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Alien Attacks Policeman Video - Alien Disintegrates Police Officer VIDEO
Alien-Attack-PoliceMan-VideoAliens exist and they live among us. They were living with us since men were here! Watch this video, alien attacking policeman with smock. It was caught on highway police security camera. Caught on the contables dash cam the alien attacks police officer with smokes
200-year-old mummified monk found who is 'still alive' - Unexplained Mysteries
200-Year-Old-Live-MonkA Buddhist academic has said a 200-year-old mummified monk discovered in Mongolia may not be dead but in a 'very deep meditation'. The preserved body was discovered in the lotus position, covered in animal hide, last week in the Songinokhairkhan district, close to the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar.
Paranormal push? Woman 'pushed by a ghost' in Santiago - Unexplained Mysteries
Ghost-push-videoA woman claims to have been pushed to the floor by a ghost after cameras caught her being thrown to the floor despite there being no-one around. Cecilia Carrasco, 34, says she felt someone shove her as she walked past the reception desk at her lawyer's office
'Bigfoot' filmed wandering through swamp - Compelling Footage of Skunkape/Bigfoot
Bigfoot-Video-Florida-SwampA mysterious figure was caught on camera by a canoist in marshlands outside of Tampa, Florida. The creature was lurking behind the foliage in the foreground
Alien Spotter Unveils Best Ever UFO Footage - Is that a UFO Invasion
UFO-Spotted-VideoA mysterious object has been caught on camera plummeting towards the earth in a giant ball of fire. The short video was captured in the skies above Argentina at the beginning of the month and has just been uploaded to YouTube.
Mandy The Haunted Doll, Most Evil Antique - The Unexplained Mysteries
mandy-haunted-dollMandy is a porcelain baby doll made in England or Germany between 1910 and 1920 and donated to the Quesnel Museum in British Columbia in 1991. Mandy’s donor had said she would hear crying in the middle of the night coming from the basement, and it wasn’t until after she gave Mandy away that the crying ceased
The Baldoon Mystery - Unexplained Mysteries
Baldoon-MysteryDisturbances began plaguing the family in 1829, mainly consisting of small objects like lead bullets striking people harmlessly as if thrown by unseen hands. But the disturbances increased to a nearly constant bombardment. The gun balls would come in through the windows and we would take them and throw them into the river.
The Empress Theater Ghosts - Canada's Most Haunted Theater
Empress-Theater-GhostThe Empress Theatre in Fort Macleod, AB was built in 1912 and is haunted by the former caretaker named Ed. He is known as a trickster and brings the smell of tobacco, alcohol, and horse manure wafting around the place for no reason. He has also been known to mess up clean rooms in no time flat.
The Mystery of Indecipherable Rohonc Codex - Unexplained Mysteries
Rohonc-CodexThe Rohonc Codex is an illustrated manuscript book by an unknown author, with a text an unknown language and writing system, that surfaced in Hungary in the early 19th century. The book's origin and the meaning of the text and illustrations have been investigated by many scholars and amateurs, with no definitive conclusion
The Devils Tower of Alpine, NJ - Unexplained Mysteries
Devils-TowerLocal legend (or urban myth) tells us that Manuel’s wife decided to climb to the top of the tower one evening. The legend continues on to tell us that from the top of the tower, Mrs. Rionda observed her husband with another woman; and, she was so devastated and afraid the town’s people would talk about her being scorned, she jumped to her death.
Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong seas also disturbing
Blue-Sea-HongkongEerie fluorescent blue patches of water glimmering off Hong Kong's seashore are magnificent, but disturbing and potentially toxic, marine biologists say. The glow is an indicator of a harmful algal bloom created by something called Noctiluca scintillans, nicknamed Sea Sparkle. It looks like algae and can act like algae, but is in fact a single-celled organism that technically can function as both animal and plant.
Fisherman Says He Saw Bigfoot Bathing - Unexplained Mysteries
Bigfoot-Picture-in-LakeOne occupational hazard of reporting on unexplained phenomena: You can always count on waking up in the morning to find an email from someone swearing that they've just seen Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, a hybrid human alien or a UFO on the moon. 2015 began with a photo from John Rodriguez, a 66-year-old retired electrician, who claims that he was fishing Dec.
Icelandic government commission says legendary sea monster video is Real
Iceland-Sea-Monster-is-RealA government investigation carried out by the Fljotsdalsherao municipal council in Iceland has ruled that a legendary sea serpent named Lagarfljotsormurinn, which is rumoured to inhabit Lake Lagarfljot, actually exists. According to the Discovery News, the commission ruled that a 2012 video of what is claimed to be Iceland's most famous lake monster is authentic.
Tjipetir mystery: Why are rubber-like blocks washing up on beaches?
Tjipetir-MysteryFor the past few years, 100-year-old rubber-like blocks from Indonesia have been mysteriously washing up on beaches in the UK and northern Europe. The Titanic has been suggested as one of the possible sources - but now a beachcomber says she may have solved the puzzle of the Tjipetir blocks. In the summer of 2012, Tracey Williams was walking her dog along a beach near her home in Newquay, Cornwall, when she spotted a black tablet on the sand, made of something resembling rubber. It looked like a large chopping board and the word "Tjipetir" was engraved into it.
Sleepy Hollow in Kazakhstan - Mystery Kalachi Sleep Epidemic Unexplained Mysteries
Sleepy-Hollow-RussiaEvery tenth villager of Kazakhstan's Kalachi has unexpectedly fallen asleep in broad daylight – some unable to wake up for several days. Despite numerous attempts to find the cause of the inexplicable disorder, the Sleepy Hollow riddle remains unsolved. Over 600 residents of Kalachi village in Kazakhstan's north may have never read Washington Irving's 'Legend of Sleepy Hollow,' or watched the popular American TV series or film – but they refer to their homeland as "Sleepy Hollow," as everyone there is scared of an indiscriminate illness that has no cure.
NASA Shut Off Live Video Feed When Massive UFO Appeared 3 Days Ago? (Video)
NASA-Live-UFO-FeedMany in the Truth movement no longer trust anything NASA says or does and here’s another example of why. As their live feed was showing the ISS, a huge UFO appeared and NASA cut the feed.Toby Lundh ISS UFO Hunter Expert manged to capture stills of a massive UFO just outside the ISS during a Live feed!
Sarah Winchester and Lore of Mystery House of Spirits - Unexplained Mysteries
Sarah-Winchester-Mystery-HouseThe property and mansion have been claimed to be haunted by various ghosts, now including Winchester herself, ever since construction commenced in 1884. Under Winchester's day-to-day guidance, its 'from-the-ground-up' construction proceeded around the clock, by some accounts, without interruption, until her death on September 5, 1922, at which time work immediately ceased
Three Strange Extraterrestrial Encounters (True Stories) - Unexplained Mysteries
Well-to-HellTrue story about Robert Torres's first two extraterrestrial encounters. It is a highly condensed version excerpted from my newly published non-fiction book called 'Sin Thesis.' The book is about his experiences with many paranormal events that began after an alien contact and subsequent UFO encounter
Unexplained Mysteries of The Liyobaa Cave (The Cavern of Death)
Liyobaa-Cave-MysteryThis was sealed off by Catholic Priests who believed it to be an entrance to 'Hell.' 'The village of ‘Liyobaa’ or to translate, ‘The Cavern of Death,’ was located in the province of Zapoteca, somewhere near the ancient village of 'Mictlan' or the village of the ‘Underworld. The Cavern of Death was actually located in the last chamber of an eight chamber building or temple.
Real Sounds from Hell in Siberia's Well to Hell- Unexplained Mysteries
Well-to-HellThe 'Well to Hell' is a putative borehole in Russia which was purportedly drilled so deep that it broke through into Hell, traditionally considered to be located underground in Christian mythology. This urban legend has been circulating on the Internet since at least 1997.
The Kasha of Haunted Kaimuki House, Honolulu, Hawaii - Unexplained Mysteries
Kasha-Kaimuki-HouseIn Japanese folklore, a kasha is a demon or cannibalistic entity that feeds on human corpses, and is said to bring the bodies to hell as punishment for committing mortal sin during life. Though these haunting cases don’t seem to fit the definition, a kasha is believed to reside in the Kaimuki house located on 8th Avenue and Harding in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Top 10 Most extreme haunted houses for Halloween Horror
Most-Extreme-Haunted-HousesActors jumping out of dark corners just don’t satisfy anymore. With "The Walking Dead’s" zombie bloodbath drawing more than 15 million viewers a week, audiences demand more these days than a few quick startles out of Halloween haunted houses. Enter "extreme" haunted houses
Dying Senior Scientist Shares Insider Truth About Area 51
Insider-Secrets-Area51Not long before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he agreed to be video recorded for a short documentary where he openly spoke about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens and anti-gravity ideas
Celtic ‘Cross’ Discovered On Mars by NASA - Unexplained Mysteries
Celtic-Cross-On-MarsA strange cross-shaped pattern with a circle around it has been spotted on the surface of Mars. Image sent back by NASA’s Opportunity rover, revealing what appears to be a cross, surrounded by a circle, embedded in the otherworldly rock of Mars.
Kiss of Death: Terrifying True Story of A Vampiric Serial Killer
Kiss-of-Death-VampireThere have been plenty of scary stories of serial killers throughout history, but the tale of a Hungarian man named Bela Kiss may just be the most frightening out of all of them. Born in the late 1800s, Bela Kiss lived in a town close to Budapest, Hungary by himself. Kiss liked to delve in astrology as well as other occult practices.
Mysterious Deaths That'll Make You Believe in Conspiracies - Unexplained Mysteries
Conspiracy-DeathsDo you believe in conspiracies? If not then you are in for a treat. Here are some Unexplained Mysterious Deaths That'll Make You Believe in Conspiracies In criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future.
Russian Historian Collected Dead Girls & made dolls from girls' corpses'
Anatoly-Moskvin-Dead-Girls-MummiesRussian historian Anatoly Moskvin searched cemeteries for the bodies of young women and girls so that he could store them in his apartment like a collection of ghoulish dolls. Russian grave-robber hailed a genius ‘kept mummified female corpses dressed as dolls’
Lurking Monster Mummies of Japan Captured - Unexplained Mysteries
Monster-Mummies-JapanLurking in the halls of Buddhist temples and museums across Japan are a host of monster mummies — the preserved remains of demons, mermaids, kappa, tengu, raiju, and even human monks. Here are a few remarkable specimens for the adventurous and brave at heart.
"I Hear People Crying When I'm Showering": Family moves out of 'haunted' rental home
Haunted-Rental-HomeFamily moves out of 'haunted' rental home after discovering missing woman lived there
Real Mythical Dragon Captured by Chinese Fisherman 2014 - Unexplained Mysteries
Real-Dragon-CaughtA fisherman in Inner Mongolia, China captured what looks like a real chinese dragon. The dragon has since been transported to Beijing for further studies. Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and Chinese folklore.
Man set to be eaten alive by anaconda for Discovery Channel
Eaten-Alive-By-Snakeaul Rosolie will don a special suit so that he can be eaten by an anaconda for an upcoming documentary. It goes without saying that most of us would prefer to avoid being eaten by a giant snake, yet Rosolie is setting out to make this happen deliberately so that the whole thing can be filmed.
The Devils Bible (Codex Gigas) Largest Manuscript in World - Unexplained Mysteries
Devils-BibleWritten in Latin around 1210 AD, the Codex Gigas has brought disaster and pain to all who have possessed it and many others around them, including plague, mental illness, fire and destruction, the story of it's life is filled with mystery and evil.
The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur from Greek - Unexplained Mysteries
Minotaur-Greek-MythologyMinotaur was a creature with the head of a bull on the body of a man. Queen Pasiphae was cursed with the desire to be coupled with the king's finest bull.
'Alien thigh bone' picture spotted on Mars by conspiracy theorists - Unexplained Mysteries
Alien-thigh-bone-on-MarsA mysterious object on Mars that looks like an 'alien thigh bone' is getting alien hunters and conspiracy theorists excited. People following the progress of the Mars rover have been keeping a keen eye out for any unusual pictures beamed back from its onboard MastCam.
Jack the Ripper murder mystery 'solved' through DNA - Unexplained Mysteries
jack-the-ripper-SolvedIt is one of the world's greatest murder mysteries which has baffled investigators for more than a century.But now an author and self confessed "armchair detective" claims to have solved perhaps the most notorious whodunit ever, and discovered who Jack the Ripper was.
Unexplained Strange 'shadow figure' spotted on the moon - Unexplained Mysteries
Alien-On-MoonA Google Moon image showing a peculiar human-like shape on the lunar surface has gone viral.UFO Sighting: Google Earth Map Spots Alien-Like Figure on Moon. Google Earth map spotted a strange image on the moon in July 2014 that appeared to be a shadow of a very large tower or an alien.
Underground UFO Base In Kongka La Pass, Himalayas Near India-China Border
 UFO-Base-Near-India-ChinaKongka La pass, the Himalayas is a disputed territory located in the Indo-Chinese border of Aksai Chin and there for it is one of the least accessed areas. The locals on both the sides believes that there is an underground UFO base, known by both the countries.
Goatman Is Half Man, Half Goat Urban Legends - Unexplained Mysteries
goat-man-legendAccording to legend, Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. While many consider this creature to be a the product of a modern urban legend, those who claim to have had a face to face encounter with this murderous monstrosity say that this horrific genetic aberration all too real.
Top 6 Witches of All Times - Unexplained Mysteries
Top-6-WitchesWitches and witchcraft have captivated the minds of everyone: from angry villagers wondering why the women of the town were gaining a sense of independence to the average Joe wondering whether that herbal tea last night was a potion or just really bad tea. Witches have been seen as objects of wisdom and evil in folklore for many generations.
The Black Knight Satellite - 13000 Year Old Satellite - Unexplained Mysteries
black-knight-satelliteBlack Knight also known as the Black Knight satellite is an alleged object orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit that ufologists and fringe authors believe is approximately 13,000 years old and of extraterrestrial origin. However it is most probable that Black Knight is the result of a conflation of a number of unrelated stories.
Legend Of Kamaitachi - Ghosts of Japan - Unexplained Mysteries
KamaitachiKamaitachi is a Japanese yokai often told about in the Koshin'etsu region, or can also refer to the strange events that this creature causes. They appear riding on dust devils, and they cut people using the nails on both their hands that are like sickles. One would receive a sharp wound from it, but there is no pain.
Top 5 Scariest Ghosts from Japan - Unexplained Mysteries
Top-Ghosts-from-JapanJapanese ghosts (yurei) are spirits that have been prevented from a peaceful resting place by dramatic events during their life. Often they are murder or suicide victims . In other cases, an injustice has sparked intense desires of love,revenge, sorrow or hatred — these desires are so strong that the ghost is able to transcend death to dwell on the earth.
Poison Dress - Dressed to Kill Urban Legend - Unexplained Mysteries
Poison-DresssA gown used to dress a corpse for a funeral is removed from the body and returned to the store where it was purchased. An unsuspecting customer buys the gown and wears it to a dance, where embalming fluid from the dress seeps into her pores and kills her. The tale known as 'The Poison Dress', or 'Embalmed Alive' features a dress that has in some way been poisoned.
Spooky: Campers encounter real-life 'Blair Witch'
Blair-Witch-Ghost-CampingTwo women who went camping in the woods got the fright of their lives after capturing this Blair Witch-style ghost on camera. Women got more than they bargained for when they camped out in the woods near Bristol. Two women got more than they bargained for when they camped out in the woods near Bristol.
10 Serial Killers Who Were Never Got Caught : Getting Away with Murder
10-Serial-Killers-Never-CaughtSerial killings committed by psychopaths who somehow manage to avoid being caught and convicted of their crimes. The Zodiac Killer, who terrified the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s with a string of murders accompanied by bizarre cryptograms and letters to the press. The Zodiac is not alone, however.
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Indian teenage girl marries a stray dog - Bizarre Weird Unexplained Mysteries
Indian-Girl-Marries-DogAn unusual wedding ceremony has seen an 18-year-old marry her four-legged groom in front of 70 people. An 18-year-old girl in India has taken a stray dog to be her paw-fully wedded husband, to have and to pet, from this day forward — or at least until her evil juju is gone!
The Real Life Legend of Slender Man
SlenderMan Legend There are legends and myths that have been around for centuries and have seared themselves into our minds and culture. One such legend is known through internet popularity as Slender man. The creature known as Slender man is said to have the appearance of a tall, lanky man in a black suit. Not so scary, right? Just wait.
Mexico's Creepiest Tourist Destination : Terrifying Island of Dolls
island-of-dollsThe Island Of The Dolls (Isla de las Munecas), located in the vast network of canals that lies to the south of Mexico City, near Xochimilco is one of the creepiest tourist attraction in Mexico. The story goes that some half a century ago a little girl drowned off a small island hidden deep amongst the canals of Xochimico.

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Have you ever wondered about some (or may be many) weird unexplained mysteries in the Universe that were suddenly brought to our attention when we are totally unprepared to face such larger than life things? These unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomenas that caused ripples in the society by their weirdness have disappeared all of a sudden at the same pace they struck us.

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Top Rated Videos

Creepy Demon Photo Captured In Hospital
Demon-On-BedThis picture was taken of a nurse's viewing monitor. On the monitor, this black figure appeared standing on top of the patient
Humanoid Alien caught Spying
Humanoid-On-Security-camera-Russiaat the perimeter of a secret military facility in Moscow, Russia, was captured on a security camera an almost invisible humanoid
Top Viral Ghost Videos of 2014
Top-Unexplained-Mysteries-2014Top Unexplained Mysteries of 2014 - Top Viral Ghost Videos of 2014
'Ghost of figure' caught on Camera
Stair-Ghost-VideoThis is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion.
Singapore fisherman catches Bizarre 'ALIEN' creature
Alien-Monster-Caught-Singapore A fisherman in Singapore reeled in a mystery creature straight out of a science fiction
Farmer Discovers Skull Resembling Werewolf
Bulgarian-Werewolf Trayche Draganov, claims to have found a box, chained shut, containing a werewolf-like skull
Farm Dogs Attack Alien Monster – Caught on Camera
Alien-Monster-Killed-By-Dogs"The Body" Alien Creature shot dead by a Colombian Farmer!
Mother Filming Her Child captured A Tiny Creature on Camera
Tiny-Creature-Caught-on-CameraYou can clearly see the appearance of a tiny creature while filming
Spooky Ghost Moment glass cabinet opens
Spooky-Glass-Shatter-Ghost-VideoSpooky moment glass cabinet shatters into pieces in 'haunted' auction house
Ghost caught on CCTV at Dover Castle
Ghost-Video-Dover-CastleFootage showing a strange shadow figure walking across the road
Ghost Caught On Camera with Thai School Girls
GHost-Video-2014-Thai-GirlsThe spooky appearance of a 'solid person' was captured during Thai Girls school photoshoot.
'Blazing UFO' sparks panic in Spain
Blazing-UFO-Spain-2014Many of the reports described the spectacle as a 'flaming UFO' which followed a path straight across Spain from Barcelona
Triangular UFO in North Carolina caught on Night Vision
Traingular-UFO-In-Night-VisionA triangular object described as 'see through' has been filmed in the skies over North Carolina
UFO fleet Footage over San Antonio Texas
UFO-Fleet-Over-TexasFormation of U.F.O Orbs was captured on video traveling over San Antonio,Texas.
Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston Texas
Mass-UFO-Sighting-HoustonA circular object with a ring of lights was observed by multiple witnesses across the city
UFO appears during Canadian news report August 2014
UFO-Caught-in-News Last month, Toronto Police received several reports of UFO sightings in North York.37 seconds into the video the UFO comes shooting out from a cloud
Actual Video Of Flight MH-17 Getting Hit By The Missile
Video-Of-Flight-MH17-Getting-Hit-By-Missile As the details emerge about the crash of MH17, Ukraine has released a video, claiming it proves that rebels shot down the flight
Man 'knocked and dragged on floor' by Ghost
Dragged-By-Ghost-Video Spine-chilling video shows the man is 'knocked and dragged on floor' by Ghost
Is this a ghost at theatre? Spooky CCTV footage
Moving-Chair-Ghost-Video This spooky video of ghostly goings on was recorded inside a closed theatre after a psychic medium's show
Top 20 Most Significant UFO Video Footage
Top-20-UFO-Videos Top 20 Most Significant UFO Video Footage of all time
Woman 'gives birth to a lizard' in Indonesia. Yes, really (VIDEO)
Women-Give-Birth-To-Lizard Instead of a baby the bewildered midwife discovered that the expectant mother had given birth to a live gecko
ufo-crash-china-video3 Ship-like UFO's were witnessed crash landing in Heilongjiang province in China on the early Friday morning of May 16, 2014
New Bigfoot Footage: Washington Looks Legit (VIDEO)
Bigfoot-Sighting-Video-2014Here's a new footage, and this one is supposedly from Washington State. The video shows a person frantically chasing down a shadowy figure
Time Traveler Saves Life of Pizza Delivery Guy
Time-Traveler-VideoThis is an amazing video showing teleportation by an unknown being (seemingly female figured) with a hood-like jacket “saving” a man on a motor bike from complete destruction.

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