Real Fairy Whisperers with Video Evidence

Jesse Smart, Rebecca Broomfield and Karen Kay (from left to right) are three fairy whisperers, who all claim they can see folklore’s favorite winged women. The ladies even think their magical friends got them onto the sofa today! They tell us all about this and reveal how to connect with the fairy realm.

Footage of the alleged fairy can be seen from 2:40s mark in video

One day I saw a fairy as big as a tree and it blew my mind because I thought they were tiny little beings. It looked like a giant fairy but was disguised as a tree. I was driving along the A30 and saw some knees out of the corner of my eye, I looked up and there it was.”

And so began the new career of self-proclaimed “Fairy Whisperer” Karen Kay, who appeared with other fairy whisperers this week on a British morning talk show to promote both talking to and listening to “faeries” because they are “guardians of nature.” Well, when you put it that way … how can the rest of us see these fairies, Karen?

“Anybody can see one if they want to show themselves to you, it’s about being respectful and being receptive and just saying in your mind or your heart, fairies show yourselves to me. And then, if they want to, they will.

In the clip Jesse points out a ‘flickering green’ object moving across the water that she believes was a fairy that she didn’t notice until she watched the video back.

But This Morning presenter Phil wasn’t convinced: ‘That could have been a moth…’

Karen explained: ‘It could have been a moth, but it could have been a fairy. Fairies can disguise themselves as insects.’

‘That’s very convenient,’ Phil sniped.

Karen added: ‘Yes it is convenient but it is because they are at one with nature. Anyone can see one if they want to show themselves with you.’

One viewer took to Twitter: ‘Ah bless them but do they have to dress as fairies just because they see them.’

‘Omg this lady on This Morning thinks she has seen a fairy and it’s literally just a reflection of the sun onto her camera. This happens all the time when you get those green dots,’ said another.

‘What utter s*** fairy whisperers!’ fumed one.

One added: ‘Omg seeing these 3 ‘fairies’ mentioning a fairy festival in Glastonbury, makes me embarrassed to come from Glastonbury.’

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