Weird looking Object “Alien Hand” Found on Beach

An appendage that washed ashore on a beach in Brazil this week sparked fear among a couple who said it ‘looks like ET’s hand’ when they found it nestled in the sand – but a biologist assures it is of this world.

Leticia Gomes Santiago and her boyfriend, Devanir Souza, were strolling along the shoreline when they stumbled upon a giant hand with long bony fingers. “We think it is not human because of the size and amount of bones,” said Santiago.

“What could it possibly be?” At a glance, it’s not difficult to see how the ‘ET’ comparison arose – the object does indeed resemble the long, slender fingers of the titular alien from Steven Spielberg’s 1982 sci-fi classic. Far from being the dismembered appendage of an extraterrestrial visitor, however, this unusual looking object is likely to have originated a lot closer to home.

According to marine biologist Eric Comin, the object likely came from some form of cetacean – a group of seaborne mammals that include dolphins, porpoises and whales. The skeleton hand was found in Ilha Comprida, São Paulo State, Brazil, on November 20.

The couple filmed it and she placed her flip-flop next to the eerie hand with long bony fingers to show its large size.

Santiago said: ‘It’s very big. We don’t know what animal it is, even worse if it’s an alien.’

The couple shared the discovery with locals, who joked that ‘it looked like ET’s hand’ or a ‘mermaid’s hand.’ ‘

Source: Mail Online