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Abduction: The Screams of Thousand Oaks - Unexplained Mysteries

by Paul Dale Roberts

Alien Abduction

I meet most of my clients in a public place. That public place is usually Starbucks. I am sitting outside of Starbucks sipping on my caramel frappachino, wondering what I will learn this day. The air is gray, with the Northern California fires plummeting smoke into our atmosphere, but yet, I still want to sit outside and prepare for my interview. I am also waiting for another HPI Investigator/Ufologist named Holly DeLaughter, who will assist me in this interview. Today is June 26, 2008, Thursday.

Our client Steve Campbell approaches me and shakes my hand. Holly gets comfortable and will interject questions during the interview if there is something that peaks her curiosity during the interview process. I ask Steve to create a time line of events and he begins with how everything first started.

Year: 1960
Location: New Mexico

Steve and his brother are living in New Mexico with their parents. He remembers becoming paralyzed and seeing something by his brother. He was unable to describe what he saw next to his brother.

Year: 1964
Location: Arlington, Texas

Steve experiences what Ufologists consider the Oz Factor. He is in a forest and everything around him is surreal. When this occurred he was either in the 3rd or 4th grade. He describes being sick as a dog a few days afterword.

Year: 1971
Location: Thousand Oaks, California

He remembers walking up the hill at the end of his families dead end street smoking a cigarette. He felt an evil presence. After this happened he was sick for 2 months. The sickness felt like pneumonia. It affected his lungs. After the sickness was gone, he felt an obsession to play the guitar for 8-10 hours a day.

Month and Year: November 1975
Location: Thousand Oaks, California

Steve and his brother were playing guitar with a friend at their house overlooking Thousand Oaks, they were with 3 other people. They witnessed a blue fireball come down into a horse field. When the impact took place, there were blue tentacles of electricity that covered the whole horse field. Later a pine tree burst into flames. The next day was normal, but when evening came, things became unusual. Steve and his brother heard an ungodly terrifying scream. The screaming sounds seemed to get closer. Steve describes it as a woman getting her throat ripped out. Steve and his brother went and got their father. While they were getting their father, they found it unusual that their two German Shepherds remained silent.

Alien Implants

They witnessed two fireballs shooting into the neighboring hills. It appeared that the fireballs were traveling at supersonic speed. The screaming continued. Their father called the cops, and told them that they thought a woman was being assaulted in the neighboring hills. The cops came and there were no screams. When the cops left, the blood curdling screams started all over again. The time was 8:30pm or 9pm. Then the screaming stopped for a while and started back up at 11pm. They then heard a strange electronic beeping sound. Steven was worried about his wife that was 5 months pregnant. Suddenly a blinding light filled the entire house and then everything went dark. The time of this incident was midnight. When the screaming stopped, the clock read 4:30am. The brothers could not understand how 4:30am came so quickly. They felt they were missing 4.5 hours of time!

Note: Many abductees feel they are missing time. The brothers felt they were missing 4.5 hours.
The very next day, the brothers discovered what appeared to them as UFO landing areas. Neighbors made claim of seeing a huge white light. Among the people that were experiencing this UFO phenomenon were Steve, his brother, his ex-wife, his mother and father. Then the next day Steven found himself in and out of the hospital for 6 months. He learns he has some sort of blood disorder.

Month and Year:January 1976
Location: Thousand Oaks, California

One of Steve's two German Shepherds, that were no more than 2 years old, had trouble walking; it appeared his nervous system shut down. His other Shepherd started having problems and both dogs had to be put to sleep.

Steve's whole life changed, he became proficient in guitar, and became fluent in 23 computer programs. It was like he was awakened, something turned on in his mind. Everything excelled, even in the early years of his possible abduction; he became the fastest runner in the class. Before the abductions, hardly anyone would pay attention to him.

As Holly and I, continued our interview with Steve, he tells us that he has a vague memory of being in an oval room with orange lights that were shining from the floor. Through a bright light, a little girl appeared. A telepathic message told him to approach the young girl. He approached the young girl, she screamed, everything went black. Steve feels he is connected to this little girl.

Year: 1991
Location: Sacramento.

Steve is doing a musical gig and his bass player's, mother-in-law, shows him a picture of her daughter when she was 5 years old. He was shocked; it was the same little girl he saw in the oval room! As this interview closed, I probed for some type of tangible evidence. Steve reluctantly shows me his implant on his left leg. The implant actually is over his leg bone and it moves and shifts. Holly and I, were actually moving the implant with our index finger. The implant after being touched would reposition itself at the same spot over his leg bone. There were no tell tale scars of a possible projectile entering his leg. The implant reminded me of the kind of implant I saw in a woman abductee's arm at a UFO conference.

As I went over my notes, I had a flashback of when I was sitting in a coffee shop and a beautiful young lady sat close to me. She was wearing shorts and I couldn't help notice that she had beautiful tanned legs. Then I noticed something else, she had a hole in her leg; a hole that looked like a scoop mark. I gathered my courage and asked her the following: "excuse me, I know this is going to sound weird, but have you ever felt like you were visited by something you can't explain and taken against your will?" The woman looked at me with a stunned look on her face and said..."oh my god, how did you know?" Before I knew it she was explaining that she was an abductee. The scoop marks were placed there by Grays. They were taking skin samples from her. I asked Steve if he had any scoop marks and I learn that his ex-wife has a scoop mark below her naval and his mom has a scoop mark on the back of her leg.

I tried to understand why possibly aliens would turn on something in Steve's mind. The only thing I could think that would motivate the Grays to give Steve certain gifts are the following:

  1. Musical abilities. Music is a way to influence a culture.
  2. Computer programming. Steven programs various government agencies' computers. Would this be a secret agenda of the grays to manipulate our own government computers through Steve and others?

This is only an idea of what could be motivating aliens to allow certain individuals to have 'gifts'. This is a theory only.

Steve has an interesting background. His father, a sergeant in the Air Force, took Steve and his brother to White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico. Their father escorted them to a small building located inside the base. Inside the building was an elevator shaft that took them beneath the ground, far below. They entered a huge computer complex with many computers and machines throughout a room. It was the size of 5 football fields. I only wonder if there was a UFO connection with his father.

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