11 Best Horror Movies from Netflix – Halloween 2023

Horror films have an enduring appeal, captivating audiences with well-timed jump scares, blood-curdling screams, and supernatural entities that challenge mortal faith. Netflix is consistently expanding its collection of chilling movies, making it a prime destination for those looking to enjoy a thrilling night of horror. In 2023, the streaming giant offers a promising lineup of horror films that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Netflix has an extensive library of horror classics, including renowned titles like “The Conjuring” (2013). However, the platform also excels in producing its own spine-tingling original content, such as the “Fear Street Trilogy” (2021). This year, Netflix continues to deliver with “The Pope’s Exorcist,” starring Russell Crowe. Directed by Julius Avery, known for his work on “Samaritan,” the film draws inspiration from the real-life experiences of the late Father Gabriele Amorth, who served as the head exorcist of the Diocese of Rome for 30 years. It promises to be a chilling addition to the horror genre and showcases Netflix’s commitment to delivering captivating and fear-inducing stories.

We Have a Ghost

Directed by: Christopher Landon

Cast: David Harbour, Jahi Winston, Anthony Mackie

Release Date: February 23

Synopsis: The Presley family unexpectedly becomes the center of a social media sensation when they discover that their home is haunted by a ghost named Ernest, portrayed by David Harbour. However, things take an intriguing turn when the youngest son, Kevin, played by Jahi Winston, befriends Ernest and embarks on a quest to help the ghost recover his lost memories. This heartwarming connection between the living and the spectral attracts the attention of an unexpected visitor – the CIA.

Home for Rent

Directed by: Sophon Sakdaphisit

Cast: Nittha Jirayungyurn, Weir Sukollawat Kanarot, Tai Penpak Sirikul, Namfon Pakdee, Sukollawat Kanarot

Release Date: April 6

Synopsis: In this gripping horror tale, a married couple, Ning (played by Nittha Jirayungyurn) and Kawin (played by Weir Sukollawat Kanarot), decide to move to a condominium with their child and lease out their house to new tenants. The tenants, Ratree (Tai Penpak Sirikul), a retired doctor, and her daughter, Nuch (Namfon Pakdee), seem to be the perfect fit. However, things take a dark and chilling turn when Kawin’s behavior becomes increasingly disturbing, and he is spotted with a mysterious triangle-shaped tattoo, identical to the one on Nuch. Simultaneously, Ning realizes that their daughter is being taken over by unseen and malevolent forces, setting the stage for a terrifying and suspenseful tale.


Directed by: Karthik Varma Dandu

Cast: Sai Dharam Tej, Samyuktha Menon, Sunil, Rajeev Kanakala, Brahmaji, Ravi Krishna

Release Date: April 21

Synopsis: Set against the backdrop of a village plagued by a series of mysterious deaths in the 1980s, the head priest imposes a strict lockdown. Years later, a man named Surya, portrayed by Sai Dharam Tej, who has familial ties to the village, pays a visit to Rudravanam with the intention of reuniting with his lover, Nandini (Samyuktha Menon). However, his romantic journey takes a chilling turn as he becomes embroiled in a supernatural enigma that threatens to unravel the secrets of the village.

Tin & Tina

Directed by: Rubin Stein

Cast: Milena Smit, Jaime Lorente, Anastasia Russo, Carlos González Morollón

Release Date: May 26

Synopsis: In this psychological horror tale, Adolfo (Jaime Lorente) and Lola (Milena Smit), a newlywed couple, grapple with the profound loss of their firstborn due to a heartbreaking miscarriage. Overwhelmed by grief, they turn to a convent that shelters orphaned children. There, they make the fateful decision to bring home a pair of enigmatic twins, Tin (Carlos González Morollón) and Tina (Anastasia Russo). As these twins harbor unsettling religious beliefs, their presence begins to unhinge the couple and sets in motion a series of disturbing events that challenge their sanity.

Run Rabbit Run

Directed by: Daina Reid

Cast: Sarah Snook, Lily LaTorre, Damon Herriman, Sunny Whelan, Greta Scacchi

Release Date: June 28

Synopsis: In this supernatural thriller, Dr. Sarah (played by Sarah Snook) is a fertility specialist who lives with her young daughter, Mia (portrayed by Lily LaTorre). On Mia’s seventh birthday, they discover a rabbit at their home. Mia forms an unusual attachment to the animal, and her behavior undergoes a mysterious transformation. Sarah becomes increasingly concerned as Mia starts experiencing periods of unresponsiveness. She is haunted by the suspicion that her daughter might be possessed or tormented by the spirit of her deceased sister, Alice (Sunny Whelan).

Bird Box Barcelona

Directed by: David Pastor and Àlex Pastor

Cast: Mario Casas, Alejandra Howard

Release Date: July 14

Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, Sebastián (Mario Casas) and his daughter, Anna (Alejandra Howard), are marking Anna’s birthday by roller-skating through their desolate surroundings. However, their celebration takes a harrowing turn when they are ambushed by a group of marauders hungry for their food. Seeking refuge, the father and daughter find shelter in a depot, completely unaware that enigmatic and sinister creatures are lurking in the darkness, threatening their lives.

This untitled Spanish apocalyptic horror thriller is a spin-off to the 2018 film “Bird Box,” which starred Sandra Bullock. It’s adapted from Josh Malerman’s 2014 novel of the same name, promising to deliver a chilling exploration of a post-apocalyptic world and the dangers it holds.

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Directed by: Yusuke Ishida

Cast: Eiji Akaso, Mai Shiraishi, Shuntarô Yanagi, Yui Ichikawa

Release Date: August 3

Synopsis: Akira Tendo (Eiji Akaso) leads a mundane and uneventful life, marked by bullying and a lack of purpose. However, when Tokyo is unexpectedly ravaged by experimental bio-weaponry, leading to a zombie apocalypse, Akira sees it as an opportunity to escape his dreary existence. He embarks on a mission to fulfill all 100 items on his bucket list, taking advantage of the chaos and embracing life to the fullest in the face of the undead.

About the movie: “Zom 100: 100 Things I Want to do Before I Become a Zombie” is an adaptation of the 2018 Japanese horror manga series of the same name. Written by Haro Aso and illustrated by Kotaro Takata, this live-action film promises to deliver a unique blend of horror, humor, and a heartfelt exploration of life’s experiences in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

Marry My Dead Body

Directed by: Wei-Hao Cheng

Cast: Greg Han Hsu, Lin Po-hung, Gingle Wang

Release Date: August 10

Synopsis: The story centers around Wu Ming-han (Greg Han Hsu), a prejudiced police officer who inadvertently picks up a red wedding envelope while collecting evidence. Unbeknownst to him, this envelope binds him in an unconventional way to its owner, Mao Pang-yu (Lin), who tragically passed away under mysterious circumstances. Now, Wu Ming-han is betrothed to Mao, raising profound questions about his deeply rooted homophobia and sexism. As he confronts his own prejudices, he embarks on a quest to uncover the truth surrounding Mao’s death, seeking justice and redemption.

About the movie: This Taiwanese horror thriller, winner of the Best Screenplay at the 2023 Taipei Film Festival, promises to delve into complex themes of bias and prejudice, offering a thought-provoking and chilling narrative that challenges its characters and its audience.

The Pope’s Exorcist

Director: Julius Avery

Cast: Russell Crowe, Alexandra Essoe, Daniel Zovatto, Peter DeSouza-Feighoney

Release Date: August 16

Synopsis: Father Gabriele Amorth (Russell Crowe), the Vatican Pope’s chief exorcist, is a master of his craft, having performed over 100,000 exorcisms. However, his skills are put to the test when he investigates the possession of a young boy named Henry (Peter DeSouza-Feighoney), residing in an ancient Spanish abbey. Father Amorth soon confronts a malevolent force unlike anything he has ever encountered. The fate of the boy’s soul hangs in the balance as Father Amorth strives to free him from the clutches of this unparalleled evil.

“The Pope’s Exorcist” promises to be a compelling exploration of the supernatural and the battle between good and evil, offering a suspenseful and chilling narrative.

Killer Book Club

Directed by: Carlos Alonso Ojea

Cast: Veki Velilla, Álvaro Mel, Priscilla Delgado, Iván Pellicer, Daniel Grao

Release Date: August 25

Synopsis: Ángela (Veki Velilla), a member of a horror novel book club, becomes the victim of sexual assault by her university professor, Cruzado (Daniel Grao). Though she manages to escape, her book club friends decide to exact revenge on the professor, leading to his accidental death. A few days later, the group finds themselves being pursued by a vengeful killer clown who claims to be seeking retribution for Cruzado’s demise.

El Conde

Directed by: Pablo Larraín

Cast: Jaime Vadell, Alfredo Castro, Paula Luchsinger

Release Date: September 15

Synopsis: This darkly comedic horror tale unfolds as the corrupt and ruthless dictator Augusto Pinochet (Jaime Vadell) devises a cunning plan to escape punishment. He fakes his own death and, as a result, is condemned to an eternity of hiding as a vampire. However, the adversaries from his past are unwilling to let him escape justice without a final, chilling confrontation.

This untitled Chilean black comedy horror film, which won the Best Screenplay Award at the 80th Venice International Film Festival, promises to deliver a unique blend of dark humor and horror, offering an unsettling and thought-provoking narrative.