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Dead boy has "miraculous powers"

Source : http://www.news.com.au/national/parents-of-dead-sydney-boy-mike-tannous-say-he-has-miraculous-powers/story-e6frfkvr-1225812591048
MIke Tannous Dead Boy Miraculous power

  • Parents say oil weeps from son's bedroom
  • "Has healing powers"
  • "He's worthy of sainthood"
A SYDNEY couple believes their son - "hand-picked by God" - could be Australia's first male saint.

Mike Tannous died three years ago but a mysterious oil that weeps from the walls of his bedroom has been hailed by his parents, George and Lina, as having helped heal dozens of people, The Daily Telegraph reports.

The oil started to appear in the Guildford home just weeks after the 17-year-old died in a car accident in September 2006.

"Mike is a messenger between us and God. He has healed so many people," Mrs Tannous said.

Extensive scientific testing of the oil has failed to identify exactly what it is but that has not stopped hundreds praying at the home.

The Tannous' push for sainthood for their son emerged as Mary MacKillop fever swept the nation.

Sydney Archbishop Cardinal George Pell suggested yesterday crusader for convicts Caroline Chisholm and Sydney's first Archbishop John Bede Polding to be considered as "would-be saints" after Mother MacKillop's canonisation.

But Mr Tannous said the next saint would be his son, and the family was documenting his healing powers.

"Our boy is a saint. This is him talking to us, talking to other people," he said.

Last year a woman who lived near the Tannous' house was told by doctors she could not have the third child she desperately wanted.

"She came here and prayed . . . one month later she came with a box of chocolates and said 'Guess what, I am pregnant'," Mike's aunt Susan Sawan said.

Since Pope Benedict XVI confirmed Mother MacKillop's second miracle, scores of people have flocked to the Tannous' house.

And the oil has continued to weep, now appearing on almost every wall of the three-bedroom house, as well as on framed photos of Mike and other religious icons.

"Over the weekend we had people everywhere, we even had to close the street . . . they want to experience a miracle," Mr Tannous said.

As word of the alleged healing powers inside the house have spread, people have travelled from overseas and interstate.

Siblings Pauline and Paul Matti came from Melbourne.

"That is the first miracle I've seen in my life," an excited Pauline said as she left the house. "It feels like I've been touched by something."

Each day the doors to the Tannous' "miracle house" are open, but the family does not take donations, instead just seeing people's reaction to what they see inside.

To sceptics and non-believers, the family's response is simple: "Come and see for yourself."

Cardinal Pell said, while there were no "saints in waiting", Chisholm and Polding were worthy.

Chisholm was instrumental in helping female convicts in Sydney in the 19th century, while Polding was Sydney's first Archbishop.

"Cardinal Pell said he could easily see those two people worthy of being put forward," a spokeswoman said.

As part of the canonisation process, parishioners in the diocese where the person died have to nominate them to the local bishop.

But the wheels could already be in motion. During last year's World Youth Day celebrations, a group of pilgrims from Northampton in England - where Chisholm died - followed her trail in Australia as part of their documentation of her life.

"There is obviously a groundswell from the parishioners, who must then go to their bishop," the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, Mother MacKillop is being credited with playing a part in the successful separation of conjoined Bangladeshi twins Trishna and Krishna, who were last night due to spend their first night at home.

The girls' carer Moira Kelly said she believed her prayers to Mother MacKillop helped with the surgery.

"Mary MacKillop has certainly, I believe, played a big role in this," Ms Kelly said.

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