Voice whispers ‘death is irreversible’ in Queen’s funeral

A short clip from ITV News’ coverage of the Queen’s funeral has gone viral, causing a Twitter storm.

With more than one million views in less than 24 hours, the 21-second video seems pretty straightforward when watched without sound, as it shows drone footage of the Queen’s procession as it travelled to Windsor.

But, turning the sound on tells a different story.

There’s a few seconds of silence, before a hushed, seemingly female, voice talks over the live footage, saying: “The death is irreversible and the fact that she’s trapped…”

A commentator then talks over the strange voice, saying, “as you can see –” before being cut off again for a few moments.

Eerie silence settles over the clip before the broadcaster starts up again as though nothing has happened: “As you can see here in London, it’s a lovely day as the hearse heads out into west London…”

Many took to social media to express their surprise and to discuss what might have happened.

Theories ranged from a technical glitch to supernatural intervention, but the most likely explanation was that it was the voice of grief expert Julia Samuel who had been speaking on the channel a few minutes earlier; perhaps she had simply forgotten to take off her microphone.

Whatever the case, the nature and timing of the error was certainly strange.

Source: Huffington Post