Psychic Pets – Weird World of Mystic Dog, Death-Sensing Cats

Pets seem to have the amazing ability to sense what we cannot, and, in ways that we don’t understand, to communicate with us… perhaps even after death. Here are some true stories of Psychic Pets

Do animals have a more finely tuned sixth sense than humans? This question was raised in the recent article, Are Pets Psychic or Just Super-Sensitive? Several readers, who are also pet owners, answered the question with their amazing personal experiences. Their beloved pets do indeed seem to exhibit a sensitivity to things unseen, or a psychic connection to another world. Here are Psychic Pets stories.

Death-Sensing Cat

An awareness of death is certainly not restricted to us humans. The enormous interest generated by the case of the intuitive American cat, Oscar, indicates the fascination prescient pet behaviour holds.

Oscar lives in a nursing home and has an uncanny ability to sense when a resident is about to die. When a patient is near death, Oscar nearly always appears and hops on the bed.

The staff have come to recognise and respect Oscar’s instincts, and send for the relatives of any patient he has chosen to curl up beside.

But they have no explanation for it. Oscar shows no interest in patients who are simply in poor shape, or who still have a few days to live. One theory says a cat’s acute sensitivity to smell might enable it to detect some subtle change in metabolism around the time of death, but no one has been able to explain why any moggy should show an interest in the approach of the Grim Reaper. Psychic Pet indeed.

The Cats That Understood

I truly believe pets are psychic and super-sensitive, although perhaps not all of them – only a select few are given the “gift,” the same as humans. I have a friend who had a gold-colored female cat. We were standing in the bathroom talking, and the cat was there, too. I happened to mention a recent story I heard from another lady friend about her cat – that her cat always drank from her bathtub’s dripping faucet. Up until then, my friend never saw her kitty drink from anything other than her bowl. The next day, her cat was found in the tub drinking from the faucet!

On another occasion, I was “kitty sitting.” It was winter and I keep my house’s interior doors shut to retain heat, so I do not heat unused rooms. The kitty, Fluffy, wanted out into the hallway, so I tried to let her out. But then she hesitated; she didn’t know which way to go, in or out. I said, “Fluffy, you need to decide. Do you want to come back in? She turned to look at me and shook her head no! With that, she turned and walked away!. She appeared to fit the Psychic Pets category.

This third story involves Fluffy’s offspring, a male named Lance that looked just like her. I was talking to my lady friend on the phone. She mentioned that “Tomorrow I will take Lance to the vet and have him ‘fixed’.” The next day, Lance disappeared and has not been seen since. I told my friend that Lance probably heard us and realized that this “line” of kitty needed to carry on, so he moved on. – S.F.

“Sister” Makes Her Presence Known

This true story happened to my husband, me and our 18-year-old daughter on New Year’s Day, 2001. We had borrowed a digital camera from a friend to take some pictures of my daughter to put on the computer and send to relatives. It’s the kind of digital camera that stores the photos directly onto floppy diskettes. My husband reached into a brand-new box of floppy diskettes we had just bought and started to take photos of my daughter. She posed in different areas, and in one shot sat on the floor by our bar. This area was the place our little female fox terrier named “Sister” had her bed and always slept. It was her favorite place. We had to have Sister put to sleep in March, 2000. It was a very sad day for us all.

When we finished taking the photos, we put the floppy disk into the computer and brought up the picture files. Normally, all these files just have a number beside them like “MCV624” or something like that. We were all looking at the computer monitor when we noticed the last picture listed read “Sister”! We all shouted, “What?!” We just took that photo on a new disk and no one could have put the word “Sister” on that file! It defied explanation, and all three of us witnessed it.

We did not know what we would find when we opened the file! We opened it… and there was a photo of our dog, Sister, lying in her bed! Needless to say, we were shocked! My daughter was so upset she almost began to cry and could not eat her dinner. We were all a little shaky!. another incident of a Psychic Pet.

To me, this is proof that animals do live on, and it was Sister’s way of telling us that she wanted us not to forget her. I still hear her toenails clicking outside the back door on dark nights. It makes me wonder even more where all living things really go after death and how “communication” could be possible. To us, there is no other explanation of what happened that night. – Sharon S.

My Psychic Dog Saved Me from Blindness

My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Cassie, ate my prescription sunglasses one day. I have not had my eyes checked for about two years and I wasn’t planning to. So now, without sunglasses to see with while driving, I made an appointment with an eye doctor and went for a checkup. While he was checking my eyes, he mentioned that I had two growths on the back of each eye. They had been there for about a year, he said. Normally, a human body can flush these out, but certain medication I am taking was preventing this. He said that if I hadn’t come in when I did, these growths would have multiplied and eventually caused me to lose my sight!

The doctor says that he isn’t too worried about these growths now, and I go back for frequent check-ups to see if there are any more growths. There is nothing that they can do to prevent this except to stop the medication. So I spoke with my psychiatrist and we switched my meds. I am now completely off of that medication that was causing these growths as one of the side affects. I truly believe that Cassie knew about my eye problem when she chewed the sunglasses. A true Psychic Pet!! – Lisa S.

“Corky” Makes the Transfer

On December 30, 2000, at approximately 9:45 p.m., we returned from the Emergency Pet Hospital where we had brought our dog, Corky. Corky had collapsed in our kitchen at approximately 9:00 p.m. and could not walk. After an examination, the veterinarian said that Corky had a nervous system disorder, that his rear left leg was paralyzed and, at his age of 16, it would not get better. It would be in his best interest, the vet said, if we put him to sleep. With great sadness, we agreed to do this. We were told that they would administer a lethal injection within 15 to 20 minutes and that he would not suffer.

When we returned home, I turned on my PowerMac G4 Cube to search for photos of Corky. I opened my application UltraFind and conducted a search. I was actually looking for a particular photo, but couldn’t remember the name I had given it. When typing in the search box, I typed in “Corky3,” but I actually meant to type in “Corky” as I wanted to do a general search of all photos of Corky. So, I backspaced and deleted the number “3” and proceeded with the search.

As soon as Ultrafind provided me with a list of documents with the name “Corky” in it, an alert message came on saying, “Transfer of information complete.” Now, normally alert messages do not concern me, but I had never heard this type of alert message before and I was not in the process of transferring any information. I was not connected to the Internet. In addition, I did not have “sound manager” or “speech” extensions turned on in my system folder. I do not know how such a spoken alert message could have happened. What seemed very odd to me is that the voice was very deep, yet quite clear, very unlike the “voices” that are installed on my computer. I have repeated what I had done to see if this “alert message” would come on again, but I have not been able to generate such an alert message. And by the way, the photo that I was looking for was actually titled “Corky3.” (Perhaps my subconscious knew that, but it was quite interesting to me anyway.)

My partner told me that it was probably a God-thing and related to Psychic Pet. As Corky was scheduled to be put to sleep at approximately 10:15, perhaps we were being assured by the statement “Transfer of information complete” that Corky was already in Heaven!

It sounds crazy and I may be interpreting something that happened in a way that will ease the pain and sadness of losing Corky, but I can’t get it out of my mind that this strange voice that I had never heard before on my computer came through so crystal clear and so unlike computer generated “voices” which often sound mechanical. The sound I heard was like a real human voice. – Barbara L.

Her Guide Dogs Remember

I have had three guide dogs, and they have all been attuned to my moods. If I am depressed, they seem to be; and if I am happy, they will reflect that, too.

My first guide dog moved with me to Memphis, Tennessee. We didn’t get back home to Nashville very often. Once, I remember, it was three years since we had been there. Yet every time we traveled back to Memphis, my dog would sleep until we were almost there. Then she’d wake up when we got near home! Also, she remembered that we used to live in Nashville, and when we’d go downtown, she’d always still stop at some of the places we used to go when we lived there! I found lots of old friends that way. This never ceased to amaze me how she could do that! – Phyllis S.

“Bo” Had Sense of Life and Death

When I divorced my husband, I got an apartment alone with my cat, Bo. He always met me at the door when I came home from work, but that isn’t the strange part.

I decided to move across country, and to save money I stayed with friends for two months before leaving. They told me that when it was time for me to come home, Bo would sit in the front window and look for me, then run to check out the back door since I came in one way or the other. It’s real odd because I never got off work at the same time every day – it always varied by two to five hours! But Bo always knew and waited for my return!

This last July, Bo died suddenly. The three days before he died, he wanted to be held or just to sit in my lap. He was never a lap cat, so this was odd behavior for him. My heart was broken when he left, but in a way his behavior prior to dying tells me that he knew his time had come and he was trying to comfort me. If I’d only known what was going to happen, like he did, I would have held on to him for dear life! – T.

Stories of Psychic Pets always amuses me. I really dont know if its just perception or if these pets have psychic powers. Here is another story of Psychic Pets.

The Cat Saw the Ghost

This incident occurred during my junior year of high school in 1972. During a particularly hot and muggy July evening, my parents, sister and I were seated in the living room watching TV. The house was unbearably hot and the windows were open with screens in them. All of this was to no avail that evening. There was no air moving and I was wearing a light t-shirt and shorts trying to keep cool. The chair I was sitting in was next to the doorway and the upstairs hallway. The hallway in the house divided the living room from the kitchen and was enclosed on both sides with a large curtain at the bottom of the steps. Keep reading amazing stories of Psychic Pets.

I looked to my left toward the stairway just as our cat started up. The cat was a calico and was very even tempered. Just as the cat climbed the first step, an icy blast of air rushed down the stairs. The cat hissed loudly and froze. The hair on its back and tail stood straight out, and in its frozen position it resembled a pointer. Simultaneously with the cat’s behavior, the cold breeze continued to build to the extent that the curtains were almost blowing straight out. In 1972, we had no air conditioning or any other device in the house that could have created the icy air that we now felt. None of us said anything. I felt goose bumps form on my arms and back, and the temperature in the living room perceptibly cooled.

Fifteen to 20 seconds had passed with no diminishment of the icy air or relief for our poor cat. I got up from the chair and cautiously peered up the stairway. The light at the top of the steps was on and nothing was visible. The cat was still frozen in mid-stride, and the breeze was almost heavy and very cool on the face. Out of the corner of my eye, it appeared that a very faint, gold-tinted light could be seen shimmering in the light. Yet when I looked directly at the light, nothing could be seen. I continued to look up the stairs for the next few seconds, but could not discern any apparent reason for the arctic air. I sensed something, but could not see it. Suddenly, as quickly as it had occurred, the breeze stopped. The cat shook itself as if it had just recovered from an injury. Her fur relaxed and she proceeded up the stairs and went into the left bedroom.

The topic of discussion the rest of the evening concerned what had just happened. My father revealed to me that when he was less than three years old, two of his older brothers had been playing cowboys and Indians between the kitchen and the living room of this house. The brothers in question were Buell and Boyd. Boyd, who was a year senior to Buell, was playing the Indian. Buell, in the kitchen, was playing as the cowboy. An old .22 caliber tube rifle was being used by Buell. Boyd was using an old toy bow. The rifle in question had no firing pin and had been used in this game for years. Horribly, unknown to anyone, their older brother Joe had been working on the rifle and had replaced the firing pin. He had loaded and fired the rifle the previous day. One lone shell had been left in the tube. My grandmother, Hazel, had been sitting in the living room 41 years earlier in approximately the same place I had been. Boyd jumped out from hiding beside his mother. Buell dodged and brought the rifle to bear. He squeezed the trigger and a loud bang echoed in the house. Boyd took the round in his heart. He turned to his mother and said, “Mom, I’m shot.” With those words he collapsed into her arms and died.

Could what I witnessed 29 years ago have been the spirit of that small boy, my uncle, who died in that same house 41 years prior? I never felt fear as I gazed up those stairs, but am absolutely certain that what happened was outside of our normal world. And our cat sensed it, too. Would she fit in the Psychic Pets? – Don W.

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