to cut through, and doing so will cause acid to spray defensively from the incision.
Alien Eggs

Alien Eggs

Alien Eggs

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