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Unexplained Mysteries of Dulce Secret Base

Source : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptos

Dulce Secret base

Secret Bases - Dulce - Basic Information
-Excerpt from The World’s Greatest Alien Conspiracy Theories by Nigel Cawthorne.
-Submitted by The Raven

Area 51 in the deserts of Nevada is not the only place where aliens are assisting the American military with their technology. There is another secret base in the north of New Mexico, near the town of Dulce and close to the Jicarilla Indian Reservation. Dulce has a population of just nine hundred. It is an out-of-the-way and otherwise unremarkable place. However, UFO researchers have discovered that is it home to the most incredible and sinister facility. Under the desert plains is a secret underground base. The vast complex is home to a joint US government-alien biogenetic laboratory, which carries out hideous experiments on both humans and animals.

The base came to light when Security Officer Thomas Edwin Castello spilled the beans in a document known as The Dulce Papers, which he circulated in the early 1980s. By then the project had been going on for a considerable time. Castello had taken the documents from the Dulce underground facility, and he backed them with a videotape and over thirty black-and-white photographs. He had worked as a security officer at the Dulce Base until 1979, but by then he had had his fill of what was going on in the complex and decided to part company with his secretive employers. But before he left, he stole some documents and removed a security videotape which showed various views of the underground complex from the base’s control centre. He made five copies of the documents, and hid the originals. The copies were then distributed to the UFO community via intermediaries.

Dulce Secret Base

Realising that what he had seen at the base was extremely sensitive he knew that he and his family would be in danger. They had to go into hiding. But when he went to pick up his wife and children, government agents were waiting for him. He fled and never saw his family again.

Castello was in his mid-twenties when he first joined the service and was given training in photography at a top-secret underground facility in West Virginia. He stayed with the US Air Force for seven years, leaving in 1971 to work for the Rand Corporation – America’s military think –tank – in Santa Monica, California. By 1977, he was considered trustworthy and he was transferred to the secret Dulce facility. He bought a home is Santa Fe, and commuted to work from there five days a week via a shuttle system that ran deep underground. In the hallway of the tube stations hallway, he saw a sign that read: “To Los Alamos”. The tracks, he believes, also led on to the underground base in the Nevada desert that is known as Area 51.

The work force at Dulce was strange, to say the least. Castello estimates that there were over 18 000 small ‘Grey’ aliens on staff, along with hundreds of reptilian humanoids known as the ‘Draco’. The underground facility was so large that it had seven sub-levels. The aliens lived on level five and worked on levels six and seven.

All sorts of bizarre experiments were going on there. The aliens were doing research into hypnosis, telepathy and dreams. Another area of interest was human auras. They had paid dividends, Castello said. The aliens were able to separate the “bioplasmic body from the physical body” and place an “alien life force” within a human body after removing the humans “soul”.

Level six of the complex was known as “Nightmare Hall”. This was where the aliens did hideous genetic experiments on all forms of terrestrial life- fish, seals, mice and, of course, humans. There was a storage area for the results of these experiments. Tanks contained multi-armed and multi-legged humans, while cages housed tall, humanoid, bat-like creatures. There were ‘row upon row of thousands of humans, human-mixture remains and embryos of humans kept in cold storage” Castello says. Such experiments would shock the public and leave the even the best Illinois birth injury lawyers speechless. Human birth injuries are shocking enough, but genetic experimentation by aliens is horrifying.

But worst: “I frequently encountered humans in cages. Usually there were dazed pr drugged but sometimes they cried and begged for help. We were told that they were hopelessly insane, and involved high-risk drug tests to cure insanity. We were told never to speak to them at all”.

Despite these grisly experiments, it seemed that the aliens had no hostile intentions. Both the Greys and the reptilian aliens seemed to have been on Earth for thousands of years. Humans didn’t bother them. They were far more concerned about other space-faring races. The aliens didn’t seem to be interested in the land, minerals, fuel or water that Earth could offer them either. Their primary concern was the magnetic power of the Earth. The aliens have learnt to harvest this energy in a way unknown to terrestrial science. Magnetic energy was used to control the elevators and supply heat and power to the base.

The Dulce Papers show that aliens were working hand in hand with the US government. Castello can reel of a list of US government agencies who maintained a presence at Dulce. They included the Department of Energy, the National Institute of Health, the National Science Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Department of the Environment. Castello himself was recruited through his government service.

Security was super-tight at the Dulce facility. Visitors were weighed, naked, before being allowed to enter. Their weight was recorded, and they were given a one-piece suit and an ID card that could be used to access the various levels. There were scales scattered throughout the complex. Everyone’s weight was recorded every day and a gain of more than three pounds would lead to a thorough physical examination, including an X-ray. Everyone who worked there was under the surveillance of the security guards at all times. No one was allowed to carry anything into sensitive areas. Everything was delivered by conveyor-belt and X-rayed before being distributed.

Bill Hamilton has released info from Thomas Castello at UFO conventions, as well as John Lear and John Rhodes. Castello's information shows that there are other alien bases scattered throughout the solar systems. There are similar facilities on the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

Along with the photographic and documentary evidence Castello has presented, circumstantial evidence that something strange is going on at Dulce has been accruing. Between 1976 and 1978 Dulce was the centre of a string of cattle mutilations that left local ranchers mystified. Senseless and unexplainable attacks on livestock became so frequent that research teams from all over the world converged on the tiny town. In July 1978, scientist Howard Burgess discovered that many cattle were covered with strange markings that only showed up when they were placed under Ultra-Violet light. A glittery substance was found on the right side of their necks, on the right ear and on the right leg. Analysis of the substance revealed that it was rich in magnesium and potassium. Dulce is also a Mecca for UFO sightings, many of which occurred around the same time the mutilated cows were found. And following up on Castello’s story, a research team took sounding of the ground in the area. It revealed a complex of deep cavities under the mesa.

Naturally, the US government refuses to acknowledge the existence of any military installation around or under Dulce, New Mexico – just as they denied the existence of Area 51. However, they will have to pit their wits against legions of UFO researchers determined to unearth the town’s dark secret.

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