China’s Loch Ness Monster Video, Mysterious ’10ft creature’

FOOTAGE of a mysterious ten-foot creature has stunned Chinese media and left locals baffled, as villagers claim it could a legendary lake monster.

A mysterious ’10ft creature’ has stunned Chinese officials and left villagers on alert, amid speculation of China’s own Loch Ness monster. Terrifying footage of the bizarre creature swimming in a Chinese lake went viral across the country’s social media. Villagers raised suspicions that the creature could be a legendary lake monster.

The news comes after thousands of villagers in south-western China have flocked to search for what they thought was a ‘mysterious creature’ after hearing loud noises that apparently sounded like a dragon’s growling. Trending footage emerged recently shows curious locals swarming to the top of the mountain in Xiushui of Guizhou province while the supposedly mystical beast can be heard making the booming noises.

The creature was filmed in a lake in central China after villagers spotted what they suspected to be a mysterious beast swimming around a reservoir.

Residents swarmed to the area and captured what appeared to be a 10ft long creature lurking in the water in Luoyang, Henan province. Footage taken at the scene shows the mystical creature moving up and down in the water at a fast speed. One of the onlookers can be heard yelling “holy s***” in disbelief at the sight.

Local news headlines from Dahe News read: “Is this the legendary lake monster?” Witnesses told Chinese media that the creature was at least three metres (10ft) long.

However, sceptics dismissed claims of a Loch Ness-like monster swimming in China’s lakes.

Some claimed it was simply a crocodile or water snake.

Source: Mail Online 

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