UFO Cults

An outspoken UFO Cult that treats X- Files as a Holy Bible and Agent Mulder as its surreal Prophet. They side with Heaven's Gate.
That is when I saw the beginnings of the UFO cult syndrome. I remember when UFO contactee Gloria Lee took her life...and from there one Michael or another
UFO Cults
The Aetherius Society, founded in 1955, is one of the original UFO "cults," dedicated to world peace, and an intergalactic society of 'ascended masters
UFO Cults
Often those men and women who join UFO cults are, by their own admission, individuals who have become disillusioned with existing religious institutions and
The Ruthless Out there - Watch out for UFO CULTS!
Many people have seen them. They believe they come from other planet to 'show us the way'. But, do they know about the UFO cults?

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