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Ancient Mysteries & Alternative Theories

- Mysterious Stone Circles built 175000 years ago - Mysteries of The Fuente Magna of Pokotia Bolivia
- The Vatican's time machine - The Chronovisor - Mysteries of The Fuente Magna of Pokotia Bolivia
- Meet Homo Naledi: New species of human - The Mystery of Father George and Relics
- Mystery of Indecipherable Rohonc Codex - The Mystery of Father George and Relics
- Lurking Monster Mummies of Japan Captured - The Mystery of Father George and Relics
- Oak Island Treasure - The Beale Treasure Ciphers - An Old Mystery
- Piri Reis Map - Knights of Templar
- Mysterious Egyptian Lamp - Mysteries of Tutankhamun
- Mysteries of Plato's Atlantis - Sacred Geometry : Flower of Life
- Unexplained Egypt's Weird history - Mysteries of Lost Lands
- Mysteries of Ark of Covenant - Mysteries Unexplained - The Christ
- Unsolved mysteries of Atlantis Island - Unsolved Mysteries of Stonehenge
- 12,000 year old Temple Complex - Mysteries of Giant Bones
- Unexplained Mysteries of Akakor - The Archimedes Codex unpeeled
- Ancient Mysteries of Secret Levitation - 1,000 Ancient Tombs, Remains Found
- Stonehenge geometry skills to rival Pythagoras - Stonehenge 'a long-term cemetery'
- Mysteries Unexplained of Shroud of Turin - Egypt uncovers 'missing' pyramid of a pharaoh
- Who found Machu Picchu? - Astrophysicist solves most complex crop circle!!
- Mysteries of Lost Books of the Bible - Mystery of Mayan Civilization reveals new twists
- Unsolved Mysteries of Lemuria - Shroud of Turin stirs new controversy
- Scholar claims to find medieval Jewish capital - Secrets of the Hollow Earth
- City of dead uncoverd - Mysteries of ISIS - Goddess of fertility
- Unexplained Mysteries - Avatars in Ancient India - History of Mysterious Halloween
- Unsolved Mysteries of Egypt Mummies - Unsolved Mysteries of Herod's Lost Tomb
- Skeleton of 12,000-year-old shaman discovered - 'Buddha's skull' found in Nanjing
- Mystery Pyramid by Newfound Ancient Culture? - Unsolved Mysteries of Eye of Horus
- Unexplained Mysteries of THE KALPA VIGRAHA - Unsolved Mysteries - Australian Aboriginals
- Dead Sea Scrolls Shocker - Hitler and the secret Satanic cult
- Cache of mummies unearthed at Egypt - Unsolved Mysteries of The Dover Demon
- Oak Island Money Pit Mysteries - Decoding script of ancient Harrapan culture
- CT scans reveal mummies' long-lost secrets - 2,000-year-old gladiator's helmet discovered
- Was There Really a Great Flood? - Mysteries of Lost Tomb of Genghis Khan
- Mysteries of The Voynich manuscript - Unexplained India's Jurassic nest dug
- Mysterious original Labyrinth been found? - Unexplained Mysteries of Bog bodies
- Is Doomsday Coming? Perhaps, but Not in 2012 - Mysteries of The curse of the pharaohs
- Lost city of Atlantis discovered? Grainy images - Ancient Cao-Cao Ruler's Tomb Found
- Vatican's secret archives revealed - Relic reveals Noah's ark was circular
- Face of mystery medieval knight - Roman gladiator cemetery found
- Unexplained Mysteries - Pharaoh Akhenaten - Mysteries of The Rosetta Stone
- Valley of the Golden Mummies - Unexplained Mysteries of Barbarians
- Unexplained Mysteries of NIBIRU - Otzi The Iceman - Unexplained Mysteries
- Unexplained - Queen Nefertiti bust may have had a facelift - Unsolved Mysteries of World - Bimini Road
- The Lost Treasure of King Juba - Unsolved Mysteries of Underwater Pyramid
- Unexplained Mysteries - Fountain of Youth - Unsolved Mysteries of Spear of Destiny
- Bones found on island - Amelia Earhart's - Unsolved Mysteries - Shambhala Mountains
- Unexplained - Mona Lisa's Eyes Reveal Code - Underground Army of Terracotta Warriors
- Unsolved Mysteries of The Inca Treasure - Unexplained Mysteries of Vimana
- Mysteries of The Bloody Countess - Mysteries of Greek God Dionysus
- Mysteries of The Book of the Dead - Cracked Mayan Code - Lost Gold Treasure
- 700-year-old mummy found - Mysteries of The Lost Roanoke Colony
- Freemasons Secrets & Conspiracy - Sawney Bean Horror Cannibalism
- Hidden Treasure of Padmanabhaswamy Temple - Mysteries of Antikythera Mechanism
- 800-year-old remains of witch discovered - Ka’aba - Mysterious Black Stone
- Mysteries - Disappearence of Amber Room - Dancing Plague of 1518
- Mysteries of The Coso Artifact - Fabergé egg - The Lost Art
- Lovelock giant skull - The Si-Te-Cah - San Pedro Mountains Mummy
- The Beale Treasure Ciphers - An Old Mystery - Serial Killer Thug Behram and The Canova Medallion
- Whipping Tom: The Weird, Serial Spanker Of London - Nazi Temple of Doom - 'Nazi Holy Grail'
- Mysteries of Vanished Battalion of Sandringhams - The Tarim Mummies - The Deads Tell a Tale
- 10,000-year-old rock paintings of aliens and UFOs found - Secret Doors of Great Pyramid awaits discovery of Treasure
- The Nameless Thing of Berkeley Square - Unexplained Mysteries - The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 - Mysteries of Witches
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