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'Sasquatch skull' discovered on Mars - Unexplained Mysteries

Source: http://www.cnet.com/news/skull-seen-on-mars-will-make-your-imagination-run-wild/

Mars Sasquatch Skull

The alleged skeletal artifact appeared following an 'enhancement' of an image from the Curiosity rover.

The latest in a long line of strange objects spotted on the surface of the Red Planet by eagle-eyed anomaly hunters, this 'Sasquatch skull', which was picked up in a recent photograph sent back by NASA's Mars rover, has spent far too long being manipulated in Photoshop to be taken seriously.

NASA Mars Skull

YouTube user Paranormal Crucible shared a video this week showing an enhanced look at an image of the surface of Mars. The focus is an oddly shaped rock that looks like it has eyes, a nose, an upper jaw and a well-preserved cranium. You can definitely see it and say, "Ha! That kind of looks like a skull."

NASA's Curiosity rover took the original photo in late May. Throw in some extreme shadow enhancements via computer and the object really pops out with two vacant eye sockets. The dramatic video soundtrack helps to ramp up the excitement level with a well-placed drum roll.

The skull was presented recently in a new video by YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible which has become somewhat infamous for spotting dubious objects on the surface of Mars.

Described by the channel as "obviously alien in nature", the object's appearance is a classic case of pareidolia - the brain's natural tendency to see meaningful shapes in abstract patterns.

The photographic enhancements have also helped to make it appear more skull-like.

Despite being picked up by several mainstream news sites, the artifact, which has clocked up over 187,000 views on YouTube, is almost certainly nothing more than a random piece of rock.

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