Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Trailer on Netflix

Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming third installment of their Unsolved Mysteries revival. The series, which will examine nine mysteries over three weeks of releases, is a return to the OG “dark and myserious” crime show from 1987 until 2002. Unsolved Mysteries has a long history of documenting unexplained disappearances, tragic events, and bizarre occurrences, hoping that perhaps one viewer holds the key to solving these cases. Detectives, journalists, and family members offer intriguing theories in the series, from the creators of the original docuseries, Cosgrove/Meurer Productions, and 21 Laps Entertainment, the producers of Stranger Things. Fun fact: Cosgrove/Meurer also have a weekly Unsolved Mysteries podcast!

One difference baked into the premise of Unsolved Mysteries, which differentiates it from other content centering on unexplained phenomena and true crime stories is that each episode encourages viewers to do their own investigating and to reach out to the appropriate channels with any leads or tips. It was a novel idea when it launched (around the same time as the somewhat-more-murdery America’s Most Wanted, which had a similar premise), but it makes sense in the age of the internet, when Reddit routinely finds people getting together to try and crack the code on any mystery that comes their way.

“I think the goal is always to see if we can solve one of these mysteries,” co-creator Terry Meurer told ComicBook.com in May. “So I guess, if somebody’s listening and has a clue, that’s always number one. So solvability is something we look at, but I think that the bar that we always try and set for the stories that we choose is creepy. I don’t know how else to describe, because there’re crimes, there’re lots of crimes, too many crimes, and unfortunately, we get a lot of submissions about crime stories, but looking for the creepiest stories that we can find. The ones that are haunting, I guess. Creepy and haunting are the two words that I would use. That’s our bar, trying to find cases where you’re just almost on the edge of your seat, like, what’s going to happen next?”

Source: Comic Book