Video of Spider with alien-like face

The spider that was found in the Hunan region of Central China has markings on its back that resemble a human face, complete with eyes, a mouth, and markings that look like hair. A Chines newspaper, People’s Daily China shared the video on their Twitter page with the caption, “Has spiderman been found? This spider with a human-like face on its back was found at a home in C China’s Hunan and has gone viral on Chinese social media. Do you know its species?”

The spider was found by a woman surnamed, Li in the Yuanjiang city of Hunan province in a potted plant in her home. According to reports by China Daily, Li also said that the lines on the spider resembled human hair.

This video has left Twitter in a frenzy and the thread is receiving all kinds of comments.

Spiders known as the orb web spiders have a specific species that are called the Araneus mitificus, more commonly known as the kidney garden spider or pale orb weaver, these spiders are known to have markings on their backs that resemble human faces. These spiders are commonly found in the South, East, and Southeast Asia regions.

Source: India Today

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