Viral video of plasma entity – UFO evidence

The controversial video was posted to Facebook yesterday and in a very short period, it was viewed and shared thousands of times. According to the uploader, the video was shot this month in Arizona and the comment section proves one thing: people are alarmed about what implications the presence of this plasma entity might have.

The video shows an undisclosed neighborhood in Arizona on an overcast day when suddenly, a streak of electric blue light is seen ascending through the clouds. The ethereal jet appears to be left behind by a capsule-looking object that bursts through the humid atmosphere. Before disappearing from view, the object makes contact with another entity and this could be interpreted as a docking process between two distinct UFOs. But upon closer inspection, things become even more shocking.

When the video is slowed down and zoomed in, the details of the first object become apparent. Its shape is eerily reminiscent of an elongated, extraterrestrial-looking head. The object it comes into contact with bears a striking similarity to an alien hand with fingers that are longer than yours. The ‘hand’ reaches down from above the heavy clouds and grasps the trailing alien head. Both objects then disappear from view as the blue plasma-like ejecta slowly dissipates.

The action takes place at least a few miles above ground, suggesting that both objects are huge. They make no attempt to shield themselves from view and this is an important detail. Whoever or whatever was behind this otherworldly apparition wanted to be seen by those below.

If the objects are indeed extraterrestrial in nature, it must mean they understand and make use of symbolism. An alien hand reaching out and grabbing an alien head and then disappearing from view might signify their intentions of withdrawing from our planet.


One of the most popular modern conspiracy theories revolves around the infamous Blue Beam Project and the global changes it would entail. A pet project of the New World Order, Blue Beam will seek to simulate an apocalypse scenario and introduce the world to its new overlords. Most conspiracy theorists agree that Blue Beam will consist of four consequential steps.

Project Blue Beam is one of the most hideous scenarios and it’s little wonder people shiver at the mere thought of it happening. The prospect of this recent video being proof that the gears of Blue Beam are set in motion is troubling, to say the least.

Fortunately, we have one weapon at our side. Knowledge. It’s much harder to be fooled when you know you’re being tricked. Keep your eyes open and don’t believe what you’re being told. Pass information through your judgement’s filter and be watchful.

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