Psychokinesis & Telekinesis

Awaken Your Psionic Abilities
Basic information on learning psionics. Some info on Psi Balls, Telekinesis, And experiences of Spoon Bending.
Magneticman Miroslaw Magola
Videoclips Psychokinesis Picture ect
Mysterious People
Strange powers, psychics & mediums, poltergeist girls
PSI - Bak
By simple thoughtful concentration it is possible for Mr. Bak to lay the flat of his hand upon an upturned metal pot, keys or even non-metallic objects such as wooden boards or heavy ceramic objects, and lift them up into the air. Through the same concent
A site mostly about Telekinesis, with videos and pictures on the subject
Psionics 123
A site with articles that describes some personal expirences and techniques to achieve psionic abilities.
A web site devoted to teaching and helping psion student's.
An information resource containing detailed articles about the use of psionics, teaching people how to start psionics and showing advanced techniques, such as armour constructs and burstscanning. Version 2 of the originally acclaimed 'Psions' website.
Psychic 101
Introduction to psychokinesis
Psychic Body
Complete information on psychic abilities: astral and etheric projection, e.s.p. and more!

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