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"I Hear People Crying When I'm Showering": Family moves out of 'haunted' rental home - Unexplained Mysteries

See more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2744587/Family-moves-haunted-rental-home-discovering-missing-woman-lived-there.html#ixzz3ClcE0Evu

Haunted Rental Home
A family that briefly stayed in this Utah home claims it is haunted. This is the same home where Susan Powell went missing in 2009, in a high-profile case

Family moves out of 'haunted' rental home after discovering missing woman lived there

Joanna Aeosana and her family moved into a seemingly perfect home in West Valley City, Utah a few months ago

She later learned that the house used to be occupied by the Powell family, the subject of a high-profile missing persons case

Susan Powell disappeared in December 2009 and was never found; her husband later killed himself and their two young sons in a house fire

Aeosana claims she heard crying while showering and that the garage door opens and closes on its own

She has since moved out of the house and is now fighting with the rental company to release her from the lease

A family recently moved out of a Utah home where a woman mysteriously disappeared six years ago, claiming the house is haunted.

The home in West Valley City has been the backdrop of one of Utah's most notorious missing persons cases.

Susan Powell lived in the home with her husband Josh and their two young sons when she disappeared without a trace in December 2009. Her husband Josh later moved out of the home, and committed suicide in February 2012, killing their two young sons as well in a house fire.

But mother Joanna Aeosana wasn't familiar with the story when she agreed to lease the home from American Homes 4 Rent two months ago.

It was only when a neighbor informed her about the home's eerie history that she couldn't stand to stay there anymore.

Aeosana and her family experienced several surreal situations while they were in the house, including the garage opening and closing on its own.

'I hear people crying when I'm showering,' she told 2News.

She says she also saw her 1-year-old son talking to an empty swing in the front yard, saying: 'Go away, leave me alone'.

Aeosana and her family recently moved out and now they are fighting with the rental company to let them off their lease, and help them find a new place to live.

Real estate companies aren't required to disclose details like these to potential renters, but Aeosana believes she should have been informed.

'I believe they should of, they should have told me,' she said. 'I just don't want to be in there.'

Haunted Rental Home

Powell is pictured above with her two young sons. The boys were later killed by their father in a tragic murder-suicide three years after their mother's disappearance

Haunted Rental Home

Susan Powell's husband Josh Powell (pictured) was the only person of interest in his wife's appearance. he later committed suicide by starting a house fire in Washington State

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2744587/Family-moves-haunted-rental-home-discovering-missing-woman-lived-there.html#ixzz3ClcE0Evu

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