Unexplained Mysteries

Complete Directory of all the paranormal, unexplained mysteries websites existing. They have been categorised based on subjects. If you see a subject or site missing, please feel free to email me. Click on subject hyperlink to view all the websites related to the mysteries unexplained.


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9/11 (9) Abductions (13) Alien Autopsy (4)
Ancient UFOs (9) Angels (4) Animal Mutilations (4)
Area 51 (9) Atlantis (6) Bermuda Triangle (4)
BigFoot (11) Bilderberg Group (4) Black Budget (1)
Bohemian Grove (1) Buy Moon Land (3) Chupacabra (1)
Conspiracy Theories (6) Mysteries of Corona (2) Dead Sea Scrolls (3)
Demonic UFOs (1) Dowsing (7) Dragon's Triangle (1)
EVP (4) Extra Sensory Perceptions (6) Unexplained Mysteries
Fairies (2) FreeMasonry (10) Ghost Hunting (14)
Healing (8) Heaven's Gate (5) Hoaxes (5)
Hollow Earth (7) Illuminati (6) Implants (1)
Kasper Hauser (3) KecksBurg (3) Kirlian Photography (3)
Lake Norman (1) Levitation (5) Lyonesse (3)
Man Made UFOs (3) Mars Face (2) Mind Control (3)
Mothman (3) Moving Rocks (1) NASA and UFOs (6)
Nazca (5) Nessie and Loch Ness (10) New World Order (13)
Nikolo Tesla (3) Noah's Ark (4) Nostradamus (4)
Planet X (6) Pleiadians (4) Poltergeists (7)
Princess Diana Death Mysteries (3) Project Blue Book (5) Prophecies (4)
Psychokinesis (11) Telekinesis Unexplained Mysteries of Pyramids of Egypt (4)
Rendlesham Forest (7) Sightings (9) Spiritism
Stigmata (4) Stonehenge (7) Tarot (8)
Telepathy (6) The Montauk Project (6) The Order of Skull (4)
Time Machines (13) Time Travelers (4) Tunguska (5)
UFO Crashes (7) UFO Cults (5) Underground Bases (5)
Venus Witches Yeti
Zeta Reticuli Unsolved Mysteries  

Have you ever wondered about some (or may be many) weird things in the Universe that were suddenly brought to our attention when we are totally unprepared to face such larger than life things? These unexplained mysteries that caused ripples in the society by their weirdness have disappeared all of a sudden at the same pace they struck us.

In the past years and months I have been collecting data and photographs and videos of the above mentioned Unexplained Mysteries. My Primary and Perennial source of information is the World Wide Web for Unsolved Mysteris of World. But trust me this quest for seeking knowledge of Paranormal has been really mind-blowing and at the time is a god damn experience because of several images, videos and documents which sends chill down spine and also make you laugh.