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Mass UFO Sighting Over Houston Texas Lights Up Social Media August 2014 - Unexplained Mysteries
Mass-UFO-Sighting-HoustonA circular object with a ring of lights was observed by multiple witnesses across the city this week. Social media was buzzing on the night of August 11th when several people managed to snap photographs of what appeared to be an oval-shaped craft in the sky over Houston during stormy weather.
UFO appears during Canadian news report August 2014 - Unexplained Mysteries
UFO-Caught-in-NewsLast month, Toronto Police received several reports of UFO sightings in North York.37 seconds into the video the UFO comes shooting out from a cloud right above the mountain and passes through a clear spot back into the next cloud. UFO left a thin trail of cloud vaper as it exited the cloud. This, to me, eliminates any thought that this might be a camera lens artifact or light phenomenon effect.
Unexplained Strange 'shadow figure' spotted on the moon - Unexplained Mysteries
Alien-On-MoonA Google Moon image showing a peculiar human-like shape on the lunar surface has gone viral.UFO Sighting: Google Earth Map Spots Alien-Like Figure on Moon. Google Earth map spotted a strange image on the moon in July 2014 that appeared to be a shadow of a very large tower or an alien.
Top 6 Witches of All Times - Unexplained Mysteries
Top-6-WitchesWitches and witchcraft have captivated the minds of everyone: from angry villagers wondering why the women of the town were gaining a sense of independence to the average Joe wondering whether that herbal tea last night was a potion or just really bad tea. Witches have been seen as objects of wisdom and evil in folklore for many generations.
Goatman Is Half Man, Half Goat Urban Legends - Unexplained Mysteries
goat-man-legendAccording to legend, Goatman is an axe-wielding, half-man, half-animal creature that was once a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. While many consider this creature to be a the product of a modern urban legend, those who claim to have had a face to face encounter with this murderous monstrosity say that this horrific genetic aberration all too real.
'Ghost of figure' caught on camera at 16th Century Mansion
Stair-Ghost-VideoThis is the eerie footage which apparently captures the ghost of a 16th Century Tudor mansion. A group investigating paranormal activity took the video which appears to show the image of a person standing on a staircase at Stanley Palace in Chester. Sefton Paranormal Investigations describe the figure as a solid person with a visible nose, mouth and hair, which looks first at the camera and then up the stairs.
The Black Knight Satellite - 13000 Year Old Satellite - Unexplained Mysteries
black-knight-satelliteBlack Knight also known as the Black Knight satellite is an alleged object orbiting Earth in near-polar orbit that ufologists and fringe authors believe is approximately 13,000 years old and of extraterrestrial origin. However it is most probable that Black Knight is the result of a conflation of a number of unrelated stories.
Top 5 Scariest Ghosts from Japan - Unexplained Mysteries
Top-Ghosts-from-JapanJapanese ghosts (yurei) are spirits that have been prevented from a peaceful resting place by dramatic events during their life. Often they are murder or suicide victims . In other cases, an injustice has sparked intense desires of love,revenge, sorrow or hatred — these desires are so strong that the ghost is able to transcend death to dwell on the earth.
Poison Dress - Dressed to Kill Urban Legend - Unexplained Mysteries
Poison-DresssA gown used to dress a corpse for a funeral is removed from the body and returned to the store where it was purchased. An unsuspecting customer buys the gown and wears it to a dance, where embalming fluid from the dress seeps into her pores and kills her. The tale known as 'The Poison Dress', or 'Embalmed Alive' features a dress that has in some way been poisoned.
Mysterious Giant hole appears at 'the end of the world' in Siberia
Siberia-Giant-HoleEnormous crater appears suddenly in part of Russia whose name translates as ‘the end of the world’ To put it mildly, scientists around the world are baffled and flocking to a remote region in Russia to investigate why an enormous hole hundreds of feet deep has suddenly appeared in the Yamal Peninsula region of northern Russia by Siberia. To further cause excitement, the name ‘Yamal’ translates out top mean “the end of the world”.
Terrifying Amherst Poltergeist Case - Unexplained Mysteries
amherst-poltergeistThe Great Amherst Mystery was a notorious case of reported poltergeist activity in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada between 1878 and 1879. It was the subject of an investigation by Walter Hubbell, an actor with an interest in psychic phenomena, who kept what he claimed was a diary of events in the house, later expanded into a popular book
Ghost of Mae Nak Phra Khanong in Bangkok's haunted temple - Unexplained Mysteries
Ghost-of-Mae-NakMae Nak Phra Khanong ('Lady Nak of Phra Khanong'), or simply Mae Nak ('Lady Nak'), is a well-known and popular Thai ghost. Local folklore insists the story is based on actual events that took place during the early 19th century. It is a ghost story that has been told and retold for several decades. It was said that the story originated in Bangkok.
10,000-year-old rock paintings depicting aliens and UFOs found in India
10000-year-old-paintings-of-aliens-UFOsThree soldiers were witnesses to the bizarre disappearance of an entire battalion in 1915. The three said they watched from a clear vantage point as a battalion of the Royal Norfolk Regiment marched up a hillside in Suvla Bay, Turkey. The hill was shrouded in a low-lying cloud that the soldiers marched straight into. After the last of the battalion had entered the cloud, it slowly lifted. The entire battalion was gone.
Giant Footprint Discovered Dated 200 Million to 3 Billion-Year-Old - Unexplained Mysteries
Anunnaki-Giant-FootprintSouth African Author, Scientist, Researcher and Explorer Michael Tellinger (often called ‘The South African Indiana Jones’) shows off what could be one of the best pieces of evidence that there were once giants living on Earth a long, long time ago. Geologists have been marveling at this giant foot print in rough granite, about 4 feet long. Some still say that it is a natural erosion pattern, but for now it’s hard to say.
Hitobashira (Human Pillar) Practice of Human Sacrifices in Japan - Unexplained Mysteries
Hitobashira-Human-PillarHitobashira (Human Pillar), practiced formerly in Japan, is a human sacrifice, buried alive under or near large-scale buildings like dams, bridges, and castles, as a prayer to the gods so that the building is not destroyed by natural disasters such as floods or by enemy attacks. Hitobashira can also refer to workers who were buried alive under inhumane conditions.
Charles Manson and the Tate-LaBianca Murders - Shaved Head Murders
Charles-Manson-Murdersharles Manson is an American cult leader whose followers carried out several notorious murders in the late 1960s and inspired the book Helter Skelter. Charles Milles Manson is an American criminal and musician who led what became known as the Manson Family, a quasi-commune that arose in the California desert, in the late-1960s.
The Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square - Unexplained Mysteries
nameless-thing-berkley-squareThe Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square is the name given to a strange entity that appeared in 18th - 19th century in 50 Berkeley Square, many people believed that this entity is categorized as a supernatural creature and other believe this entity is a cryptid or mutant.
Spooky: Campers encounter real-life 'Blair Witch'
Blair-Witch-Ghost-CampingTwo women who went camping in the woods got the fright of their lives after capturing this Blair Witch-style ghost on camera. Women got more than they bargained for when they camped out in the woods near Bristol. Two women got more than they bargained for when they camped out in the woods near Bristol.
10 Serial Killers Who Were Never Got Caught : Getting Away with Murder
10-Serial-Killers-Never-CaughtSerial killings committed by psychopaths who somehow manage to avoid being caught and convicted of their crimes. The Zodiac Killer, who terrified the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1960s and early 1970s with a string of murders accompanied by bizarre cryptograms and letters to the press. The Zodiac is not alone, however. The following rogue’s gallery — presented in no particular order, since they are all equally hideous — lists some of the ones who got away with the worst crimes imaginable.
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The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 - Unexplained Mysteries of Witches
salem-witch-trialA small girl fell sick in 1692. Her convulsions, contortions, and outbursts of gibberish—baffled everyone. Other girls soon manifested the same symptoms. Their doctor could suggest but one cause. Witchcraft. That grim diagnosis launched a Puritan inquisition that took 25 lives, filled prisons with innocent people, and frayed the soul of a Massachusetts community called Salem.
10 Most Mysterious Plane Disappearances - Worlds strangest aircraft crashes
10-Most-Mysterious-Plane-Disappearances Events surrounding the disappearance and possible crash of Malasian Airlines flight MH370 are not yet clear. It has emerged that two passengers on the flight were travelling using stolen passports. The disappearance of a Malaysia Airlines flight is increasingly baffling, but it is not the first plane to vanish without trace or have its investigation surrounded by confusion and chaos. From adventurer Steve Fossett's disappearance over the Nevada desert to the claims of a revenge killing behind the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990, here are 10 of the most mysterious aviation disasters.
Missing Malaysia Airlines flight Conspiracy : Crazy Conspiracy Theories of Malaysia Airlines flight 370
Missing-Malaysia-Airlines-ConspiracyFrom alien abduction to a military take out, people are keen to share their theories on exactly what's happened to the Boeing 777. Crazy Conspiracy Theories of Malaysia Airlines flight 370. As the search for missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 enters its fifth day, its sudden disappearance has sparked a number of conspiracy theories. From alien abduction and a hidden weapon at work, to a military take out and pilot suicide, the theories keep flowing over the internet. The Boeing 777 jetliner vanished five days ago with 239 people on board. T Conspiracy theorists took to social media this week to contribute their own ideas as to why Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappeared.
Mexico's Creepiest Tourist Destination : Terrifying Island of Dolls
island-of-dollsThe Island Of The Dolls (Isla de las Muñecas), located in the vast network of canals that lies to the south of Mexico City, near Xochimilco is one of the creepiest tourist attraction in Mexico. Here, among the branches and dead trees hang hundreds of old, mutilated dolls. The story goes that some half a century ago a little girl drowned off a small island hidden deep amongst the canals of Xochimico.
Top Ten Cryptozoology Fakes - Exposing online fakes and frauds of the Cryptozoological World
Top-10-Cryptozoology-FakeThe internet is the natural home of some very unnatural creatures – fakes, frauds, and the falsely identified. Many of them attract only fleeting, transient attention before being soundly exposed and permanently discredited. However, there is also a hardcore set whose members simply refuse to die – being revived time and time again by unsuspecting novice researchers who are bewitched by their superficial strangeness
Sokushinbutsu - The Bizarre Practice of Self Mummification
Sokushinbutsu - The Bizarre Practice of Self MummificationScattered throughout Northern Japan around the Yamagata Prefecture are two dozen mummified Japanese monks known as Sokushinbutsu, who caused their own deaths in a way that resulted in their mummification. The practice was first pioneered by a priest named Kuukai over 1000 years ago at the temple complex of Mount Koya, in Wakayama prefecture.
The Tarim Mummies - The Deads Tell a Tale
Tarim-MummiesThe Tarim mummies are a series of mummies discovered in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang, China, which date from 1900 BC to 200 AD. In addition to being very well-preserved finds, controversy flows around them as DNA tests seem to show that they are the result of Asian and Caucasian mating thousands of years before it's commonly thought that the two peoples intermingled.
The Real Life Legend of Slender Man
SlenderMan Legend There are legends and myths that have been around for centuries and have seared themselves into our minds and culture. Then there are those that have been brought to life reminding us of nightmares that should have been buried and forgotten. One such legend is known through internet popularity as Slender man. The creature known as Slender man is said to have the appearance of a tall, lanky man in a black suit. Not so scary, right? Just wait.
Japanese Scary legends - Japanese Urban Legends
Japanese-Urban-LegendsVarious types of folklore can be found all over the world. Japan in particular has some very interesting, as well as creepy urban legends. The majority of them are based on onryo, or vengeful spirits that have had something unfortunate or tragic happen to them when they were alive and who let their anger out on innocent victims- often by frightening and/or killing them.

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- Possessed by the Dead - Curious Case of Maria Talarico  
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Have you ever wondered about some (or may be many) weird unexplained mysteries in the Universe that were suddenly brought to our attention when we are totally unprepared to face such larger than life things? These unexplained mysteries and paranormal phenomenas that caused ripples in the society by their weirdness have disappeared all of a sudden at the same pace they struck us.

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Top Rated Videos

Actual Video Of Flight MH-17 Getting Hit By The Missile
Video-Of-Flight-MH17-Getting-Hit-By-Missile As the details emerge about the crash of MH17, Ukraine has released a video, claiming it proves that rebels shot down the flight
Man 'knocked and dragged on floor' by Ghost
Dragged-By-Ghost-Video Spine-chilling video shows the man is 'knocked and dragged on floor' by Ghost
Is this a ghost at theatre? Spooky CCTV footage
Moving-Chair-Ghost-Video This spooky video of ghostly goings on was recorded inside a closed theatre after a psychic medium's show
Top 20 Most Significant UFO Video Footage
Top-20-UFO-Videos Top 20 Most Significant UFO Video Footage of all time
Woman 'gives birth to a lizard' in Indonesia. Yes, really (VIDEO)
Women-Give-Birth-To-Lizard Instead of a baby the bewildered midwife discovered that the expectant mother had given birth to a live gecko
Homeland Security camera records two UFOs in Puerto Rico
UFOs-in-Puerto-Rico A video that was allegedly obtained from sources inside a Puerto Rican federal agency shows two UFOs over western Puerto Rico.
Conspiracy - Inside the Secret Government Warehouses
Inside-Secret-Government-Warehouses Alien body parts…powerful religious artefacts…UFO wreckage…what exactly is hidden behind heavily guarded doors?
UFO Crash Lands in China - Latest UFO Video
ufo-crash-china-video3 Ship-like UFO's were witnessed crash landing in Heilongjiang province in China on the early Friday morning of May 16, 2014
New Bigfoot Footage: Washington Looks Legit (VIDEO)
Bigfoot-Sighting-Video-2014Here's a new footage, and this one is supposedly from Washington State. The video shows a person frantically chasing down a shadowy figure
Time Traveler Saves Life of Pizza Delivery Guy
Time-Traveler-VideoThis is an amazing video showing teleportation by an unknown being (seemingly female figured) with a hood-like jacket “saving” a man on a motor bike from complete destruction.
Blue UFO spotted over Holland - Latest UFO
Blue-Ufo-Video-NetherlandA blue-coloured UFO has been filmed in the sky over the Netherlands.
'Ghost' runs through crowd at football game
Stadium-Ghost-VideoA video showing a strange shadow running through crowds of spectators at a stadium has gone viral.
Hikers capture footage of 'Bigfoot' in Canada
BigFoot-Video-CanadaA new video has emerged that shows what appears to be a humanoid creature in a remote region. The footage is taken at some distance and shows what looks like an ape-like figure
Illuminati & The Music Industry 2013 -PART 1 and 2
Illuminati-The-Music-IndustryMost of these rappers and singers become part of the problem instead of the solution, some because of fear of the implications of going against these devils
Illuminati Sellouts Exposed
Illuminati-Sellouts-ExposedIlluminati Sellouts Exposed - These guys are selling out and trying to bring you along with them. The Illuminati is a name given to several groups
Top Unexplained Mysteries and Ghost Videos of 2013
Top Unexplained Mysteries of 2013A look at the most popular and viral unexplained mysteries of year 2013. Collection of most viral and popular ghost vidoes of 2013.
New Twist In Decades Old Alien Autopsy
Russian-Alien-AutopsyA story is circulating around the Internet that suggests Russia has known about alien civilizations for many decades.
'World's scariest advert' unveiled in Japan
World-scariest-advertCollection of Best UFO Sightings from Novermber 2013. It was another busy month for UFO sightings around the world.
The Roestenberg UFO Encounter (VIDEO)
The-Roestenberg-StoryThe object had a dome on top, through which she could see two occupants. She described them as "beautiful," with long golden hair
Best UFO Sightings Of November 2013
Shocking-UFO-VideoCollection of Best UFO Sightings from Novermber 2013. It was another busy month for UFO sightings around the world.
Family Capture Shocking UFO Sighting!
Shocking-UFO-VideoThe man believes this flying saucer shaped UFO is actually some type of secret military craft
Iceland UFO Glows Bright
Iceland-UFO-VideoA man shooting time lapse video of a town in Iceland captured an eerie, glowing light that flew into town. Bizarre footage of a UFO
Telekinetic girl prank video goes VIRAL
Telekinetic-Girl-VideoA video showing a girl throwing a man against a wall with her mental powers has been circulating the web.
13 Real Asian Horror Stories - Scary Videos for Halloween
13-Real-Asian-Horror-StoriesAsian Horror Stories Ghost Videos is a collection of all kinds of real ghost stories of real ghosts and true hauntings cases in and around Asia.
Diamond-Shaped UFO Captured On Nebraska Live TV Towercam
diamond-shaped-ufoA diamond-shaped hovering UFO appeared over Lincoln, Neb., on Sept. 4 and was videotaped by the towercam of ABC's KLKN television affiliate.
Hovering, Twisting, Cigar-Shaped UFO Baffles Brits
Cigar-Shaped-UFO-on-CameraA video of a cigar-shaped Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) hovering over the skies of Denton, Manchester has been captured online.
Shocking UFO caught on surveillance Camera in Naples Florida
Shocking-UFO-Caught-on-Camera-Florida Amazing video footage showing some strange lights hovering over a pool in Naples, Florida on 7th August 2013.
Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteorite explosion
Russia-meteorite-explosion-Video Meteorite explosions in the skies of Russia's Urals region has sparked panic in three major cities
Biggest and Best HORROR Movies of 2013
Latest-UFO-Videos-November-2012 Trailers of the biggest and best horror movies of 2013 - Most Anticipated 2013 Horror Films.
Latest UFO Videos and UFO Sightings November 2012
Latest-UFO-Videos-November-2012 Collection of latest UFO Videos and UFO Sightings from November 2012 including including multiple UFOs above Melbourne in Australia.
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 - Video Trailers
The-Twilight-Saga-Videos After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.
4 UFOs Caught By Mars Curiosity
Nasa-Curiosity-Mars-UFO-Image NASA's Curiosity rover has captured a strange white light dancing across the horizon of Mars and four blobs hovering in the sky
Students film 'Bigfoot' in Idaho woods
New Bigfoot Video The students were on a field trip in Franklin County when they reported seeing a dark figure watching them from a nearby ridge.
UFO filmed over Seoul and Himalayas
UFO-Video-over-Seoul A classic, saucer-shaped UFO was filmed from the window of an airplane flying over Seoul, South Korea.
Princess Diana's ghost filmed
Princess Diana Ghost Video A group of Chinese tourists filmed Princess Diana's ghost
Two UFO sightings over UK UFO 'hotspot'
Two UFO sightings over UK UFO They hover in close formation against the backdrop of a cloudy Kent sky
Mystery underwater object caught
Mystery-Underwater-Object-Video Mysterious unidentified submerged object was filmed off the coast of Sweden
Pig with "human face" born
Pig-With-Human-Face Aliens have been blamed for the freakish appearance
Devil's Backbone - VIDEO
Devils-Backbone-Mystery-Video The story of a supposedly very haunted place
Kansas Bigfoot Video
Kansas Bigfoot Video Filmed in Kansas the video features footage of a bigfoot
Roswell incident debris footage
Roswell incident debris footageLeaked footage from an eye witness. This video is claimed to be from the now infamous Roswell
Mysterious 'structure' discovered on Mars
Structure-discovered-on-Mars Discovered a strange structure on the surface of Mars while browsing Google
Body of dead 'ALIEN' found in Siberia snow
dead 'ALIEN' found in SiberiaBizarre video has emerged of what a group of Russians claim to be the remains of a mangled alien.
Family capture ghost on home video
ghost videoFamily claiming to have captured on video a poltergeist moving a chair across a bedroom.
Technology of the New World Order
New World OrderStan Deyo was part of an exclusive "black project" developing UFOs
Stick-like 'Alien' caught on film
Alien Video Are these Aliens caught on video
Ghostly 'horseman' at Egyptian riots
Ghostly 'horseman' at Egyptian riotsFootage that allegedly shows a horse-like apparition amongst the rioting crowds in Cairo
Jerusalem UFO Video
Jerusalem-UFO-VideoDueling clips of a purported UFO hovering over Dome of the Rock, an Islamic shrine, on Jerusalem's Temple Mount
Unsolved Mysteries of NAZCA Lines Video
The Nazca LinesThe Nazca Lines are a series of ancient geoglyphs located in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru
Alien Encounter Video
Alien Encounter VideoOriginal alien encounter video presented on SyFy's "Fact or Faked: The Paranormal Files".
Bigfoot Sighting - 'Three Clips of Sasquatch'
bigfoot sighting videos'Three Clips of Sasquatch' Myakka City Florida, Palmetto Grove
Little Girl Ghost Video
Little Girl Ghost VideoGhost of Little Girl seen by entire neighbourhood
UFO incursions at nuclear weapon sites
ufo incursion videoUFO incursions at nuclear weapon sites in US and UK.
'Ghost' Spotted In Cumbria Pub
Ghost VideoThe spooky spirit appeared past midnight in the Wolfe Pub
Another UFO sighting in China
China UFO SightingAnother UFO sighting over Zhejiang Province, China caught on video
UFO Caught On Camera
ufo caught ion cameraSimpsonville Man Believes He Caught UFO On Camera

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