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Unexplained Mysteries of Illuminati and KGB

Unexplained Mysteries of Illuminati, Illuminati

London in the late seventies into the eighties, for the intelligence services, was a place of great concern.

The K.G.B. had had a series of penetration success’s with both the M.O.D, Admiralty and British armaments factories, while the U S senate allowed American fund raising and arms supply to continue to the Irish mainland, even after the Thatcher agreement.

This was the verbal contract between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, that said in return for the bombers attacking Libya leaving from British soil, putting the British people in the firing line for any reprisals, the U.S.A would stop the NORAID funding for the I.R.A from reaching Irish soil, the U.S.A went back on their word and the funding and bombing continued.

This meant that the Soviet arms and technical advice and assistance was still being used by the I.R.A against the British, in the form of bombing campaigns etc.So, this was the backdrop for a very strange incident on a large British Rail underground station, where last thing at night before the station closed, searches were made by staff to make sure no bombs were left on the station.

A senior member of the rail staff, discovered an abandoned carrier bag under a seat,and taking it to the small lost property office at the end of the platform was shocked to see the photos were of several top members of society involved in an orgy, many of the photos were of a well known “grannies favourite” male singer in women’s clothing among others, and young boys in various poses with top politicians, including a prime minister with a weakness for boys in sailor suits.

A short while later, two M.I.6 men turned up and demanded the bag of pictures, which minus a couple, were duly handed over, the story was that the singer realized the photos were gone, and he was then told by the K.G.B that they had the photos and he would be their A.O. I ( agent of influence) in the pop world to influence young people to favour general socialism and Soviet foreign policy, or the photos would be published.

The singer who was known for his clean image was hysterically threatening suicide.During the next week I saw one of the intelligence men involved who told me that the Soviets had organized several satanic orgies across the capital, and that other people had also been blackmailed, whom I cannot name.

When the British forces came back from the Falklands, the London brothel keeper, Lindie St. Claire offered the returnees the use of her girls for free in thanks from the nation, a down market daily covered the story, in which beautiful girls of the night would service those single soldiers in real need.

What the paper did not cover is that in her large hidden basement dungeon, many of the same high flyers were secretly filmed in various activities for blackmail purposes, for use by, I think, our intelligence services.

The same game plan was used by the soviets who believed that Lord Geoffrey Archer was being groomed top take over from Margaret Thatcher, who at that time was certainly the golden boy, his weakness was beautiful women and he had several delicious creatures on the go, the Soviets orchestrated the Monica Coghlan affair to their own advantage, and had plans for releasing news of more salacious and occult stuff from his circle of acquaintances, including weird pictures of a man who would dress up as a kinky archbishop for parties,

The upshot was that the press got hold of the story and archer fell from grace, Monica was killed in a car crash some months later, the Soviets came out on top with smearing and getting rid of Archer, K.G.B. operative Alexandr Feliksov was ecstatic !

Grantchester, Archers family home was certainly either watched bugged or both.

The K.G.B masterminds of all this, Gen. Leonid Sherbashin and Yuri Andropov, who endorsed Margaret Thatcher’s monetarist guru at that time, Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, his theory was that if it was cheaper to buy from abroad , then under the rules of the global marketplace, buying from abroad meant closing British factories, and Britain lost its motorcar motorbikes and ship building industries, we invented the television radio camera and the hovercraft, manufacture of which all went abroad.

We closed the mines and in many communities these men are still unemployed 30 years after, families broke up, crime and alcoholism was rife, and the bringing in of the insidious V.A.T tax meant many small business’s went to the wall, this financial hemorrhaging of the economy was only superseded by the recent huge number of foreign workers here now who send their earnings home, and the deliberate government export of call centre paper handling and pen-pusher jobs abroad.

The British economic ruination was a top K.G.B priority, and the London I.R.A bombs,and the free market economy was claimed as among their big success’s.

What is Illuminati :

Illuminati is a name that refers to several groups, both real and fictitious. Historically, it refers specifically to the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment era secret society founded in the late eighteenth century. However, in modern times it refers to a purported conspiratorial organization which acts as a shadowy power behind the throne, allegedly controlling world affairs through present day governments and corporations, usually as a modern incarnation or continuation of the Bavarian Illuminati. In this context, Illuminati is often used in reference to a New World Order (NWO). Many conspiracy theorists believe the Illuminati, or the "Illuminated ones", are the masterminds behind events that will lead to the establishment of such a New World Order. Confusing the issue further is the fact that there are also several modern fraternal groups which include the word "Illuminati" in their names.

In rarer cases, the Illuminati refers to an elite set of enlightened individuals who may not cooperate but are uniquely empowered by their enlightenment, much like the intelligentsia classes of today are empowered by their education and intelligence. These are people who have become illuminated and have achieved a higher mystical understanding of the universe. Many secret societies and mystical traditions are concerned with this kind of illumination or enlightenment, such as the Rosicrucian Societies, the Martinists and the original Bavarian Illuminati

Lady Gaga Illuminati | Proof that Lady Gaga is an Illuminati

Lately there has been much skepticism to Lady Gaga being in the illuminati. Due to many subliminal images put in her music videos as well as her blatant acts of sexual sinfulness. From her continuous references to the demonic All Seeing Eye of Horus and to other references to Freemasonry.

Will the following evidence convince you that Lady Gaga is indeed part of the illuminati?

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