Video of ‘ghost’ throwing dog toys around

The staff of a pet shop in Coventry, England, are so fearful of the resident spook that they daren’t work alone.¬†According to owner Rebecca Harrington, Purdy’s Pet Shop is haunted by at least one ghost that has made its presence known by way of causing things to fly around and fall from shelves.

Some customers have reported experiencing an unexplained ‘tugging’ on their clothes and some animals have been known to freak out upon entering. Footage recorded via CCTV even shows objects falling from shelves for no apparent reason.

“We were in the shop but we were nowhere near the shelf,” said Harrington. “When the toy fell, we were just stood there looking at each other. It was a stable shelf.”

“We’ve got a bit of a history. Weird things started happening about two months after we opened.

“Things started moving and falling. We’d be stood with the customers and they’d say they felt like they were being tugged or they’d spin around and there’d be nobody there or they would swear that they’d seen a shadow so we started checking the CCTV.

“We walked in one day and there was a toy on the floor which we thought was strange because it looked like it had been placed there.

“We checked the CCTV and saw that it had just flown off the shelf and then spun on the floor for about three minutes.

Source: Wales Online

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