Unexplained Mysteries – Tree man Dede cured

THE world’s infamous Tree Man is well on the road to recovery, after amazing footage has revealed most of his gnarled warts have disappeared. Discovery channel has been following the whole case form begining.

The expert found Dede, from Indonesia, suffers from the Human Papiloma Virus (HPV), or common warts.

In Dede’s case, due to a low immune deficiency, the virus flourished to a massive, debilitating infection.

Over nine months, Dr Gaspari issued Dede with chemotherapy and performed gruelling surgery to remove 13lbs of branch-like warts. Discovery channel will be presenting a complete documentary on the case.

Now Dede is transformed.

He says: “In the past I couldnt even put on my own shirt. Now I can do it myself. It’s wonderful.”

Treeman  treeman


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