Unexplained Mysteries

BigFoot or Yeti or Sasquatch


Bigfoot Country
Bigfoot Central North America working with Science to Solve the Bigfoot Puzzle
Bigfoot Encounters
"The oldest most extensive database of newspaper and magazine articles on Bigfoot on the net. Includes interviews, Native Legends, stories and sightings."
Bigfoot Photos
Includes the famous Bluff Creek photo (video snapshot) taken by Patterson/Gimlin in 1967
Changing the face of Bigfoot Research
Cryptid Zoo
A guide to the science of cryptozoology and the creatures it studies, from Bigfoot to the giant vampire bat. Monsters are classified as humanoid, draconic or animals. Includes cryptid map.
East Texas Bigfoot Independent Study
An independent study of the elusive East Texas Bigfoot
Official website of VIP
Volusia Investigators of the Paranormal, a central Florida paranormal research group devoted to all aspects of the paranormal. Ghosts, UFOs, and the Skunk Ape included on our site.
Smoky Mountain Bigfoot Encounters
Dedicated to Bigfoot investigation in East Tennessee and surrounding areas.
Texas Bigfoot Research Center
Bigfoot research group based in Texas
The Search For Bigfoot
Information on the search for Bigfoot/Sasquatch
Western Canadian Sasquatch Research Organization (WCSRO)
A private group dedicated to researching & investigating Sasquatch in Western Canada

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