Rumors of ‘shadow aliens’ Video at Bayside Marketplace Miami go viral

A significant police presence at Bayside Marketplace on Monday fueled speculation of a potential extraterrestrial threat. The arrival of numerous police cars with lights and sirens blaring outside Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami on Monday evening led to widespread speculation about the reason for such an extensive police deployment.

Shortly thereafter, social media became abuzz with rumors suggesting that law enforcement had been summoned to the mall to address reports of “8-10ft tall shadow aliens” that had purportedly infiltrated the premises. The belief in these rumors was so pervasive that some individuals claimed to have witnessed a mysterious “creature” conspicuously positioned in front of the mall. Several video clips shared on Twitter purportedly captured this entity walking around outside the building (refer to the news video below).

While the authenticity of the alien rumors remains uncertain, one social media user remarked, “I can’t confirm if the Miami Mall alien rumors are true, but I can confirm that I’ve never witnessed such a substantial police presence in one location.”

Eventually, it was revealed that the police were not responding to an alien incursion, but rather were called in to disperse a large altercation involving up to 50 teenagers who had engaged in a fight within the building.

Officer Michael Vega later clarified, stating, “There were no aliens, UFOs, or ETs involved. No airports were closed, and there were no power outages.”

What’s noteworthy is how the incident sparked extensive speculation about alien visitors, despite the actual event having no connection to aliens whatsoever. The phrase “aliens in Miami” even made its way into the top 10 trending searches on Twitter, and numerous major U.S. news outlets published stories about the alleged extraterrestrial presence.

Source: CBS News