Pentagon statement on ‘jellyfish’ UFO video

A statement has been released by a representative from the Department of Defense in relation to the recently surfaced footage. The video, depicting a jellyfish-shaped object (purportedly cloaked) moving over a US military base, was captured using a thermal imaging camera. The video gained attention when UFO investigator Jeremy Corbell, who claimed that someone in the military had taken a significant risk to provide him with the footage, shared it online earlier this month.

During the initial revelation, Corbell mentioned, “It goes over a body of water. I’m told it stops on a dime, descends stiff into the water, and for 17 minutes nothing. And boom! This thing comes out of the water and shoots off at 45 degrees.”

In a recent development, Sue Gough, the spokesperson for the Department of Defense, has stepped forward to address inquiries about the video. Gough stated, “[We] do not comment on the authenticity of alleged DoD material that may have been leaked.”

The Department of Defense (DoD) regards public interest in unidentified anomalous phenomena with seriousness and emphasizes a commitment to transparency and accountability to the American people. However, this dedication is carefully weighed against the department’s responsibility to safeguard sensitive information, sources, and methods.

The statement has sparked speculation that it could indicate the authenticity of the video. NewsNation special correspondent Ross Coulthart remarked, “I must say it’s very revealing for what it doesn’t say. It doesn’t provide a categorical denial.” Coulthart characterized it as a common approach for governments and intelligence services when they choose not to directly address a question, essentially adopting a stance of neither confirming nor denying.

Source: News Nation Now