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Proof Of Life On Mars? New NASA Mars Curiosity Rover Photo Shows Ancient Coffin - The Unexplained Mysteries

See more at: http://www.inquisitr.com/1785898/proof-of-life-on-mars-new-nasa-mars-curiosity-rover-photo-shows-ancient-coffin/#UvVzT50QSrJim5gY.99

Coffin on Mars

A new Mars Curiosity Rover photo has alien hunters buzzing about the existence of life on Mars once again. YouTube researcher Martian Archeologist shared this photo earlier this week, and the UFO researcher claims it shows an ancient Martian sarcophagus or coffin.

The Mars Curiosity Rover has sent back many photos to NASA since it landed on the Mars surface in 2012, but NASA ignores photos like this one. According to UFO Sightings Hotspot, the area shown in the photo “holds no scientific value to NASA, it is a rock shaped by wind and water over perhaps millions of years.”

However, the photo discovery has fans buzzing about the existence of life on Mars. The search for life on the planet has been ongoing for ages. Photos from the Mars surface do show other objects like the coffin seen in these photos.

Last week, a photo of what appeared to be an Egyptian Ankh cross on the Mars surface had fans buzzing about the possibility of an ancient culture once residing on the planet.

This new Curiosity Rover photo has some alien hunters very excited about the possibility of life on Mars. The original image can be seen here. UFOvni2012 also shared the new image this week.

Ancient Aliens On Mars: Life On Planet Mars Evidence

One visitor to the YouTube channel shared their thoughts on the find.

“I totally believe that there is proof of life on Mars. All these images we see all the time can’t be all fake, or dis proven as rocks or anything like that. There are just too many of these kind of images. Also I think one of main reasons of Mars one missions that will lead humans on Mars in near future are [because they know] they did find proof with rovers and they sending humans to explore now. There [was] intelligent life on Mars. Or who knows, maybe humans are on Mars right now as some secret program.”

However, the image did cause some skepticism as well. Some people believe that the Mars Rover is not on the Mars surface, but in the desert somewhere on Earth. One commenter to the post made by Martian Archeologist reiterates that claim.

“That rover is somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East.”

This is not the first time UFO researchers spotted a crypt or coffin on the Mars surface. Last month, Scott Waring of UFO Sightings Daily, shared a photo of a coffin on the Mars surface that had many alien hunters buzzing.

“This stone object looks like a coffin. Coffins are made to stand the test of time, but this one is made from a stone like substance. What would it take to get NASA to turn the rover around and examine the contents of this box? It looks to be about one meter across and a foot and a half wide and high. Lots of alien species are short, including a species of greys.”

Coffin on Mars

NASA has not commented on the existence of life on Mars, but there are plans in place to launch a new Mars Rover in 2020 that will be more advanced than the Curiosity Rover. According to Christian Science Monitor, this rover’s mission will be to look for life on the planet’s surface.

“Mars 2020, as it’s currently called, will have improved instruments over Curiosity. The new rover is heavily based on the Curiosity design, and as with its predecessor it will be able to search for habitable environments. But Mars 2020 would also look directly for evidence of life, something Curiosity was not designed to do. This will make choosing a landing site crucial, since it would involve finding a spot where water or volcanic activity was present in the past. These processes provide energy for microbes.”

Finding the right landing spot for the new rover will take years, according to Jim Bell of Arizona State University’s School of Earth and Space Exploration. The Mars Curiosity Rover is helping in the search for a location with the photos it sends back.

Did life once exist on the Mars surface? The question has caused much debate. Photos like this new discovery have alien hunters and UFO researchers saying that there was definitely life on the planet at some point. Others claim that humans came from Mars.

Do these photos and the many others found since the Curiosity Rover landed prove that life once existed on Mars? Some say yes, but others say they are fake or show nothing of note.

What do you think of this New Mars Curiosity photo? Does it show an ancient crypt?

Read more at http://www.inquisitr.com/1785898/proof-of-life-on-mars-new-nasa-mars-curiosity-rover-photo-shows-ancient-coffin/#UvVzT50QSrJim5gY.99

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