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Carolina Society for Paranormal Research and Investigation
MUFON Of New Jersey - Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects Network Of N.J.
UFO Week
A UFO Weekly Magazine Designed To Disseminate Sightings From Around The Globe
Mostly Ghosts
Real Ghost Videos
Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators
Paranormal Investigators of Florida are Haunting Resolutionists. They bridge the gap between spirituality and science
Dorset Ghost Investigators
ghost investigation videos, evps, blog + a lot more updated regularly
Information Machine
Exopolitics New Science World Events
Zone UFO
UFO Zone
Perception9 Paranormal for ghosts, the afterlife, psychic and astral aspects.
A State of Mind
A State of Mind Is Unleashing Your Psychic Potential Since 2007, You Were Expected
Historic Mysteries
Documenting the unknown
Haunted England
Paranormal & Spiritual Search Directory
Hampshire Ghost Club
Hampshire Ghost Club
Ghosts UK
Paranormal Community
Haunted England
top 100 Paranormal Websites
Arizona's Haunted
Arizona's haunted Ghosts and hauntings
El Rincon Paranormal
Interesting paranormal blog serving spanish readers
Unnatural Mystery Museum
The Museum of Unnatural Mystery
Nancy Bradley
The Celebrities Psychic/Life Coach
Wicked Melody's Tavern
Paranormal reviews and coverage on novels, entertainment and urban legends
Ghost Stories
Collection of stories about paranormal phenomena
Discovery Online
Discoveries of all kinds
Mysteries, Phenomena, Ancient History and Science
Area 51 Nevada
Welcome to Area 51
Anomalies and Quandaries
Great Engimas of Humankind
UFO Forensic Files
UFO Forensic Files, UFO, Washington DC UFOs, UFO Photographs, Unidentified Flying Object, UFOs, Forensic UFO Analysis
UFO Spacelife
Collection of News and Photos of UFOs
Professor Hex
Scholar of the Strange and Mysterious
High Strangeness
Wherein the strange happenings in the day to day life of one Iggy F Makarevich are sometimes recounted. More often, it will include rants and commentary on forteana and parapolitical observations, news, and suchlike.
Nick Redfern's "There's Something in the Woods..."
The Official Blog for Nick Redfern's cryptozoology books "There's Something in the Woods;" "Memoirs of a Monster Hunter;" "Three Men Seeking Monsters;" and "Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot;" and the North American Office of the British-based Center for Fortean Zoology
What's All This, Then?
I say, there's high strangeness stuff out there.
Mystical Blaze
Examine and explain the facts and fiction of paranormal phenomena
Paranormal Playground
Paranormal Evidence Without Dogma!
Encounters with the Unexplained
A collection of experiences with the paranormal world
Investogating Discarnate Intelligence
The aim of this blog is to provide a platform for musings on the nature of what are often termed "discarnate entities" or "spirits".
Real UFOs
Best UFO News and Videos
Ghost Hunting Theories
This is a place to knock around theories of the supernatural.
The Mystica
Home of the encyclopedias
Jim harold Paranormal Podcast
Home of the Paranormal Podcast and Campfire
Mysterious Britain & Ireland
Mysteries, Legends and Paranormal from land of Britain and Ireland
Everything on Paranormal, Science and Technology
The A to Z of Paranormal, Supernatural and Unusual Phenomena
Voodoo Who Do
The Blog of Wacky Weirdness, Mischievous Magical Mayhem and Modern Madness!
Blog that focuses on the Paranormal. Many new posts daily! About ghosts, ufo's, cryptozoology, unexplained mysteries, find the unexpected here.
Ghosts! Are they real?
An open minded skeptics view of the reality of ghosts, what they are and if there is any danger to the living.
Paranormal Shop on the Web
We sell everything to do with the paranormal and supernatural. We sell books, dvds, films, ghost hunting equiptment, tarot cards and much much more. Why not do a search for your required product and buy it at a bargain price.
Studies of the Paranormal
Informational site about paranormal phenomena. Read about orbs, ghosts, apparitions, hauntings, poltergeists, ghost huntings and more. Full of great photos and illustrations. Come check it out Its pretty kewl)
christmas gifts
planetvision offers a wide variety of gadgets and gifts for christmas and birthdays all ages catered for
Zodiac Astrology Online
A fun and informative website on the basics on astrology, horoscopes and zodiac signs. Learn and enjoy the secrets of the cosmos
Astroroom - astrology for all
Astrology - the basics of a natal chart, sunsigns, moonsigns and love horoscopes. Articles on different subjects and links to great websites within the field of astrology.
The aquarian age, telipathy, quantum physics
The Mystery is Gonna unveil from your eyes, Wecom eto the world of Spiritual Awakening
Dawns Astrology & New Age
Astrology,numerology,psychic abilities, oracles,free numerology, spirituality,new age, zodiac sign,moon signs,spells,magic,angels, spiritguide communication,spirit galleries,free stuff.
Weird and Strange
Look at the dark side of the world for a little while, forget about reality and enter this world of obscure fantasy, where there will be no room for shock.
Psychic Readings
Sean Sugrue is a psychic Medium based in Dublin, Ireland. He provides tarot readings and is also a Reiki master and practitioner.
2012 Rising
Ancient Wisdom on 2012
Dr.Peter J.Shield's World of Unexplained Mysteries
Have Peter J.Shield's World of Unexplained Mysteries Radio Series investigates the strange; the mysterious; and the unexplained.
Psychic Medium Of Radio & Tv - Tara Night - Official Website
Celebrity psychic medium and host of encounters radio & the tara night show. Featured guest expert on over 250 stations. Clients include celebrities & other professional psychics/mediums. Readings now available to public. Worth taking a look!
Lo Paranormal
Lo paranormal es un portal a lo desconocido. Aliens, hombres lobos, vampiros y monstruos varios se dan la mano para estremecerte y llevarte a su mundo. .. . el mundo de lo paranormal .
Psychic Wiccan Witches The Psychic Reading Team For You
Powerful natural born wiccan witch and 3 rd generation witch giving 5 star rated psychic readings info on witchcraft, wicca,the goddess, or any pagan path. The psychic team for you.
Authentic Highly Tested Psychics & More
Highly tested psychics, tarot & mediums $1. -$2. 50 a min. With over 240 pages of psychic paranormal info, + free horoscopes, & psychic predictions for 2006. We are a top resourse for psychic paranormal info. Stop in c why we are number 1.
The Astral World
Unexplained mysteries site. Edgar cayce, dropa stones, mythical creatures, cryptozoology and more.
My Book Of Shadows Online Teaching Website Classes Spells
Spell casting classes, tarot classes free psychic readings, spells,horoscopes,astral projection. Looking for affiliates, webmasters can earn $50 per membership sign up referal see site for details.
Psychic-international clairvoyant linda gives personalized readings,tarot readings, numerology reports, astrology charts,purchase online and sent via email, specials available, missing people,read my world predictions.
Hoosier Haunts
An indiana ghost hunter shares his personal experiences and adventures. Includes a short list of haunted places and ghost photos.
Studies Of The Paranormal
Informational site about paranormal phenomena. Read about orbs, ghosts, apparitions, hauntings, poltergeists, ghost huntings and more. Full of great photos and illustrations. Come check it out!
Psychic Medium Mary Malone
Psychic medium Mary Malone a famous world renowned online psychic with amazingly powerful psychic ability, who is irelands only female exorcist and a leading expert on the paranormal
Metaphysical Mumbo-jumbo
Strange hypotheses, curious questions, bizarre techniques, and miscellaneous items of dubious value. Sundry speculations on the meaning and purpose of life, the nature of reality. Mature content.
Manic Memes And Other Mindspace Invaders
Thoughts, dreams, sayings, prayers, ideas, epiphanies, and miscellaneous malarkey including silly answers to stupid questions, like:. .. Is there death after life? . .. Why did the chicken cross the road? . .. Do ufos exist?
Urban Goth
Urban goth is the blackest store on the internet. We carry the best selection of goth band tees, goth shoes and boots, goth hoodies, goth pants, goth accessories and goth music. Urban goth - the many shades of black.
Tarotmeister: Certified Tarot Master
Tarot card readings by a certified tarot master. Numerology profile. Crystal healing, healing with gemstones, tarot history, spiritual tarot, the human aura, the chakras and much, much more! A metaphysical & new age website.
Diana Potschaider
An informational zone for the occult arts. Learn about divination, ghost, astral projection, gems and stones are some of the things you will find here.
Psychic Readings
Psychic readings by clairvoyant linda,order online,sent via email. Tarot readings,astrology,predictions,numerology,lucky numbers.
Mysteries Magazine
Every issue of Mysteries Magazine contains new unexplained mysteries, from Stonehenge and Easter Island to Area 51, as well as new perspectives, theories, and archaeological evidence. This fascinating publication will keep in the loop with stories that have intrigued and befuddled some of the greatest minds in history. It's time to question your beliefs. Subscribe today to Mysteries Magazine and read the latest unexplained mysteries. We know once you start, the biggest mystery will be how to put it down.
Psychic Medium Channel
Psychic medium channel offers top psychic and medium lists. All tested by paolo, a regular guy. Also offering video, radio, interviews and contests. Get a psychic or mediumistic reading with one of the best psychics in the world.
Surfing the Tao
Striving to increase awareness of our spiritual natures as well as the news, technologies and agendas in our world which influence them.
World's Mysteries
Online resources dealing with mystic places, ancient sites, archaeo-astronomy, archaeology, ancient writings, megaliths, ancient civilizations, unsolved world mysteries and more... World Mysteries, Extraterrestrials, Archaeo-astronomy, Archaeology, Ancient Civilizations, Atlantis, Maya, Aztec, Nazca lines, Giza, Stonehenge, Easter Island, Palenque, Peru, Sphinx, Sacsayhuaman, Tiahuanaco, Teotihuacan, Megaliths...
Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj
BhavsarSamaj.com is an online Communication Platform meant for establishing a network among the Members residing across the world who belong to Bhavsar Kshatriya Samaj.
ISIS Investigations/
ISIS Paranormal Investigations was established in the year 2004, by Dayna Winters and Patricia Gardner, and is a paranormal investigation team located in Upstate New York.
Hauntings,mystery,fantasy,ghosts,short stories,paranormal,page also reserved for submission of real hauntings experiences of guests or subscribers
Chautauqua County Office Of Paranormal
Located in chautauqua county new york the ccopi is a paranormal investigation team set up to help those in need of paranormal help.
Magick Garden
Site contains info on wicca, paganism, paranormal phenomena, ghost, mythology, evp, herbs, gods and goddesses, spells, and much more.
Psychic, clairvoyant and tarot readings from experienced professionals, including mediums and astrologers, free horoscopes , and readings via email or phone. Information on all things psychic and special offers are frequent.
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Quality directory of webmasters actively seeking link exchange. Improve your search engine rankings and link popularity the easy way. Work clever not hard.
Leslies Metaphysics website
Explanations of paranormal phenomena, which anyone should be able to understand. UFOs, Reincarnation, Mans true history and pendulum dowsing. Mars / Moon anomalies
Psychic readings and stars
Psychic readings all written down and indepth choose your psychic and email us and you will be amazed. Tarot Cards crystal balll, astrology and numerology are just some techniques used.
Power of Imagination
All You Can Learn about Law of Attraction, Creative Visualization, Meditation, Hypnosis, Psychic Powers, Silva UltraMind, Understanding God.
Mystery Travel - Bring You Closer To The Nature
Vietnam Travel Companies,Vietnam Tour Organizer,Vietnam Vacation Packages,Vietnam Vacation,Hanoi Vacation,Vietnam Vacations,Vietnam Vacation Package,Vietnam Vacation Tours,Vietnam Holidays,Vietnam Tours & Holidays,Vietnam Holiday Packages,Vietnam Hol
Astrology Chart
Your very own horoscope,astrology charts and forecasts for the year ahead. Compatibility charts for friends or lovers. Psychic and tarot readings. Order online today. Sent via email. Purchase using your credit card. Join free newsletter
The Movie:The Bell Witch Haunting
The Greatest Ghost Story Ever Told!
Anomaly Hunters
Searching for a universal truth!
Our Curious World
Collection of articles dealing with the paranormal, alternative science, religion and spirituality from fellow seeker and Fortean author, J. Allan Danelek. Little something for everyone for those who believe, as I do, that we indeed live in a very curious world

The Haunted Studio features a collection of 41 spooky paintings, available as fine-art-quality prints in varied sizes, at very affordable prices
Southeast Florida Paranormal Society
Ghost hunters, paranormal investigations,ghost hunting,research,ghost pictures,evp's
Ghosts Of Earth
Real ghost pictures,video,evp and more. Discuss ghosts and the unexplained at our paranorma forum!
Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network
The Ohio Paranormal Investigation Network (O.P.I.N.) is a database of personal investigations in conjunction with various reports and documentations on ghosts or other paranormal activity.
ABE Paranormal
We are a paranormal research team in Pennsylvania based out of the Lehigh Valley. We are professional and considerate of your claims and take them very seriously.
Paranormal Stories
Great paranormal stories and news from all around the world.
American Haunting
The historic and haunted guide to the supernatural
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Evidence of Alien contact Revealed in Scripture

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