Beer glass explodes on camera in ‘haunted’ pub

Is it paranormal activity or down to physics?

Punters were sitting having a chat when a glass appeared to explode in front of them at The Salmon in Belford.

Landlords Michael and Donna Duns, who have run the pub for three years, shared CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook and say it is not the first spooky event to take place there.

Michael, 38, said: “The glass had been there for about 20 minutes and there was still half a pint in it.

“I’ve heard the pub is haunted off a few people before which I believe now after this happened.

“The three tables in the video have been known to be where main incidents happen regarding glasses moving and falling off tables.

“We have seen two glass moving incidents but never breaking like that.”

Other ghostly events have also been caught on camera, he said.

“There is another video of one of our bar staff feeling or hearing something in her ear while serving, you can see on camera she is clearly spooked,” he said.

But some Facebook users were less convinced it was paranormal activity which caused the glass to smash and was merely down to “physics”.

One person said it was down to the fact the glass may have had small fractures from being washed, and a sudden change in temperature after coming out of a hot steam glass washer. They said: “A sudden decrease in temperature, like being exposed to ice cold lager causes the glass to suddenly shrink, the micro fractures become unstable and fail resulting in exactly what you see in this video. Physics in action, Not paranormal.”

Source: Chronicle Live

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