New Revelation in Princess Diana Death Mystery

The British Royal family have their share of dark secrets, scandals and controversies. Most of which have, over time, been either proven to be true, are too near the truth, or have at least been laden with an overwhelming body of incriminating evidence. Far from being relegated as conspiracy theories, the truth, if allowed to be presented in a dispassionate courtroom, could easily have established serious and disconcerting facts about the House of Windsor. Had they not been swept under the royal carpets by the JIS (Joint Intelligence Committee) the MI5 (Military Intelligence 5) and the MI6 (Military Intelligence 6) for the convenience and continuance of the British monarchy. However, the debate that refuses to die down are the circumstances surrounding the death of Princess Diana. Now, a new set of revelations by this ex- MI5 official has the world astounded, and hitherto inexplicable pieces of the jigsaw of circumstances that lead to Lady Diana Spencer’s death appear to make sense.

The story begins with US CIA Director John McCone’s insidious collaboration with his then British counterpart, Bernard Burrows, Chairman of the JIC, in what can only be described as the most bizarre and incredulous human experiment secretly conducted by royal family members of Great Britain in the early 1960s, is the subject of this last death-bed revelation by an erstwhile retired and dying MI5 agent, John Hopkins, who had only a few weeks to live due to an incurable cancer.

Apart from 23 other assassinations he has been directly involved in, John Hopkins admitted to having assassinated Princess Diana on the direct orders of Prince Philip. The reason that necessitated her killing as stated by Hopkins was that she knew too many royal secrets. “She had a huge grudge and she was going to go public with all sorts of wild claims. The truth was that apart from many other secrets, she also knew of an elite paedophile network which could indict some prominent male members of the British government and the royal family. She was thus regarded as a threat to national security, a hazard to crown and country. I was asked to “do her in” but to make it look like an accident.”

It appears that John Hopkins made his revelations recently to three different parties on three separate occasions. The first disclosure, that he was the designated assassin of Princess Diana Spencer, Dodi Al Fayed and their driver Henri Paul recently hit the public domain through the first party he spoke to, one Baxter Dmitry, aka David Hardy. When it concerns the royals, the predictable response of the defensive British press is to ridicule David Hardy as a prankster, a creator of conspiracy stories and finally dismiss the entire revelation as fantasy fiction. That was exactly what happened. The story was buried in a couple of weeks with the usual “we’ve been through this before..”

John Hopkins should have spoken to us first. When our article goes public, I think it would be his second disclosure to do so, Hopkin’s focus here being on why Diana had to be taken out in the manner it was done. He consulted notes and diaries as he spoke. Hopkins admits that it was easier for the MI5 to “introduce a disease”, cause a heart-attack or to slow-poison her in a discreet manner. But Prince Philip insisted that it should be an accident. “Anything else might not work, as she has ingested the ST Circus Mustang – 0183 Water.” In other words, this expose’ also appears to have a direct bearing on the manner of assassination chosen for Princess Diana, executed 33 years after an unusual royal event described here by Hopkins.

Puzzled at what “ST Circus Mustang -0183 Water” was, Hopkins, who was given a time schedule to carry out the assassination, checked all accessible records, but could not come up with anything in the MI5 files. In a few weeks however, an associate MI6 agent, whose real name Hopkins would not disclose to us (called him “Agent-T” for our convenience), and who had been linked to “ST Circus Mustang -0183 Water” as early as the year 1964 revealed to Hopkins what Prince Philip was referring to.

The Collaborators: As stated, the story begins with the origins and early evolution of Britain’s relationship with the United States, especially between the two supreme intelligence organizations of both countries, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in the United States and the Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC) in the United Kingdom. The scenario was typically post-war: Britain was losing its colonies and the communists were becoming the biggest threat to western democracies. In 1953, Dr. Alan Crick was deputed to the US, attached to the Deputy Director of Intelligence of the CIA, a move that would earn Britain a closer understanding of CIA working. In May 1954, a year after the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, JIC Chairman Patrick Dean visited the US and Canada. The “really big item,” as Dean put it, was meeting Allen Dulles, Head of CIA, and securing closer cooperation with US intelligence. Dulles too reiterated his desire to strengthen relations and, as an incentive, Dean suggested that the Americans participate in the deliberations of the JIC Far East theatre. By late 1954 the JIC secured a substantial line of access into the CIA and the American operational procedures. On leaving Washington in late 1956, Dr. Alan Crick provided a valedictory note for the JIC, which revealed that a lot had been achieved to reduce the gaps in Intelligence thinking even if it has not led very appreciably to the reduction of major differences in policy. The imbalance of shared information continued for a while, for Crick was never allowed the same kind of access to US data as the American members were granted in London. Crick understood this as “the sensitiveness of the Americans about revealing to other nationals, even to their most trusted collaborators, anything they consider likely to look foolish when received, or any product they consider slipshod or unworthy.” The JIC, seeming to recognize its lesser standing, never once complained formally. A final word can be left to an unidentified British speaker in an undated speech delivered to the US Intelligence Advisory Committee, the closest thing in US intelligence to the JIC at that time: The speech acknowledged the balance in the developing Anglo-American intelligence partnership. The United States had the money, the resources, and the technology; Britain had the people, the organization and, perhaps above all else, the global real estate for intelligence access. It would be a beautiful marriage.

The Administers: Then came the era of John McCone, who was appointed Director of Central Intelligence in November 1961 by the Kennedy administration, replacing Allen Dulles. While McCone was DCI, the CIA was involved in many covert plots overseas- In the Dominican Republic, in Laos, in Ecuador and in British Guiana. “Mongoose”, was a secret campaign against Castro. McCone was also involved in the 1964 Brazilian coup d’├ętat. McCone represented the CIA’s opposition to U.S. support of a coup in South Vietnam as well as the support provided for operation “ST Mustang” in Tibet, against Chinese occupation.

It was Monday, August 31st, 1964, less than a week before the annual Braemar Gathering in Scotland, when Agent-T (a 27 year old recruit with MI6 at that time) was summoned from London to accompany “a shipment, by special request of Her Highness” that had arrived a couple of days before from the US, with the label “ST Circus Mustang 0183 Water” from none other than John McCone himself, delivered by the CIA to the British MI6. “This was so many years ago. I was only a courier-boy, but I remember some of the events of that day. Especially because I was told to turn out well for the event. And I wore my only suit,” Agent-T recollected as he spoke to Hopkins, who recorded it in his diary.

Agent-T was required to assist Bernard Burrows “administer” the water contained in several thermal flasks in the shipment to some members of the royal family residing at Balmoral Castle. But even as he reached Scotland with the parcel, he received a message that there was a change in the program. Her Majesty wanted the shipment to be delivered at Birkhall, another royal residence about 12 kms away from the castle. Agent-T would later learn that this was on the insistence of Prince Philip, who, for the purpose at hand, preferred the quiet and privacy of Birkhall to the more intrusive Balmoral castle where the press had gathered. Agent-T met up with Bernard Burrows, already awaiting at Birkhall along with Her Majesty the Queen and a motley crowd of invited guests, English royalty and liveried servants.

Apart from Her Majesty the Queen and her husband Prince Philip, he recalls seeing the Queen Mother, young Prince Charles (heir to the throne) Princess Alice (Duchess of Gloucester) Baron Dominick Browne (4th Baron Oranmore and Browne), Judith Hare (Countess of Listowel -Hungarian-born author, who married the 5th Earl of Listowel), Diana Keppel (Countess of Albemarle), Geoffrey Alexander Rowley-Conwy (9th Baron Langford) and Francis Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (later 8th Baron Thurlow). Sir John Weir, physician to Her Majesty, the Queen, was in attendance. He appeared to already know the contents of the shipment. “Don’t you spill a drop. It cost us the earth to procure it!” the homeopath had warned Agent -T. There were others of importance there that Agent -T mentioned, whose names the dying John Hopkins hadn’t noted and couldn’t recall.

The Bizarre Toast: While an elaborate Scottish high tea remained untouched on the table, the members present gathered around, murmuring in mild confusion. Prince Philip appeared to be the master of ceremonies, taking control of much of what was being orchestrated that late afternoon. A number of dignitaries looked surprised and incredulous as the contents of the parcel which had been hurriedly opened by Hopkins and a Birkhall staff was brought to the table as instructed by Burrows. Clear water, resembling champagne, was poured into a number of immaculate crystal glasses. The glasses were assigned to only chosen members of the royal entourage and a few chosen guests. Others simply looked on. It was almost like some kind of bizarre private family ritual to which Burrows and he were the designated bar-men; carefully pouring out what appeared to be plain water into fine wine glasses. Prince Philip proposed a rare toast “Long live the Queen! Long live our genes! Long live the House of Windsor!”. Following which the entire glass of water was consumed by the privileged few who had gathered around Prince Philip. There was considerable laughter. Sir John Weir and Bernard Burrows later tried to impress upon Prince Philip that the quantity of water would not be adequate for everyone for three days as more than the expected number of people had participated in the toast. The Prince laughed. “Really, should one be so exact about it? This delivery cost me a fortune. It is a special water with some miraculous properties, not a medication. There are some present here I simply cannot leave out now, can I? Why, I’m feeling better than ever already.”

The atmosphere that day was casual, Agent-T remembered. The mood was that of a lazy holiday. The trappings of royalty were absent. Everyone appeared relaxed with summer cheer. Someone’s Basset hound pup was running around trailing a leash. He remembered Princess Alice remarking – “Water, water! Why, I nearly drowned in it, once. Now it promises me rejuvenation and a long life! Call it quirky! Quirky!” Agent-T remembers Judith Hare laughing and mocking the whole thing. “This should be an apt headline for my “Academy of Nonsense”. If the Soviets are convinced that one could live to be 150 years old by simply taking soda baths, then this tops it!”

Agent-T remembered young school-boy Prince Charles’ cynical remark, “Isn’t one of the first objectives of The Braemar Gathering, that of improving the conditions of life for the persons for whom the facilities are primarily intended? Well, we’ve just done that!” He had just arrived that afternoon from Gordonstoun, his school near Elgin in Eastern Scotland.
However, Agent-T did not understand why Sir John Weir, the homeopath and Bernard Burrows had tried to impress upon Prince Philip that the quantity of water would run short.

What was ST Circus Mustang 0183 Water? Agent John Hopkins believes that the CIA had developed a kind of elixir from ancient Sanskrit manuscripts using pure water that had undergone treatment at its molecular level utilizing nanotechnology made available to them by a Tibetan Buddhist monk. It instantly cleansed the immune system and permeated every cell and organ of the human body. It penetrated brain-cells, suffused every essential fluid and secretion in the human body and acted like a vaccine to be able to protect one from most known diseases and even minor injuries. “If CIA sources are to be believed I’d say at least two American presidents since 1965 have ingested this potion”, Hopkins stated.

Now let us go back to Lady Diana Spencer who was to marry Prince Charles 17 years after this bizarre toast of 1964 at Birkhall. Gaining access to some MI6 records, John Hopkins later discovered that the only other time another quantity (this time much smaller) of ST Circus Mustang -0183 Water was dispatched from the US was in 1981, arriving at the MI6 office on Wednesday, 1st of July and delivered at Clarence House (home to Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother) that same afternoon. He also learnt that this was intended for Lady Diana Spencer who was then “housed” there for seven days to participate in a ritual called “The Awakening of the Bride”, which was much more than a test of virginity as was thought at that time. She was to marry Charles on the 29th of the same month. Later Diana would confide to a friend, Christine Fitzgerald, that at Clarence house she thought she was being given antidepressants and drugs, but she was certainly given a glass of water poured out of a special canister (placed there by MI6). For three days she was required to consume a glass each of ST CircusMustang -0183 Water – perhaps the only member of the royal family to do so for three days in a row, as we do not know by how much the quantity that Agent-T brought, fell short 17 years ago in the summer of 1964 at Birkhall.

“Nobody,” says Christine, “nobody in the royal family thought that one day Diana would turn against them. They assumed she was timid and controllable. Even when she was told that her role was merely to serve as the royal broodmare for the continuance of the Windsors, even when she came to know that Camilla Parker was in reality Charles true consort, her initial reaction was of shock, tears and shy resignation rather than of anger or protest. Her initial reaction was to harm or punish herself.”

Later, and if the attributes of this elixir is true, then Diana was already showing symptoms of its effectiveness. Having safely delivered an heir for the crown despite many suicide attempts to kill the foetus, Diana knew her role as a broodmare was over, and began fearing for her life. Later, when she began to become a thorn on the side of Prince Charles and the royal family, there appears to have been attempts to poison her. She would fall ill, faint and suffer inexplicably but to the discomfiture of the royalty, bounce back as dramatically, despite not taking any antidote or medication. She couldn’t trust the Buckingham doctors and quietly threw away most of the pills prescribed for her.

After the third heir in line, Prince Harry, was born Diana started to become very assertive. She had time to think, along with a coterie of a few close companions, to discuss her situation and take advice from. But now her life, public and private was under intense scrutiny. Hopkins estimates that at least eight dedicated operatives, consisting of five MI5 and three MI6 agents were detailed one and only one duty for many years – It was code-named: Dutch Watch (Diana’s childhood nickname was “Dutch”). The Americans also had at least five CIA operatives travelling the world tailing her, photographing, phone tapping and watching the by-now famous and popular public figure that Diana was becoming. (After years of denial, the Americans have since admitted to having 1200 pages of transcripts of phone-tap conversations of Diana).

Diana’s fears were confirmed when Barry Mannakee, her bodyguard was reassigned to other duties for becoming her close confidante and within six months killed in what was made to look like a motorcycle accident, on the night of May 15, 1987, some months after he was removed from the position. Mannakee was returning home to Loughton in Essex on the back of a Suzuki 400cc motorcycle being driven by friend and fellow officer PC Steven Peat. This was 8 months after he was “reassigned.”

Another friend, even perhaps a lover, Capt. James Hewitt was warned by a senior member of the royal family that it was not in the interest of his health to continue his relationship with Diana. “Thankfully, he backed out before one of us was required to do him in,” Hopkins noted. “He’s lucky to still be alive.”

Diana predicted that her mental health and sanity would be doubted, especially after Prince Charles affair with Camilla Parker Bowles came out into the open within 5 years after her marriage to Charles. She realized that her suicide attempts were mostly something she tried when in a state of disorientation caused by slow poisoning. It led to eating disorders which were most dismissed as her “incurable bulimia.”

“You see, it’s not like they didn’t try,” Hopkins emphasized. “They just couldn’t succeed in killing her earlier. That’s why I got the call. By then there were urgent and multiple reasons for eliminating her. Believe me, her global anti-personal mine campaign was the least of the reasons. She was killed primarily because she was having her lover Dodi’s Al-Fayed’s baby. That summer, matters had got hotter than Buckingham could endure. The couple were engaged. Dodi had identified at least two properties for purchase if he got to marry the princess, after surveying possibilities at Lopez Island, Beverly Hills, Como and a few other available estates. He was already buying up or negotiating the purchase of expensive and rare jewelry for the princess, which included diamonds from Golkonda held by relatives of the Nizam in a vault at Perth, Australia, as well as the seven-stranded antique bronze Mohenjo Daro necklace undeclared by Sir. Mortimer Wheeler in the Nambiar private collection at Bangalore, which Diana had shown much interest in.

“British royalty could not accept an Egyptian Muslim’s child in the womb of their future queen-mother. A doctor in Paris confirmed that she had a 6-10 weeks old foetus in her womb. After I was done with her, a hurried embalming would be done to make the shameful foetus disappear and cover up the pregnancy with the tactic cooperation of the French intelligence, but against all French laws! You see, Prince Charles could divorce Diana, but never re-marry Camilla as long as Diana was alive. Even divorced, she was still future Queen-mother. On top of all that there was some talk that she was going to campaign on behalf of the Palestinians. Something the British or Israeli government didn’t want to deal with, were that to happen.”

In a note written by Diana, Princess of Wales to her butler Paul Burrell before her death, she wrote: “I am sitting here at my desk today in October, longing for someone to hug me and encourage me to keep strong and hold my head high. This particular phase in my life is the most dangerous – my husband is planning ‘an accident’ in my car, brake failure and serious head injury in order to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy. Camilla is nothing but a decoy, so we are all being used by the man in every sense of the word.”

According to Hopkins, she must have known or been told of the efficacy of ST Circus Mustang -0183, or at least threatened by Charles or Philip that other means that would be adopted to eliminate her, seeing she survived many attempts on her life.

Hopkins admits that he was not surprised on hearing later that Diana had a clear idea as to what kind of an attempt would be made to take her life. “The CIA was unsure about the physiognomies of death of a subject who had consumed the ST Circus Mustang -0183 water, as the Sanskrit texts they consulted regarding various frequencies and doses of consumption of this water implied several confusing possibilities such as delayed clinical death, absence of ischemic injury, something called Ichcha Mrityu, etc. (After the crash, the ambulance carrying her deliberately ignored and passed at least four hospitals along the route and took 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive just 3 miles to Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris where she was finally “done in”).

Hopkins revealed, “As far as I know, the CIA did a “dry-run” on another ST Circus Mustang 0183 recipient in the US, sometime in the middle of April that same year, four and a half months before Diana’s assassination, at some place called Scottsdale, Arizona, in the United States to study the results of a car-crash on a “rejuvenated” body. They utilized a General Motors car with a commonly reported defect to avoid suspicion. Their findings were not conclusive and the 67-year-old woman whom the vehicle ran over had to die in vain. However, I’m told the family received a substantial compensation from GM.”

Hopkins further reveals that “the paparazzi photographer at the center of the investigations, James Andanson, driver of the white Fiat Uno that flashed the blinding light at Dodi’s driver in order to cause the crash, was my colleague. Andanson clipped Diana’s Mercedes seconds before the crash, as part of a complicated (actually improvised) assassination plot. He was some years later ready to reveal all that I am revealing to you today. But they shot him. Twice in the head, burnt his body in a car and had the press dub it a suicide! Preposterous! How do you shoot yourself twice in the head?”

We had to make sure that during the crash all the cameras in the tunnel and its vicinity were either turned off or malfunctioning. To make sure that no clear footage of the crash was available. We switched off 13 or 14 cameras with French participation.

Henri Paul, the driver, was on MI5 payroll. His bank accounts in themselves are a testimony. While at the hotel, he received his last orders – a time-frame, a direction and a speed. Obviously, he did not comprehend what was about to happen to him in the bargain.

“You see, finally it all worked out. Except for the disconcerting fact that Diana was not dead, despite our jamming her seatbelt and tampering with the brakes of the Mercedes. The French operatives were instructed to wash down the tunnel before dawn. It was deliberately not treated as a crime scene. We got rid of any possible forensic evidence from the crash-sight. Even automobile experts from Mercedes were not allowed to examine the crashed vehicle. It lies sealed in a container somewhere in Paris.”

According to John Hopkins, “going by MI-5 / MI-6 standards, Operation Dutch Watch was seriously botched up. Our Intelligence agencies are trained to carry out tasks with absolute precision. Individual and team operatives prepare for all the possible outcomes and fallouts. All operatives have multiple choices on how to cover their trail. Carefully planned misinformation, distortion and deliberately created confusion in the course of the operation is a common method to divert the attention of the public and especially investigative agencies. Large sums of money change hands, blackmail and life-threats are dispensed with impunity so that even if evidence is starkly staring in your face, the operatives are trained on how to render this evidence useless for the investigating police, making it difficult for any court of law to conclude a case beyond doubt. Finally, loose ends are tied up and leaks “plugged” even if it requires elimination of a few more individuals to cover up the cover up”.

The royal family had little to fear once it was all over and the inquest began. Royal immunity didn’t allow any member of the family to be called for the inquest. The Royal Court of Justice could not summon a member of the royal family. Even the BBC had only their Royal reporters covering the case and not their legal ones. The monarchy can rely on the British press to keep silent, dismiss as fake news and distort information to protect members of the royal family from any embarrassing story about the monarchy. Even personal details, especially the wealth of royal family members is unquestionable and not available for public scrutiny.

“You see, if it impresses the royalty that you have indeed served the family well there is every chance of earning a Knighthood and other such rewards. There are many royal gifts in exchange for obedience that Buckingham palace dangles like a carrot to effectively silence disparate and damaging voices and opinions.”
“What would the consequences of all that you have revealed be when we publish it? Are you not afraid or concerned?”
“Oh yes, I do know the consequences. Not that I care. I’m on my way out anyways. But the truth had to be told.”

As a footnote to John Hopkin’s revelations, it is interesting to note the ages of the following members of the royal family who according to Agent T were among those that consumed the ST Circus Mustang 0183 water in Birkhall in 1964. If we only had all the names which neither Agent T knew or John Hopkins could recall. As well as the names of the two suspect US presidents!
Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth – 91 years (Living), Her husband Prince Philip – 96 years (Living), Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, – Died: 30th March 2002 (4 month short of her 102nd birthday), Prince Charles (heir to the throne, living) – 69 years, Princess Alice (Duchess of Gloucester) – Died: 29 October 2004 (2 months short of her 103rd birthday), Baron Dominick Browne (4th Baron Oranmore and Browne) Died: 7 August 2002 (3 months short of his 102nd birthday), Judith Hare (Countess of Listowel)Died: 15 July 2003 – 100 years, Diana Keppel (Countess of Albemarle), Died: 6 May 2013 (3 months short of 104th birthday), Geoffrey Alexander Rowley-Conwy (9th Baron Langford) Died: 12th November, 2017 – 105 years, Francis Hovell-Thurlow-Cumming-Bruce (later 8th Baron Thurlow) Died: 24 March 2013, – 101 years.

Prince Philip’s bizarre toast on that fateful summer day in 1964, at Birkhall does not appear to have been wasted on members of the royal family. The elixir might have been working for Diana Spencer too, because of which the innocent princess had to be violently murdered.

Lady Diana Spencer’s life and death had all the elements of a pot-boiler, a thriller novel:- An innocent childhood, working as a kindergarten school teacher, suddenly catapulted to the most glamorous role of a future queen. The true story is replete with palace intrigues, secret lovers, and a target for assassins, as the rich and powerful see her as a threat. Her fall from grace, loved by common man world-over as the princess of human hearts, a car chase through Paris roads and finally culminating in an enduring legend and a conspiracy theory that just refuses to go away. Even an inquest held at the highest level was flawed by many unanswered questions as well as glaring loopholes indicating that a blatant attempt was being made even today to cover up the entire episode that could indict many members of the royal household of the Windsors.


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