Unexplained Mysteries

Angel Healing


A healing service run by a group of healers from Northern Scotland who have experience in working with angels - requests accpeted via email or message board.
Body, Mind & SoulHealer
Free your mind, body, and spirit naturally. Medical intuitive evaluations and clairvoyant reading from Dr. Rita Louise. Find a full line of nutritional and health products.
Divine Way of Spiritual Heart
Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life. Methodology of spiritual self-perfection.
Energized Water
Simple instructions on how to give water a negative electrical charge which will neutralize free radicals and help with almost any illness.
HealingSOS - The 'Age of Truth'
This website is dedicated to alternative medicine and natural healing arts of the past and future.
Natural Healing Miracle
"Natural healing technique that works with any disease. Scientifically proven! An ex-hypoglycemia patient's testimonial."
The Placebo Effect
Our belief system gives us more healing power than we realize. If we think we're being treated, our body will shift into defense mode even without medication.
The Psychic Healing Services of C.N. RODGERS
The complete list of Healing Services offered by C.N. RODGERS

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