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Alas Purwo is one place that there is the entrance to the unseen dimensions. Purwa real name is Kala, only until now people call Alas Purwo alone. Antiquity of the unseen dimensions of the gate never opened, because at that time the land was still gung lewang lewung Java, a lot of people came to meet his death Purwo Alas, the term moro jalmo jalmo dead. Why is that? because at that time the doors open unseen dimensions that lead to supernatural beings menebarkjan black aura that makes men forget themselves.

There is an ancient story that mentions Ajisaka in the past entered into the land of Java, and menahlukkan many unseen in one of the areas in Java. Here’s the story of Ajisaka. Ajisaka is one of the important figures or the forerunner to the king in the land of Java. Ajisaka Who is that? Ajisaka was once a king who lived in the area of Central Java. At that time there was an old story that says there is an area called Shang Werdita Sangkala. Ajisaka get Suryaloka revelation or revelation to establish a state or kingdom and their descendants will be king as his successor. Revelation Suryaloka given because during Ajisaka State or kingdom will experience disaster led to undermine the kingdom. Then Ajisaka meditate and get directions in order to get into the Alas Purwo.

Short stories Ajisaka Alas Purwo sent troops to three times, but all of these dead troops, until finally Ajisaka leaving himself led troops entered the kingdom Alas Purwo. Arriving in Alas Purwo precisely on the shoreline, all Ajisaka forces disappeared, Ajisaka living alone who is still alive. Then Ajisaka Alas Purwo enter into and meet with Suryadharma or better known as Bathara Vishnu incarnate again. By Bathara Ajisaka Vishnu advised not to enter into Purwo Alas, it is recommended before entering Alas Alas Purwo told to go into Ketonggo (no connection between Alas and Alas Purwo Ketonggo?)

But because Ajisaka already affected by the black aura coming out of the door of the unseen dimensions , then Ajisaka not want to follow the advice of Bathara Vishnu and logged in to Alas Purwo. New to gate Alas Purwo Ajisaka disappeared, and straight into the realm of supernatural dimension as one of the gatekeepers Alas Purwo. Ajisaka Why get lost in Alas Purwo when getting revelation Suryaloka? At that time the State has been led by Ajisaka not believe in God . Because at that time the gold and jewels abound that makes people forget themselves. Ajisaka get Jongko ancient Book of Sung Wirsoloyo. Sung Jongko ancient book is a book that tells Wirsoloyo Shang state Werdita Sangkala from beginning to end. And end times were led by Ajisaka. Therefore Ajisaka meditate and get Suryaloka revelation, only the content of the revelation Suryaloka Ajisaka also become victims. Several events leading Ajisaka lost in Alas Purwo:

  • At the time of entry Alas Purwo will not heed the advice of Bathara Vishnu.
  • Ajisaka not clean in body and soul because of the lifestyle at that time wallowing in wealth, which led to the bourgeois lifestyle.
  • Levels of belief in God is less, because the abundance of worldly needs.
  • Make arrangements with supernatural creatures in Alas Purwo.


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