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- 'Bigfoot' filmed wandering through swamp
- Fisherman Says He Saw Bigfoot Bathing
- The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur from Greek
- Goatman Is Half Man, Half Goat Urban Legends
- Big Foot or YETI
- Nessie alias The Loch Ness Monster
- Monsters on the Rio Grande
- Mysteries of Jersey Devil
- Mysteries of Mythical Werewolves Creatures
- Monsters From Scottish Folklore
- Unexplained Mysteries of the Lizard Man
- Mysteries of Phantom Black Dogs
- Bigfoot’ was here!!
- Unexplained Mysteries of The Golem - A Jewish Legend
- Unsolved Mysteries - Immortal Sasquatch
- Prehistoric Giants Discovered In The Sahara
- Couple take picture of 'Loch Ness Monster'
- Hellhound stalking Cannock Chase?
- How to become WereWolves - 8 Ways
- Pictures Show the 100-Foot 'Borneo Monster'
- Ancient Mysteries of Woolly Mammoths
- Unexplained Mysteries of Kongamato
- Mysteries of Mongolian Death Worm
- Colossal 'sea monster' unearthed
- Mythical white stag found in forests
- Lost giants of Australia rediscovered
- Unexplained - The Hexham Wolf
- Unexplained Mysteries of Werewolves
- Unexplained Mysteries of Necrophilia
- Unexplained Mysteries of Revenant
- Unexplained Gargoyles ~ Grotesques
- Bigfoot Footprints Discovered
- Unexplained Mysteries of The Baphomet
- The Legend of El Ucumar
- Ranchers Capture 'Fanged, Hairy Humanoid'
- Unexplained - Snake Caught Attacking Dinosaur
- Loch Ness Monster spotted
- Unexplained Mysteries of ThunderBird
- Banshee - Warning of Death
- Unexplained Mysteries of Kraken Monster
- GREMLIN - Unexplained Mysteries
- Top 10 Strange Mass Animal Deaths
- Mysteries of Mokele-Mbembe
- The Beast of Gévaudan
- The Rake - Mythical Scary Creature
- The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui
- Ireland's Hound of the Deep - Dobhar Chu
- The Van Meter Visitor - Unexplained Flying Cryptid
- Top Ten Cryptozoology Fakes - Exposing Fraud
- Mngwa - The big grey silent killer ghost - Unexplained Mysteries

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