“Pombero” Video causes a scare in a town in Paraguay

This Monday a video went viral due to the apparent recording of an incredible appearance of the pombero, captured last Friday in the Itá Enramada area of ​​Asunción. The nightly recording shows a dark character moving strangely inside a building, while a police officer orders him to lie down and shoots at the glass when he tries to flee. In contact with TV, Deputy Commissioner Bernardo Aquino clarified that it is an addict who entered the premises with intentions of robbery.

The video of the “sighting”, of just 30 seconds and which was broadcast on Twitter, shows a police officer yelling at an unidentified subject inside a shipyard in the Itá Enramada neighborhood. The “entity” was captured in the video images, where it is observed with the agility of an animal that stands on two legs and then moves from the site in the middle of the dark.

The uniformed man opened fire on the alleged pombero, but the clip is concluded by the witness who recorded the unusual moment. After the video was broadcast on the internet, there are already many theories from Internet users, many see it as the Luisón, other skeptics see it as a monkey that was free on the streets of Asunción. Although the reality has more to do with the insecurity that hits citizens.

Several users added their comments on the theories of the clip: “For me, it is Luisõ, you see that it shrinks”, “It looks like a carajá”, “They are entities, they come out when they want”, “How cool is it going to be cute and the policeman will speaks”, “Why always when they are paranormal videos they have to be badly recorded or they don’t have to look bad”, among others.

Although the young man who spread the material on Twitter did not provide more details of the event, it is unknown who recorded the video and was the witness of the “paranormal” event in a neighborhood of the country’s capital, but the clip generated fear in those who believe in the existence of these popular horror characters. Finally, it is about the daily terror that addicts carry out, who enter to steal any object they find, as was also seen this weekend in another video of the theft of cables.

Source: Misiones Online