Haunted Chucky Doll attack woman’s boyfriend

A woman claims that her creepy doll was so jealous of her boyfriend that it beat him up so badly that he left her. Identified only be her first name Berliz, from Callao in Peru, she said the doll named ‘Deisy’ even slashed her face in a rage, making her scared to get rid of it.

Berliz said that the doll can move by itself and also gets up to mischief, making it seem as if other people are walking around the house. She also claims it has poltergeist-like powers which it uses to knock things over.

Berliz told local media that her mother gave her the creepy doll as a Christmas present, but then it suddenly lost its hair one day after which she decided to put it in a plastic bag. Berliz said she decided to place it facing the wall, however, when she woke up she saw that the doll had turned its head and was looking at her.


And there are apparently other bizarre occurrences as well.  She said: “One day, a bright light suddenly shone and my bible fell down from the TV. I started to cry and the light turned off and I saw shadows all around me.

“I was only 18, and my dad hugged me and when the light came on my face was covered with cuts.”

She claims that the doll forced her boyfriend to leave her because it “grabbed and beat him” while he was sleeping. Berliz said that the same thing happened to her cousin, who went to have a lie down in her room but also ran out after allegedly being attacked by the doll.

chucky doll

The young Peruvian, who is now a mother, has decided to keep the doll away from the house in case something bad happens to her baby. She also decided to get a black cat to “balance” the negative energy left by the doll, but is too scared to throw it away.

chucky doll

According to the distressed woman, a clairvoyant told her that cats are very sensitive to energy as Berliz’s feline tends to stay under the chair where the doll was kept rather than lying in front of it.

The chilling doll is reminiscent of the Charles Lee ‘Chucky’ Ray character who is the main villain of the ‘Child’s Play’ slasher film series. More often than not, a child’s first best friend is a stuffed animal or doll. Unfortunately, when that doll is the possessed vessel of a homicidal maniac, the outcome isn’t all that sweet. In 1988’s CHILD’S PLAY, serial killer Charles Lee Ray is on the run from the police when he ducks into a toy store. There he uses voodoo to transfer his soul into a Good-Guy doll. For those of you with an aversion to evil dolls, you’ll be extremely distressed to learn that the story of Chucky bears a strong resemblance to the real story of Robert the Doll and is rumored to partial be based on the events.

robert haunted doll robert-haunted-doll

Robert the doll was best friend to Robert Eugene Otto, of Key West, Florida. He was a three-foot straw-filled doll in a sailor’s suit who was a gift from one of the Otto family’s Bahamian servants given to the young boy in 1906. It is believed that this particular servant had been the victim of abuse at the hands of Gene’s parents. In an attempt to exact her revenge, the young servant used her extensive knowledge of voodoo to place a curse on the doll.

Robert the Doll was given to Robert Eugene Otto in 1906 by the family maid. Eugene named the doll after himself, and loved it dearly. The family, however, noticed that something wasn’t right with Robert. They would often hear their son talking to himself in his room at night with two distinct voices. Their son also woke the family up with his screams multiple times, and was found in his bed with the furniture overturned. He claimed that Robert the doll did it.

Mutilated toys began to show up, the parents said they could hear the doll giggling, and others said they could see the doll moving from window to window. He was finally left in the attic, until a young girl in the 70s found him. Not long after she began claiming the doll was evil, and was trying to torture and kill her. She still maintains that Robert tried to kill her.

Robert is now at the Fort East Martello Museum in Key West, Florida. Some claim their cameras have stopped working when pointed at him, as well as numerous other strange occurrences.

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