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Ghost of Grey Lady at Willards Library - Unexplained Mysteries

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Grey lady Ghost

The Grey Lady ghost was first reported to have been seen in Willard Library in the late 1930s by a custodian. Since that time, those looking—and not looking—for the apparition have reported unexplained events and sights. Willard Library located in Evansville, Indiana is the oldest library in the state—as of this month it has been a continuous running library for 127 years.

Willard Carpenter founded the library in 1885. The portrait of Willard’s daughter, Louise Carpenter, hangs in the library. It is her ghost some state, known as ‘The Grey Lady’, which haunts this old Victorian Gothic style building. Some say it's Louise Carpenter, daughter of the library's founder, Willard Carpenter. While Willard provided for his family upon his death, Louise was very unhappy when he left most of his estate to the new library. She sued and lost. Perhaps, some say, Louise nurses a grudge and haunts the property to this day.

The first sighting of this ghost was recorded in the late 1930s. A custodian who worked in the building went to the basement around 3:00 a.m. to stoke the coal furnace. What he saw there startled him so that he dropped his flashlight. He stated he saw a lady dressed all in grey—from her shoes to her veil—as he entered the basement. Shocked, he saw her just “dissolve into the shadows.” Shortly after this he quit.

Ghost captured on tape willard library

Since this initial encounter there have been numerous sightings of the Grey Lady --she is seen in the Children’s Room and hallway in the basement and on the second floor in the Special Collections/Archive department.

As well as witness accounts of this apparition there are countless unexplained occurences that have happened in the library. Many employees and patrons over the years have seen books fly off the shelves without cause. The Grey Lady announces her presence with cold spots and with a distinct perfume aroma. She is known to be a prankster.

She likes to pull chairs out from under tables. An elevator either doesn’t move for passengers or moves up and down when no one is using it. Water taps in the basement restroom turn on and off and footsteps are heard when no one is around.

On many occasions visitors or staff, have felt their hair and earrings touched by an unseen hand. Items are moved around over night and other items appear the next morning that shouldn’t be in the library.

One newly hired employee sat in a chair during one packed staff meeting on the second floor, the area was so cold she had to get up and leave the room to warm up. When she returned she wondered why no one had taken her seat—only to discover later that day the chair was no longer in the room. She asked the director where the chair was and described it, he told her a chair of that description had never been in the library.

A group of visiting lecturers from the University of Southern Indiana State saw the ghost as she “peered into water.” A local news meteorologist while waiting for his camera crew to set up saw several books fly off the shelves near him on the second floor.

One ghost investigator upon seeing the portrait of Louise commented that she wasn’t very attractive. This investigator felt so uncomfortable after this she had to leave the building.

ghost picture willard library
Ghost cam capture of an apparition sitting at a table

One late night two police officers responded to a call that the library alarm was sounding. When they arrived one officer went into the building with the male director of the library that had responded as well, as these two went inside the younger cop stayed outside to inspect the grounds. As he looked up at a second floor window he saw a woman standing inside with a man standing behind her.

When his partner and the director came back outside this officer asked if they had caught them. The two replied that no one was in the building. At which point they told the young officer that he must have seen the ghost. This officer admitted he had never heard of The Grey Lady.

When the Children’s Library was being renovated the librarian, Miss Margaret as she was affectionately known,* stated that the ghost of The Grey Lady followed her home on several occasions during this period.

Because of all this activity the Willard Library has even set up 24/7 ghost cameras in several hot spots. The public can view the Children’s Room, basement hallway, and the Research Room. Just click on the links below.

* Miss Margaret has passed away. You can see a photo of Miss Margaret in an oval frame on the wall when you view the Children's Room.

Ghost Willard Library

The library has a new set up for their ghost cameras. Here is the link to where you view 3 different spots in the library. If you see something click on the video and you will capture a picture that you can then submit to have it shown on their web site.

This short video captured the "The Grey Lady". Look straight back between stacks on right you will see lady in grey standing--then as library visitor in front moves you see this tall lady bend down and look at a lower book shelf--as if looking for a book...

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