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Alien Spotter Unveils Best Ever UFO Footage - Is that a UFO Invasion - Unexplained Mysteries

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z21Bv66p4XY

A mysterious object has been caught on camera plummeting towards the earth in a giant ball of fire. The short video was captured in the skies above Argentina at the beginning of the month and has just been uploaded to YouTube.

Sky watchers have hailed new footage of a burning object in the skies over Brazil and Argentina as the "best ever" video of a UFO. The film of a strange v-shaped object shooting through the air and apparently changing direction has left astronomers at a loss, with experts conceding that the "disc-like" object is difficult to fully explain. The video was shot in Brazil earlier this month, although the UFO was also glimpsed in Argentina.

Bloggers have falling over themselves to praise the recording as the best in alien-spotting history. Residents of Frias, Argentina, also wrote to a local news website after spotting the burning object, which appears to have been the same as the Brazilian UFO.

"What we saw was like a meteor," one local told the website.

"Everyone is my house was surprised," another said. "In the sky there was a point radiating light and moving from one side to the other."

We asked Britain's Royal Astronomical Society to help explain the video - but were given no easy answers.

Dr Sheila Kanani, education officer, said: "This is quite interesting as it could possibly look a bit disc-like."

"Iím pretty confident that it is just something burning up in our atmosphere. It is definitely not a comet though and could even be something like a paper lantern," she added.

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