Girl attacked by Octopus as she tries to eat it during live-stream

A Chinese vlogger live-streamed herself attempting to eat a live octopus – when the animal latched onto her face and refused to let go, ripping her skin in the process. In the video, the woman, who goes by “seaside girl Little Seven” online, can be seen screaming and struggling to remove the octopus as the sea creature wraps its tentacles onto the side of her face.

It’s unclear whether “seaside girl Little Seven” wanted to eat the octopus, or purposely got it to stick to her face for views, but she got the attention she was looking for. Her video quickly went viral in China, and has since been shared on western social media as well. The response hasn’t exactly been positive, though.

The vlogger can be heard calling the animal’s suction “painful” as she tries to remove it. When she is finally able to pry the octopus from her face, the vlogger realises it has left a bloody cut on her cheek.

When the octopus finally lets go of her face, the Chinese vlogger notices that she’s actually missing a small piece of skin on her cheek, and says “My face is disfigured”. Holding the octopus in her hand, she remembers the original plan for her video, telling her fans “I’ll eat it in the next video”.

According to National Geographic, the arms of an octopus are lined with hundreds of suckers which can be moved independently thanks to a complex network of neurons that acts as a brain. The suckers allow the animal touch, smell, and manipulate objects.

Cephalopod expert Jennifer Mather, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, told VICE News that an octopus can “anticipate a painful, difficult, stressful situation – they can remember it,” which may explain its behavior in the video.

“My face is disfigured,” she reportedly says as she stares into the camera, before informing viewers she will “eat it in the next video”

How to Text a Chinese Girl You’re Dating

You might already realize that text messages are extremely important when you’re dealing with women, but they’re particularly important when you’re trying to woo a Chinese woman.

Like women in most developed and developing countries, Chinese women are glued to their phones a lot of the time, and one of your best bets for getting her attention once you have her number is to shoot her a text. Alternatively, you can also use one of the several Chinese social media and messaging apps to get acquainted with new women while you’re in China. People in China love to use WeChat in particular, so get as familiar with it as possible.

If a Chinese girl is shy and plays hard-to-get, it’s usually not an act—her parents taught her to be suspicious of men’s intentions and to guard herself. This would be especially true if you’re a foreigner. A Western woman might be fine with you just cutting to the chase and getting immediately sexual in your conversation if she was attracted to you, but this would effectively be too overwhelming for a Chinese girl and may very well turn her off.

Even if you only plan on something casual and don’t want to get in a serious relationship, Asian girls tend to be more shy about the subject of sex, so save all of that for when you’re actually in private and in the bedroom. Don’t bring it up explicitly over text, and absolutely do not send pictures of anything under your clothes.

Further, you may be surprised that she will reject you the first time when you ask her out. This is somewhat normal thanks to her upbringing, so you might have to beat around the bush a lot more to get her comfortable before she agrees to meet you somewhere in person. It’s kind of tedious, but it’s part of the game in China. This is also why it helps to target girls who are specifically interested in dating foreigners; it may lower the “walls” just a little bit.

From my experience back in college when I was informed that 2 Chinese girls had a crush on me was;

  1. They usually will try to find ways to constantly touch you. At least once or twice. Since Asians are not typically known to be touchy feely, if an Asian girl touches you at least once especially unnecessarily then it’s almost a guarantee she’s attracted to you. Anna, 1 of the Asian girls who liked me I noticed would always literally find ways to touch me whenever she wanted my attention when all she had to do was just say “hey” or “excuse me” to get my attention. Instead, she would always tap me on the back or shoulder pretty hard too. Most times, I found it annoying and it actually got to the point where I had to tell her that she can get my attention by just simply calling my name or something instead of always tapping me.
  2. They Look at you without breaking eye contact. Since Asian girls are typically very shy regarding almost everything, If Chinese girl likes you, shell get the courage to look at you for a prolonged period of time until you break eye contact from her 1st. Anna would always literally stare at me whenever she got the chance and would never look away 1st until after I did. It was at this point when I realized for myself that Anna had a serious crush on me. At this point, noone she knew had to tell me. When I found out through her friends a little while later, it just validated what I already knew about Anna’s feelings towards me.
  3. She talks about you to her friends. This is actually how I officially found out Anna liked me. Through her American friends she hung out with in college.
  4. If they even give you their number for any reason they like you. Asians are usually very conservative about who they date, get sexually involved with, or even socialize with. If you got the number, she might have similar intentions as you rather it be a date, sex, etc.
  5. If you get the number and they text you first. Anna ended up texting me first and when I replied back to her texts, she texted me back extremely fast. It was almost immediately. Like every half of second or so Anna was texting me back after I may have text her something.


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