Celebrity captures ‘best UFO footage ever’ on flight

A model has shared what some are describing on social media as the ‘best UFO footage ever’ after spotting something strange during a flight.

Valentina Rueda Velez, a Colombian model who goes by the username @Valentinarueda.v on Instagram, shared a clip during a recent journey on a private plane. Valez, who has worked with the likes of Pretty Little Thing during her career, claims to have seen something strange pass by her window while flying on April 4.

The footage seems to show a diamond-shaped object flying by around 20,000 feet. While it could be a drone or another man-made object, it’s attracted a lot of attention online.

UFO enthusiast The Hidden Underbelly posting the clip on YouTube and adding the caption: “In this footage we get a clear view of this object and this looks damn good. It seems to be a saucer shape craft.”

The comments section was full of people celebrating the footage, with one user writing: “Definitely looks real to me. It’s always difficult to judge the size . Maybe the size of a small car. It looked fairly close.”

Another added: “Wow! That looks sooooo real! Great catch whoever took this video! Very cool!”

One even wrote: “Is this the best footage we ever got!?”

Source: Indy100.com