Man Finds Strange Barefoot Footprints in Remote Kentucky Forest

Aaron Thiel stumbled upon strange footprints in a remote woodland area near Lexington, Kentucky, sparking intrigue and debate over their origin. The deep impressions, found along a muddy track, appeared to be left by a barefoot creature, showing all five toes clearly.

“The trail was about 2 miles in and out,” Thiel shared on Facebook. “I didn’t see any people.”

He continued, “As I was coming out of the woods, I noticed a weird footprint with toes. I took a picture, kept walking, and then saw more fully formed humanoid footprints. My boot is there for comparison.”

Image Credit: Aaron Thiel / Facebook

“Size 12. It was muddy and definitely not a path to walk barefoot on.”

Thiel noted the freshness of the prints, saying, “And they were fresh with no water in them…it doesn’t make sense to me… I’m 300lbs, size 12 boot, I barely left an imprint in the ground compared to the other print.”

After posting photos of the prints online, some users suggested they could be evidence of a juvenile Sasquatch, while others accused him of staging a hoax.

You can check out some additional photos here – who or what do you think left the footprints?