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A poltergeist is, literally, a "noisy or mischievous spirit." Poltergeists make their presence known by rapping sounds, by throwing inanimate objects around
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"Poltergeist" comes from the German words poltern, "to knock" and "rumbling spirit". The history of poltergeists can be traced as far back as ancient Roman
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Included in the most common types of poltergeist activities are the rains of stones and other small objects; moving or throwing of objects, including large
The Terrifying Amherst Poltergeist
Seeming to center around an individual, a poltergeist produces physical phenomena that ... But not from some paranormal force, rather from an all-too-human.
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Such non-malicious fraud can make a poltergeist investigation very challenging. At worst, such "mixed" cases may be dismissed as normal when paranormal

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