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Bizarre Weird Mysteries of World - Paranormal World Mysteries

Unexplained Mysteries of World - Bizarre World Mysteries

-Strange 'Creature' photographed in garden at night -Teenagers find 'alien eggs' in frozen lake
-150,000-Year-Old Pipes Baffle Scientists in China -Mysterious "Band Of Holes" In Pisco Valley
-"Sleeping Beauty", The Spooky Mummy blinks Eyes -'Giant crab' photographed by Mars rover
- Indian teenage girl marries a stray dog -'Gateway To Hell': Geologists Baffled Fiery Pit
-1,700-year-old Ancient Magician's Curse Tablet -Top 5 Mysterious Skulls: Dare They Be Called, Human?
- Boy claims to recall past life as a woman -200-year-old mummified monk found who is 'still alive'
-The Baldoon Mystery - Unexplained -200-year-old mummified monk found who is 'still alive'
-Mysteries of Liyobaa Cave -Magnificent blue glow of Hong Kong
-Mysterious Deaths to Believe in Conspiracies -Real Sounds from Well to Hell Siberia
- Unexplained Strange 'shadow figure' spotted on moon -Russian Historian Collected Dead Girls & made dolls
-Black Knight Satellite - 13000 Year Old Satellite - Poison Dress - Dressed to Kill Urban Legend
- Mexico's Creepiest Terrifying Island of Dolls - Poison Dress - Dressed to Kill Urban Legend
-"I Hear People Crying When I'm Showering" - Man set to be eaten alive by anaconda
- Sleepy Hollow in Kazakhstan - Man set to be eaten alive by anaconda
- Meet Saya, an Ultra Realistic Japanese Schoolgirl - Government says sea monster video is Real
- Refreshing take on Unexplained ReIncarnation - National Secret Agency
- You only live twice - paranormal - Cults and Conspiracy
- Stigmata - Unexplained Mystery of CIA Sclupture
- Death and Murder Mysteries of Icons - Mysteries of Man-Eating Trees
- Mysteries of Milk Drinking Statues Miracle - Mysteries Unexplained - K.G.B and Illuminati
- Mysteries of Assassination plots - Fidel Castro - Mysteries of Diana Death Conspiracy
- Unexplained Two Headed Baby - Unexplained Case of Skyjacker and FBI
- Unsolved Mysteries of Unit 731 - Unexplained Case of Pol Pot massacre
- World's Smallest Girl - The Mysterious Gurus
- Was Lincoln Already Dying When He Got Shot? - Woman who remembers everything
- CIA and Secrets of Mind Control - The Man With X Ray Eyes
- Mysterious Thai's Hell Garden - Is moonlight the miracle cure?
- Mysterious white knight visits crystal-tear girl - Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory
- Mysteries of 'the Hum' - Conspiracy - Army's Unpaid Lab Rat
- Tree stump image of Virgin Mary - NASA's moon landing conspiracy
- Conspiracy - Did We really land on Moon? - U.S. teenager who cries tears of blood
- Mysteries of The Faces of Belmez - Scientists develop 'brain to brain' commun..
- "48 Hours Mystery": Deadly Prophecy - Goat gives birth to a 'human'; a faun
- Fresh doubts over Hitler's death - Japanese captured Amelia Earhart
- Stargate Project - Remote viewing program - US Boy, 11, declared reincarnated holy man
- Unexplained - Bank robber hypnotized tellers - Eerie outpost unnerves US Marines
- Dead boy has "miraculous powers" - Roopkund The Mysterious Skeleton Lake
- The goat woman: mystery horn on forehead - Man had no food or drink for 70 years
- Conspiracy - The Philadelphia Experiment - 'Blood' runs from image of Christ
- Sicily Crypts: Where The Dead Don't Sleep - Conspiracy - Did the CIA spread LSD
- Druidry as religion in Britain - 12 Truly Bizarre Funeral Customs
- Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone - Top 20 April Fool's Day Hoaxes
- Mysteries : The 30 year old 'adult baby' - Man with hole in head
- Zana - Wild Neanderthal Ape Woman - Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee Death Curse
- Bizarre - World's Hairiest Girl - Mad Gasser of Mattoon
- Sailing Stones of Death Valley - The Cursed Diamond (Hope Diamond)
- Mysteries of Feral Children - The lake that glows in the dark
- Mysteries - Green children of Woolpit - Hidden Secrets of the DOLLAR
- Woman who aged from 23 to 73 in few days - Unsolved Mystery Of Coral Castle
- The Max Headroom Broadcast Signal Intrusion - Karen Silkwood Murder Conspiracy
- Conspiracy Theories - Dark Art Of Subliminal Advertising - A “Second Species” On Earth Controls Money & Religion
- 'Cuban Twitter' Conspiracy - US secretly created ‘ZunZuneo’ - 10 Most Disturbing, Inhumane, Painful Torture Devices
- 10 bizarre phenomena that still have scientists baffled - Laetitia Toureaux Mystery - Murder on Metro
- Mysterious Cases of Gadianton Canyon Time Warp - "Jerome" - Mystery Man of Sandy Cove Nova Scotia
- Giant Footprint Discovered Dated 3 Billion-Year-Old - 10 Most Mysterious Plane Disappearances

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