UFO Sightings

*U* UFO Database
Maps of 18,200 filtered UFO sightings worldwide for all dates.
East2West UFO Society
A Scottish group investigating UFO sightings in Scotland
Gagnon's Phenomenons
Extraordinary and eerie events from actual cases I witnessed and/or investigated
Researching UFO sightings/activity in Scotland
In a Blink of an Eye
There was a passage and the south-side lawn at the backside of the house. And behind that was the house of the backdoor neighbor. It was a bright object hovering on the roof of my backdoor neighbors home.
Kelly Green Men
Upcoming 50th Anniversary of the Kelly Green Men in Kelly Kentucky
UFOS over Great Britain
An opportunity to examine some fascinating incidents covering various aspects of the UFO Phenomena, including a possible implant, photos from Rendlesham, and a fascinating Globe captured on film in the Warwickshire Countryside.
World Trade Center UFO 9/11
Many animations anf videos showing mysterious objects when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center
Shadow Research
Shadow Research, Inc. investigates, gathers and collects information dealing with unidentified flying objects (ufo's) and other unusual events that mainstream news and science fail to study or acknowledge.

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