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Man set to be eaten alive by anaconda for Discovery Channel (Video) - Unexplained Mysteries

Source: http://www.news.com.au/world/man-eaten-by-anaconda-for-discovery-channel

Eaten Alive by Anaconda

It goes without saying that most of us would prefer to avoid being eaten by a giant snake, yet Rosolie is setting out to make this happen deliberately so that the whole thing can be filmed. SAFE to say most of us have probably never wondered what it would be like to be eaten by an anaconda, but this guy has and hes going to find out.

The naturalist and filmmaker is no stranger to dangerous situations having previously traveled in to the jungle with poachers to document the illegal trade of endangered wildlife. This latest stunt however is likely to be the riskiest thing he has ever done.

In an attempt to ensure his safety he will be wearing a special suit of his own design that will help him survive the snake's super-strong constriction and the digestive juices within its stomach.

The stunt, which will be aired in a special Discovery Channel documentary called "Eaten Alive", has already generated a great deal of criticism from animal rights groups on the basis that the attempt could be harmful to the snake, especially if something goes wrong.

It also isn't clear how Rosolie will extricate himself from the snake once he's inside.

Not yet 30, Paul Rosolie has already lived a life that most would only dare dream ofor have nightmares over, depending on one's constitution. With the Western Amazon as his panorama, Rosolie has faced off jaguars, wrestled anacondas, explored a floating forest, mentored with indigenous people, been stricken by tropical disease, traveled with poachers, and hand-reared a baby anteater.

Eaten Alive by Anaconda

"I was always drawn to wilderness and wildlife; watching documentaries and reading books about rainforests were some of my favorite things to do," Rosolie tells in a recent interview (printed in full below). "The Jungle World exhibit at the Bronx Zoo was a major influence on me. Interspersed throughout the exhibit were images and stories of biologists and explorers working in far flung countries with the most incredible animals. I figured if actual jungles were even half as amazing as that, then there could be nothing on earth more interesting."

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