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Metaphysics , Astrology and Psychic

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- James Cameron finds 'evidence of Atlantis' - 'Sasquatch skull' discovered on Mars - Unexplained Mysteries
- Edinburgh Black box - Menwith Hill Station
- Did We really land on moon ? - Unexplained Mysteries of violent cults
- 400-year-old Lunar mystery solved ? - Paranormal Telepathy Mysteries
- Unexplained Mysteries of Cryptomnesia - Unexplained Mysteries of Nightmares
- Unexplained Native American Mysticism - Unexplained Mysteries of Influence of Occult
- Mysteries Unexplained of Reincarnation - Mysteries of Out of Body Experience
- Could we all be psychic - Unexplained Mysteries of Psi-Stars and Sceptics
- Is Exorcism really dead ?? - Mysteries of Sixth Sense or ESP
- Mysteries Unexplained - Cannibalism - History and Mystery of Time Machine
- Exorcism in big demand - Unexplained Weeping Virgin Mary
- Hitler’s Psychic Prophet - Unsolved Mysteries of Mind
- Transplanting a human soul? - Psychic crackdown on the cards
- Unsolved mysteries of Animism - Irrefutable Evidence of Life after Death?
- The Golden Dawn Occult - Psychic Ability & Mystical Experiences
- Unexplained Mysteries of Precognition - Unexplained Mysteries of The Psychic Echo
- Psychic Pets - Mystic Dog, Death-Sensing Cats - Unsolved Mysteries of Astral projection
- Unsolved Mysteries of Remote Viewing - Govt. uses paranormal in war on terror
- Unsolved Mysteries of Ouija Board - Unsolved Mysteries of Past Life Recall
- Unexplained mysteries of Psychic Teleportation - Teleportation Milestone Achieved
- Unsolved Mysteries of ClairVoyance - Unexplained Mysteries of AURAS
- Near-death experiences: Heaven can wait - What is Tantra ? Is it Black Magic of India ?
- Mysteries of Karma - The Fatima Prophecies
- Unexplained - Phantom Phone Calls - 'Jesus's tomb' in Kashmir
- Nail of Christ's crucifixion found - Kundalini Yoga - Energy healing
- Occult Symbols and their Meaning - Unexplained Mysteries - The Sleeping Prophet
- 666 - Number of Beast and Antichrist - Unexplained Mysteries of The Incorruptibles
- 13th New Zodiac Sign - OPHIUCHUS - Philippine priest battles demons
- Unexplained Mysteries of Time Travelers - Mysteries of Book of Shadows
- Unexplained Enochian Magic - Mysteries of Stigmata
- Mysteries - Premonition of Murder - Bernardo Vazquez: The Vanishing Sorceror
- Unsolved Mysteries of Scrying - Doppelgänger Phenomenon
- Mels Holes - Unsolved Mysteries of Devil's Holes - Mysteries of The Emerald Tablet
- Ouija Patience - Author From Beyond The Grave - Possessed by the Dead - Curious Case of Maria Talarico
- Unexplained Mystery of Amherst Poltergeist Case - Gyanganj - the Home of immortal beings of the Himalayas
- Don Decker "Rainboy" - Enigmas Defying Explanation  

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