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Secrets Behind Purwo Alas Legends - Unexplained Mysteries

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Secrets Behind Purwo Alas Legends

Alas Purwo is one place that there is the entrance to the unseen dimensions. Purwa real name is Kala, only until now people call Alas Purwo alone. Antiquity of the unseen dimensions of the gate never opened, because at that time the land was still gung lewang lewung Java, a lot of people came to meet his death Purwo Alas, the term moro jalmo jalmo dead. Why is that? because at that time the doors open unseen dimensions that lead to supernatural beings menebarkjan black aura that makes men forget themselves.

There is an ancient story that mentions Ajisaka in the past entered into the land of Java, and menahlukkan many unseen in one of the areas in Java. Here's the story of Ajisaka. Ajisaka is one of the important figures or the forerunner to the king in the land of Java. Ajisaka Who is that? Ajisaka was once a king who lived in the area of Central Java. At that time there was an old story that says there is an area called Shang Werdita Sangkala. Ajisaka get Suryaloka revelation or revelation to establish a state or kingdom and their descendants will be king as his successor. Revelation Suryaloka given because during Ajisaka State or kingdom will experience disaster led to undermine the kingdom. Then Ajisaka meditate and get directions in order to get into the Alas Purwo.

Short stories Ajisaka Alas Purwo sent troops to three times, but all of these dead troops, until finally Ajisaka leaving himself led troops entered the kingdom Alas Purwo. Arriving in Alas Purwo precisely on the shoreline, all Ajisaka forces disappeared, Ajisaka living alone who is still alive. Then Ajisaka Alas Purwo enter into and meet with Suryadharma or better known as Bathara Vishnu incarnate again. By Bathara Ajisaka Vishnu advised not to enter into Purwo Alas, it is recommended before entering Alas Alas Purwo told to go into Ketonggo (no connection between Alas and Alas Purwo Ketonggo?)

But because Ajisaka already affected by the black aura coming out of the door of the unseen dimensions , then Ajisaka not want to follow the advice of Bathara Vishnu and logged in to Alas Purwo. New to gate Alas Purwo Ajisaka disappeared, and straight into the realm of supernatural dimension as one of the gatekeepers Alas Purwo. Ajisaka Why get lost in Alas Purwo when getting revelation Suryaloka? At that time the State has been led by Ajisaka not believe in God . Because at that time the gold and jewels abound that makes people forget themselves. Ajisaka get Jongko ancient Book of Sung Wirsoloyo. Sung Jongko ancient book is a book that tells Wirsoloyo Shang state Werdita Sangkala from beginning to end. And end times were led by Ajisaka. Therefore Ajisaka meditate and get Suryaloka revelation, only the content of the revelation Suryaloka Ajisaka also become victims. Several events leading Ajisaka lost in Alas Purwo:

  • At the time of entry Alas Purwo will not heed the advice of Bathara Vishnu.
  • Ajisaka not clean in body and soul because of the lifestyle at that time wallowing in wealth, which led to the bourgeois lifestyle.
  • Levels of belief in God is less, because the abundance of worldly needs.
  • Make arrangements with supernatural creatures in Alas Purwo.

That's the short story mengenahi Ajisaka, and we return to the story Alas Purwo. called Alas Purwo Why so austere? Every human being comes surely die. Alas Purwo before the royal Ajisaka already exists, and in Alas Purwo led by Kala. Kala Who is it? Kala is one penguwasa supernatural creature who has the task as sengkala spreader. Kala has a kingdom named Purwakala, and Kala is one of the officers of nature, so anyone person or even dewapun will not be able to penetrate into Purwakala. Why is that? because in the kingdom Purwakala there are two sacred weapons as the royal seal. The heirloom weapons are:

  • Shang holy spear guns Talaka - pointy triangle shaped with a small circle under eyes and draped in white light spear very shiny. This Talaka holy lance Shang Shang Hyang Holy grandparents owned True. Function, origin and who ever wore the spear RPS not write.
  • Holy holy weapon Sung Shang - Yang crescent shaped by three feet in diameter and circumference of a circle fly. The sacred weapon wrapped in a very white light sheen and smelled sweet but sweet fragrance around it. Besides the sacred weapon also issued a white light shaped strap that comes out beside the crescent shape and grabbed blazing. Owned, function and origin of the sacred weapon RPS does not write.
  • Shaped weapon named Keris Keris King Country -The shaped like a dagger Bali. King Country kris dagger is one of the Sailendra dynasty era belongs. At that time Wangsa Sailendra get Tamanegara revelation. Almost All the King King in the archipelago and the last ever wear worn and carried by Brawijaya V. King Country Function heirloom dagger could be a king is in accordance with nature and the Creator ginaris.

Alas Purwo or so-called Holy Purwakala is one kingdom in Java. If there is not a holy man entering the kingdom, certainly will not be able to get into Alas Purwo or Purwakala. Ceritera about Alas Purwo and UB V Brawijaya V was one of the last king of the kingdom of Majapahit kingdom get revelation. Genesis UB V in Alas Purwo muksa Majapahit kingdom was before, and on his way before UB V pursued relentlessly by Raden Patah to embrace Islam. Brief story of Brawijaya V and two servants dalemnya namely Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong go to Kediri place muksanya Holy Grandmother Sri Aji Joyoboyo, in the hamlet Pamenang. UB V already know that the events that will be experienced on the story of his story will be pursued even chase the child will be killed by the fall of the child because of different beliefs downs. Therefore UB V Kediri please go to the instructions of the Almighty. The place Barwijaya V get Kusumo Clark revelation or revelations about the state administration with the caste system, and prompts UB V told to go to areas that still have pure faith, the chosen island of Bali.

On the way towards the island of Bali, UB V layover in Mojokerto area where muksanya Tribuana Single Goddess, then place Raden Wijaya Kelud revelation Suryanaka and continue to Alas purwa Banyuwangi to Bali before. There is the story of the UB V and two servants dalemnya while in Banyuwangi, precisely now known as Parks Tell. When these are in place to meet with UB V Kalidjaga. Kalidjaga Why can reach Banyuwangi? Kalidjaga can get for wanting to Banyuwangi Alas Purwo to take both the sacred heritage and dagger King Country. Kalidjaga know about Alas Purwo for the murder of Sheikh Siti jenar. Kalidjaga also robs residence and found the Book hanacaraka SSJ. Hanacaraka ancient book is one book of the Kingdom Ajisaka. In the Book is also narrated about Alas Purwo and the holy weapon. As for the King Country dagger carried by Brawijaya V, can Kalidjaga info from Raden Patah and to seize the dagger of Brawijaya V. Following dialogue between Brawijaya V with Kalidjaga:

Kalidjaga asked kepaga UB V: Hi UB, I was very lucky today to meet with you!
UB V just nodded and smiled.
Then Kalidjaga said: Ye, I'm here and meet you, I will ask the King Country kris you bring.
UB V smiled and said: For what you ask for kris terrsebut?
Kalidjaga answer: You do not have to ask, should know who I am. I am Kalidjaga!
UB V nodded and fell silent.
Kalidjaga asked: I know you are carrying the dagger, I've been looking for, finally meet you here. Kris submit it!
UB V replied: Kalidjaga, you do not have rights to this dagger, I can give you, as long as permission from the Almighty.
Kalidjaga laughed out loud and said: Hi UB, open your eyes, you're talking to? I am the guardian, you know!
UB V smiled and replied: I know you Kalidjaga, said a trustee.
Kalidjaga replied: You know, where the dagger! Kalidjaga snapped.
UB V just smiled and said: Kalidjaga, I've said that to permit the Almighty will give this a dagger.
Kalidjaga asked: UB, what you've been blinded? If the name is definitely guardian messenger from the Creator.
UB V replied: Kalidjaga, if that's your belief, I do not believe such a
Kalidjaga asked: UB what do you believe?
UB V replied: I only believe in the Creator.
Kalidjaga asked: What is the meaning of the Creator?
UB V replied: Creator is the Most Holy, the Creator you will know if you are sacred inner and outer.
Kalidjaga laugh out loud: What is sacred inner and outer?
UB V replied: Holy appropriate nature of the Creator that there are three basic, born holy, holy life and holy death, called Tri Salaka or Tri Holy, holy, and if ye shall know the true meaning of the Creator.
Kalidjaga laughed very hard and said: O old man! oceanmu I do not understand, what you mean! Kalidjaga snapped.
UB V replied: I already told you, if you do not understand, then you are not a saint, I tell you, only the pure can understand my words, because you're just spreading a lie.
Kalidjaga paused and said very loud: UB, what kesaktianmu?
UB V replied: Kalidjaga, I was not powerful like you. I'm just a mere mortal who will die the next day as well.
Kalidjaga replied: UB you are just scum who have no shame, dagger submit it! Kalidjaga snapped.
UB V replied: I told you, if the Creator allows, I'll give.
Kalidjaga took his wand and cast in front of the UB V and turned into a snake.
UB V just smiled and replied: Kalidjaga do not be arrogant, and ask Forgive bow to the Creator
Kalidjaga take the stick turned into a snake and stretched out in front of the face of Brawijaya V, saying: UB, submit the dagger!
UB V said: If it was the Creator's permit, will definitely give.
Kalidjaga said as he took a stone and thrown in front of Brawijaya V, the stones turn into gold.
UB, how much should I give tribute to the dagger, this take!
UB V replied: Kalidjaga, if the Creator allows, I'll give.
Kalidjaga angry and shouted: UB you are just a fool! The king who did not know themselves! whose name is certainly one powerful king, go there, to me you're just an old fool!
UB V replied: I come and go not for you, Kalidjaga, repent and ask for forgiveness to the Creator.
Kalidjaga answered: I will not menurutimu!
Kalidjaga snapped UB: Where the dagger!
UB V replied: Kalidjaga, you try to pull the tree order (betel), then, you can unplug the tree, I'll give this a dagger.
Kalidjaga laugh out loud: Basic old fool, look and open your eyes, I unplug the tree!
Kalidjaga approached told tree that stood by, with a vengeance Kalidjaga revoke the tree, still can not.
Kalidjaga said: O old man rotten, what magic did you use?
UB V just smiled and said: I can not magic, I'm just an ordinary man, a very famous Kalidjaga future can not pull it out.
Kalidjaga glares while shouting: Basic rotten parents! see me pull this tree!
Kalidjaga tried three times, the result remains the same and finally gave up and said:
O parents, you try to pull it down!
UB V went quiet and went to tell the tree and removed without any exertion at all, after the repeal of the order tree, tree roots in the former order issued clear water and smell fragrant. (Forerunner to the title town of Banyuwangi).
After unplugging the tree told the UB V passed leaving the stunned Kalidjaga presence.
UB V also said: Kalidjaga sooner or later you will receive as a result of your actions, repent now before already.
Once aware Kalidjaga pursue UB V, but the stronger Kalidjaga chase, the greater the distance between Kalidjaga and UB V until finally giving up and continuing to Kalidjaga Alas Purwo. While UB V went on a trip to Bali. On the island of Bali UB V established five kingdoms are:

Sanur Shang Wang Pujarista Gatalasa
Bedulu Sharakati Swasarata Mahagani
Besakih Dharma Saka Cakanaya
Kenta Gasa Shang Sayekti Prameswari
Mount Agung Hyang Syawaraswati Syailenrdratama

After establishing the kingdom of Brawijaya V returned to and settled in the land of Java Lawu Lawu events to occur (see Shaykh Siti jenar). Kalidjaga We again follow the board proceeded to Purwo. Alas Purwo Kalidjaga met with two courtiers Brawijaya V, ie Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong, and the dialogue. following dialogue between Kalidjaga and Sabdo Palon Naya Genggong:

Kalidjaga said: Ye lowly maid here, and worship me!
Sabdo Palon said: It is arrogant you Kalidjaga, be careful when talking.
Kalidjaga said: It's up to me, my mouth's mouth and you're both just a maid, so already you should worship me this coming.
Naya Genggong said: Kalidjaga, you should be able to maintain your dignity, shame I see're acting.
Kalidjaga said: You are both a maid, I have found your master, now where the dagger.
Sabdo Palon answer: If it can be permission from the Creator, His Majesty had certainly give it to you.
Kalidjaga replied: Basic messengers, I tell your master that sent me.
Naya Genggong answer: It's a shame you Kalidjaga,'ve sinned too good at lying.
Kalidjaga said: Primary brain dumb, Helper equally as stupid!
Naya Genggong said: Kalidjaga you should beg forgiveness from the Creator and not proceed further you get into the Alas Purwo journey.
Kalidjaga answer: Huh, what rights you forbid? yet you're both just a Sudra
Kalidjaga also said: Now where the dagger, I do not deserve to talk to both of them, my position is higher than both of you.
Naya Genggong replied: Kalidjaga do not be arrogant, all just a mere deposit, you should be aware of it.
Kalidjaga laughing very loudly and shouted loudly: You two are not comparable with me, go there, I'm not willing to talk to you again
Sabdo Palon said: Kalidjaga listen to what kuucap, after a period of 500 years, the country will return to the pure belief and what you believe is a lie and will be destroyed.
Before Kalidjaga replied, Sabdo Palon and Naya Genggong disappeared before Kalidjaga.
Kalidjaga then proceed to Alas Purwo entry. Alas Purwo Kalidjaga go into spin and back into place, Kalidjaga repeat again, but keep coming back to the same place, even spinning in all directions, stay back in its original place.
Then Kalidjaga berrteriak: Hi you all the scum that is in this Purwo Alas, you do not deserve all dealing with.
Then Kalidjaga expend all his power but no impact whatsoever on Alas Purwo. A sudden a black light comes and binds the body and bring it to log into Kalidjaga Alas Purwo. The black-light body binding Kalidjaga in a tree. Till deathbed, Kalidjaga not escape a black light in a tree in Alas Purwo a sitting position against a tree Loh.

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