Viral Unexplained Video – Woman Goddess walking on water

A bizarre video has taken the internet by storm. Most of us have heard about the Biblical tale of Christ walking on water but close to none know of a regular human being who can do so.

A viral video shows a woman walking on Narmada river and after that she is being hailed as Goddess Narmada Mata. As she emerged from the waters, people began approaching her, seeking her blessings. Soon, the crowd swelled into thousands, and police had to step in to restore order. However, the woman herself says she is no godwoman and that she is doing a pilgrimage of river Narmada. On the other hand, the woman’s family members have say she has been missing from home since the last 10 months and that she is mentally unwell.

However, a new video going viral on social media has people going back to mythology. In the video that gathered a crowd at the bank of the Narmada River in Madhya Pradesh, an old woman wearing a white sari is seen apparently walking on water. 

The incident took place in MP’s Jabalpur district at the Tilwara Ghat. After the woman’s video was posted on Twitter, locals flocked to the scene to witness the “holy” walk on water. People were quick to jump the gun and dub the woman a “goddess” who could do the impossible and walk on a liquid surface.

Moments after, the old woman was seen on the water people started calling her “Maa Narmada.” The crowd soon turned the whole situation into a fest to welcome the goddess and played the drums around the bank to honour the lady.

Locals in the area were quick to seek blessings and advice from the woman who was declared as an incarnation of the Narmada River Goddess. However, when being questioned by the police the woman denied all claims that she was a reincarnation.

Source: IndiaTimes