Top 10 Unexplained Videos of Creature/Entity Sightings of 2017

Mystery ‘swamp creature’ crawls out of Malaysian family’s toilet

A nightmarish video from Malaysia shows a mysterious creature of some kind slithering out of a family’s bathroom after emerging from the sewer! Zul Hanif Anip captured the bizarre scene on video after he and his wife spotted the monstrous oddity crawl out of the toilet and begin making it’s way across the floor. He speculated that the creature had been living in the pipes beneath the home, but was baffled by what it could have been since it did not resemble any kind of snake known to him.

Strange ‘humanoid creature’ encountered by bikers in Sumatra

A bizarre video from Sumatra appears to show a group of dirt bike riders encounter a diminutive entity that leaves them stunned as it scurries away. The incident allegedly occurred on the outskirts of the country’s capital city of Banda Aceh and was purportedly filmed by one of the riders as they barreled down a dirt trail. In the odd footage, the group suddenly comes to a stop when one of the riders has fallen off of his bike, ostensibly because he had just spotted the small ‘being’ that can briefly be seen in front of them.  Presumably just as surprised as the bikers, the entity runs away from them, but one brave rider chases after the mysterious being.

Small, hairy, bipedal creature seemingly captured in Azerbaijan


A strange video circulating online purportedly shows some kind of hairy creature allegedly captured in the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan. In the somewhat unsettling footage, the anomalous animal first appears seemingly immobile with its hairless face standing out amidst a mass of fur with its eyes darting around the room in a rather unnerving fashion. The creature’s hand, which appears to possess black fingernails, can also be seen at times resting atop the fur.

‘Jersey Devil’ photographed over highway in Pennsylvania

A construction worker returning home from a job in Pennsylvania believes he and a friend may have spotted the infamous ‘Jersey Devil.’ Going by the initials ‘R.W.,’ the man says that they noticed a strange creature lurking atop some trees as they drove down the highway.  According to the witness, the oddity sported both bat-like wings as well as a goat head, which eerily matches the description of the legendary entity known as the ‘Jersey Devil.’  Apparently aware of the tale, the man’s friend quickly took a picture of the creature as it flew away.

The astounded men suspected that that perhaps they were mistaken by what they saw, due to the weather and time of day, but upon seeing their photo the pair became certain that they had seen the notorious cryptid said to lurk in New Jersey’s Pine Barrens.

Bizarre leprechaun-like entity photographed during full moon

A pair of photos taken during a recent full moon have left viewers perplexed due to what appears to be the presence of some kind of entity that suddenly appears in the second image. The pictures were posted to Reddit by a person who had purportedly received the images from a friend who was baffled by what they had captured on film. While the initial image is a fairly benign photo of the full moon, the strange second image features a diminutive ‘being’ that seems to be dashing across the lawn of a home that had been barren just seconds earlier. The person who posted the photos was doubtful that they were Photoshopped because the source for the images was an older family that is unfamiliar with the program.

Additionally, they point out that the anomaly looks to be casting a shadow on the lawn, meaning that it was not a smudge on the camera.

‘Banshee’ mesmerizes crowd in India

An eerie photo circulating on social media in South Asia purportedly shows a banshee that was spotted atop a building in India. The weird image was shared online by a Pakistani singer who asked his fans if they could verify the authenticity of the photo and said it was taken in the Indian city of Hyderabad. In the image, a creepy-looking woman with hair strewn across her face can be seen sitting on the roof of a building as onlookers gather below her and take pictures. Specifically, the singer suggested that the entity was a chudail, a fearsome female demon in South Asian cultures that is akin to the Western being known as banshee.

Arizona man photograph ‘demon’

A perplexing picture posted online by a man in Arizona has gone viral due to an anomaly in the image which bears an uncanny resemblance to a demon! Kevin Christianson shared the eerie photo on Facebook over the weekend, asking his friends if they could also see the strange oddity that appears to be a dark entity sporting massive wings. The image has quickly became somewhat of a sensation as nearly 100,000 people shared it with their friends and more than 10,000 users offered thoughts on the nature of the ‘figure.’

Farmer stumbles upon a chupacabra in Argentina

Farmer Photographs Chupacabra?

In a strange story out of Argentina, a farmer claims to have photographed the infamous chupacabra as it prowled on his property. The alleged sighting and subsequent image follow a series of attacks on livestock in the Argentinian city of Cordoba which had left residents greatly distressed. The man responsible for the image, Jose Goncalvez, said the creature resembled, “a very large bat, about the size of an eagle and attacks horses and cows in the neck or under the tail.” Aside from his observation, very little is known about his purported chupacabra encounter and recent revelations from wildlife officials cast doubt on the image. Agriculture specialists in Argentina say that the downed cattle had simply fallen victim to rabies that was contracted via bats.

Dinosaur-like creature spotted in Scotland

Odd 'Creature' Photographed in Scotland?

A man walking his dog through a field in Scotland photographed an odd anomaly that some have likened to the legendary Loch Ness Monster lurking on land. Jimmy Wright says that he encountered the strange sight in the Scottish village of Killearn and quickly snapped a picture before the weird dinosaur-like ‘creature’ purportedly disappeared. The alleged witness may have been equally amazed after he posted the photo on social media and saw that it created somewhat of a frenzy among residents of the small village.

According to Wright, observers not only debated the nature of the ‘creature’ seen in the photo, but also what they should name the oddity. As such, he’s offered to make a donation to charity in the name of the person who comes up with the most popular name for the land-based Nessie. However, not everyone is convinced that Wright actually photographed a creature and suggest that it is just a tree stump that happens to resemble a ‘monster.’

Terrified children film ‘goblin’ in Argentina

A bizarre video recorded by some children in Argentina seems to show a strange creature approach the group and send them running away in fear. The weird footage was filmed on the outskirts of the city of Santiago del Estero as the kids were playing soccer. As the blissfully kick the ball to each other, an odd, dark anomaly can be seen lurching in the background towards them.

When one of the boys notices the eerie interloper, the kids take off running and the video ends with the blood-curdling scream of the child behind the camera. Thankfully, unlike a found footage film, the youngsters survived the encounter and relayed a remarkable story to their stunned parents. According to media reports coming out of Argentina, the boys allegedly said that the ‘thing’ was, in fact, a goblin!

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