Planet X

ABC: A Tenth Planet? Disturbance of Comets Hints at Something Out There
Astronomers may have found hints of a massive, distant, still unseen object at the edge of the solar system — perhaps a 10th planet, perhaps a failed companion star — that appears to be shoving comets toward the inner solar system.
Armageddon Online
Includes detailed article on the evidence for Planet X
Cosmic Manuscript
People on Earth are going to have a huge cosmic wake-up call, and this will be a positive process because people would finally see that they are beautiful energy vessels that dance to eternity’s tone.
Many different scenarios on how the world could end, including PLANET X, of which the orbit of the planet goes right by the earth and sends us flying into space
Planet X
Is Planet X inhabited and inbound?
Planet X
2003 is not gonna happen, but Planet X is real.

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